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  • Torrid Motors - Mumbai
    Plot no 11, Cama industrial estate, Near hub mall Off western express highway Goregoan (East), Maharashtra 400063 IN
    19.1547839 72.8562494

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Plot no 11, Cama industrial estate, Near hub mall Off western express highway Goregoan (East), Maharashtra 400063 India
  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    I have seen the Torrid motor showroom a couple of times last week, but suprisingly the show room does not have any display cars. I guess they are yet to open up fully. Where is the workshop located?
  2. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    Check page 2 of this thread. There is a happy camp ad pasted. It has the workshop address.

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  3. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Attaching Photo of the Torrid Showroom. Its not operational yet.


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  4. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Torrid Motors (Workshop)-
    Champion Sales Compund.
    Parsi Panchayat Road, Andheri East.
    91676 90113 (Rajendra)
  5. arvind207


    I recently visited Torrid Motors Andheri East for the 3th Service (2nd year). I am posting a detailed review below. But first, just summing up the pros and cons (this is for the benefit of all who dont like reading long reviews :p)

    My car has completed 22000 kms in 2 years.

    1. Trained personnel who do a good job.
    2. Availability of parts
    3. Same day delivery

    1. Absence of adequate service advisory
    2. Shared between VW and Nissan, space a bit constrained
    3. Time taken for billing

    Now for the complete review:
    My car 1.3 MJD completed its second year during mid september 2013. however, since I was travelling, I chose to take an appointment after I come back.
    I took an appointment on 12-October-2013. But, I first called up the service centre to ask them the duration on how long it would take to turn the car around once the service is done, to which I was informed that it would be given on the same day.

    I wanted it to be done on the same day since it was my daughters 1st birthday and we had planned some celebrations at home... So had to make sure that the car is delivered on the same day.

    So, promptly, I went to the workshop on the appointed day at 1030 am... The moment I entered, i noticed that there was not much space to park my car and get it to FIAT area... there were 4 VW cars that had to be taken out before I could put it.. that was a bit sore.

    So somehow I managed to squeeze my car to the area of Fiat and went inside the lounge. I make my introductions, fill up the form for service by providing all details. I was told to make myself comfortable till a service adviser (SA) comes to attend. So I oblige by sitting in the sofa (pretty comfortable). After about 10 minutes, and no SA, I casually step out to the workshop area.

    I find only 1 person who is running around giving all instructions to the workshop manager. I go inside the lounge and ask if there are other SA's. I am told by the receptionist that from the 4 SA, 3 are absent. They then call a guy (Swapnil,BRILLIANT!) who is handling body shop work and allot him to my car to get it serviced.

    So we take the service sheet and take the inventory of the car. All done, i go back and again get a commitment "Its my daughters first birthday... I dont want any last minute excuses that the car cannot be delivered for falana falana reason. Please ensure that this is done and completed".

    I ask for a commitment from Swapnil on delivery of the car and he promises that it would be done. He also promises that in case some replacements other than normal needs to be done, he would call me immediately.

    Swapnil calls me and tells me that while underneath inspection of the car, the workshop boy finds that the breakpad is a little worn. I find it a bit surprised since for 22000 kms, how can a break pad wear so soon???? He said that it not only depends on style of driving but also where one drives in the city, the break pad generally wears soon. He also said that the current breakpad can come for another 200-300 kms but then after that it would have to be replaced. It could get tricky in case it comes for a replacement later..

    So I asked him whether this would be a part of the warranty since my car is under warranty. He said that consumables are not part of warranty and I would have to pay for this. The cost of this would be approx Rs. 2,500. This would come in a pair.

    Since I did not want to take a chance with break, i promptly tell him to change it. I also told him that I would come to the workshop by 5 pm since I need the car at the earliest.

    I went to the workshop and i see that work was ongoing in my car... they had replaced the engine oil, break oil, coolant, power steering oil, air filter and also the brake pad.
    I compare the old breakpad with new and actually noticed that the linings had worn a little. Of course, one could always question the integrity and questionably of the advisory on whether it was 200 kms or could it have gone for another 3000???, but sometimes, you got to take a leap of faith.

    It was navratri and the day of vishwakarma pooja. So the workshop manager tells to close work on all jobs so that pooja can be done on all the equipments. Now, after the pooja, no work can be done on any vehicle till the next day...

    Here is where I get worried and tell them to hurry up on my car and get it on the road fast... I tell them to complete the billing and simultaneously give instruction to Swapnil to get the car for washing...

    He computes the Bill and the total amount comes to Rs.11,356.

    This includes the break pad cost of Rs.2,500 and wheel alignment of Rs.500.

    So I tell them that I will pay by card. They tell me that their machine is not working and hence we go to Nissan workshop and swipe the card. That is done and we come back to Fiat part of workshop...

    The billing person tells me that it would take sometime for me to remove the print of the bill since the system was slow...

    While my billing drama is going on, my car is taken for washing. There was absolutely no cordination between the SA and the washer. Since this is a shared washing facility for VW, Nissan and Fiat, one has to wait turns. So did I since there was a Micra which was waiting for its wash.
    Another 15 minutes down and then finally my car is taken for wash... Its washed and I find that there are no people to dry the car... So i get that arranged (finally)...
    And they dry the car...

    I tell them to apply the dashboard policy and clean the interiors as well... My frustration with the cleaning was that this was absolutely unprofessional and not upto the mark. I find that these guys have not put the service floor mats and have used newspaper! whatta waste and pathetic show!

    Well finally, they polish the dashboard and i am ready to leave...

    I go back to the billing cell and ask him for the bill. He finally removes a print and given me in an envelope...

    Car is ready and it given to me. I give the gate pass to the security and drive out. I notice that the dorr open warning was continuously flashing and a warning sign was coming. Since i was inside the premises, I quickly told Swapnil to inspect the car and sort this matter.

    By this time, almost everybody had left the workshop. Swapnil, who was there, inspected and found this issue. Since he is not a technical person, he called up a workshop boy and technical assistant to sort this matter. Grudgingly, they come and inspect. They find that while washing the car, some water may have entered the circuit and is causing this...
    They clean this and try again... This time its perfect...

    740PM... I Finally drive out of the workshop and into heavy traffic!

    All in all, The workshop experience was good except for lack of service advisors, billing, washing and the last minute glitch in the warning systems. Brilliant was Swapnil, the acting service manager.

    I have been informed that they have taken a new place in Shere Punjab area for only Fiat service which would be operational in 2 months time.

    Hope this is true!

    Trust this was useful...
  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    They should alote saperate bay only for Fiats, and should not share , that's the reason they were parted from Tata, i guess.
  7. arvind207


    Hey Tony... Fiat does have a separate bay but the entrance is common... So since there are 3 other workshops in the same vicinity, it becomes a bit cumbersome.
    Hopefully their new facility should solve the issue.
    But they need to address service advisors availability.
  8. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    I don't see the new facility opening unless their showroom (on the highway, currently empty) do some sales. Noone would want to end up having just a workshop. So the showroom on the highway will let us know if the workshop in mahakali/Shere Punjab has actually opened up or not.
    And great review aravind. This will definitely contribute to others.
  9. Saumya

    Saumya Amatore

    Just sharing my experience with torrid too, at Andheri East. I had been to the happy camp and have also given my car keys to be replaced under warranty. It was a mixed experience, but something is a miss here. People talk good but sometimes I felt my questions went unanswered and replies were unsatisfactory. And now its 3 weeks and up and I have had to call them and check again and again for keys too. May be a one-off experience when I say so and this is just the beginning I hope.

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  10. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    I guess you are right Saumya. This has been noticed by a lot of Ppl visiting Torrid. If these guys can't fix the service advisors availability, it's back to square one for us.
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