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4/22 Omalur Main Road, Swarnapuri Salem, Tamilnadu 636004 India
  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes Krishna, they prefer to replace :).
  2. aswin.sukumar

    aswin.sukumar Timido

    I wanted to appreciate the support received from FIAT-The True Sai Motors and overwhelmed with the support.

    My Punto MJD was hit by a dog near Omallur Toll while traveling towards Bangalore and I had to contact the FIAT 24x7 Road Side Assistance since my radiator was broke due to this incident. This happened on 17th August 2014 at 11.30pm (around midnight).

    Since I was traveling with my family and vehicle broke down in the midway, I had to call FIAT 24x7 Road Side Assistance. Mr. Binoy who attended the call in the odd hours, understood my panic and situation. He gathered the information, arranged for a tow vehicle to Salem FIAT service station (The True Sai Motors). He also did a periodical follow-up, he called before I got the tow, then he called me while my vehicle was being towed, and then he confirmed when I reached the FIAT service station. Confirmed my safety too.

    The same night I called the CRM of FIAT-The True Sai Motors at 12.30am, Mr. Sakthivel. He assured me to do the needful the next day.
    My Thanks to Mr. Sakthivel (CRM), Mr. Murasoli.
    My sincere and special thanks to Mr.Saravanan (Service Advisor), who explained in detail about the damage and damaged parts, gave me the estimated time for the repair and assisted through the process for claiming the insurance.

    I got the vehicle delivery in the promised day and while traveling back to Bangalore, my head light focusing was messed up. I did checked with Vecto Motors in Bangalore, where they informed me to replace the head lamps. I informed the same to the FIAT-The True Sai Motors, they asked me if I could drive down to Salem for this. I went to Salem and reached at 7.00 pm on a Saturday. The whole team in the service station was waiting for me, they adjusted the head lamp focusing in less than 10 mins in front of me, truly amazing and great. Thanks to the Chief Technician too (Don't know his name).

    I am really happy with the behavior & support and their technical expertise. My Thanks and Appreciation to all the above mentioned people from FIAT who assisted me in an unforeseen event. I was amazed to see the support received from FIAT, felt like the FIAT customers are dealt like a family member.
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  3. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Great, hearing these kind of reviews, I do not mind travelling to Salem just to get my car serviced with them :)
  4. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    Me too planning to go there for servicing. Servicing-cum-Yercaud trip :p
  5. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    Booked my Linea for 29 Sep. Mr Shaktivel was exceptional in arranging the whole thing. Will post further feedback after completion.
  6. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    First up: A well deserved big thumbs up to Mr Shakthivel.

    I had made plans to get the car serviced at True Sai, Salem, located 320 odd kilometers from where I am located. Planned to turn this into a recuperation trip for me and Linea as well. Me at Yercaud and Linea at True Sai, Salem. :)

    Mr Shakthivel was absolutely helpful in scheduling the whole thing. Reached True Sai at 11AM on 29 Sep and vehicle was promptly taken over by the service team. The True Sai service center per se is moderately crowded. Being co-located with Triumph Honda service (2 wheeler) makes it a crowded location. I did not have any problem to report and it was to be a usual service. I informed Mr Shakthivel that I would be leaving the car overnight and take delivery next day after my stay at Yercaud (30 km from Service center). What I liked best about the service center practice was that as soon as handed over keys, the seats, gear knob and steering were covered with disposable covers and foot mats were covered with paper covers. I really appreciate this, as in the past, all service centers have spoiled leather seats of my Linea and it was a pain to clean them afterwards.

    During delivery, took the car for a test drive. Found 'tak tak' noise emanating from front right. Mr Shakthivel explained this to be due to link rod. I asked him to change the same. The job was undertaken immediately on return and witnessed the whole thing. After change of link rod, Mr Shakthivel pointed another very faint grinding noise coming from front right on turning the steering wheel. He said this was due to suspension mounts and these could be changed at next available opportunity but no later than 2k KM.

    What are the expert opinions on this? Is this a cause of worry and needs immediate look? My present running is absolutely minimum (maybe 100-200 km a month). So do I need to tackle it with urgency?

    The car was handed over nicely washed and cleaned. Fully satisfied with the service and above all, the attitude. I can live with a crowded center and a not so plush customer lounge (no cable even :D), absence of card swipe machine (was not working that day). A cordial team attending with smile and with patience can make all these shortcomings disappear and leave the customer with a state of mind intended for a fully fit vehicle.

    Five stars to True Sai, Salem and if I am still located at Arakkonam, will use their service again.
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  8. maheshvpy

    maheshvpy Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    My T-JET developed fuel pump issue within 2000 KMs. I had bought my car in Aug 2014 (pre-face lift model) and the car was in the stock yard for around 6 months. Probably it had contaminated fuel while it was parked in the stock yard.

    KHT Fiat, Bangalore from whom I bought my car have cleaned up the fuel lines when I took the car to them but the problem continued to persist. The car would suddenly start to lose acceleration on highways and would come to a stop if I continue to accelerate. Pull over the car and wait for 10-15 mins and the car would drive normally but the problem will surface again after 100 - 150 kms of driving.

    I had taken the car to True Sai on my trip from Bangalore to Salem. Mr. Sakthivel has attended it. By then I already have read many blogs and I suggested to Sakthivel that it could be a cause of fuel pump failure.

    The service team had attempted to address and requested me to leave the car with the workshop. Next day they contacted to the engineering team in Fiat plant and diagnosed that the problem was indeed due to fuel pump failure. The service team has suggested to not to drive the car back to Bangalore with this state however they did not have a new T-JET fuel pump in stock. They had to place a order with ETA of 2 weeks. I drove back to Bangalore in my Dad's car.

    After 10 days the Fuel pump had arrived from the plant (the fuel pump part was manufactured in Italy). It was replaced under warranty. I had come back to Salem, did a test drive close to 60kms and everything looked normal and took the car back to Bangalore.

    During handover of the car, Mr. Sakthivel gave me INR 1000 for having consumed the fuel in my car for the service and said he had put it as part the warranty claim to Fiat. I have never seen any service center giving money to the customer for utilizing the fuel in the car for servicing it. Also Mr. Sakthivel has a ready stock of T-Jet Fuel pump in the service center now to immediately address if the same problem surfaces again to me (or to any other T-JET customer). Such as the customer focus of True Sai.

    Also of the 3 Fiat service centers I have visited so far (KHT @ Whitefield, Vector @ Hosur Road and True Sai @ Salem) True is by far the place I'm very comfortable in giving my car. They probably have the smallest service center of all three but they are the cleanest, most organized with all their staff in uniform.

    Like any other Fiat service centers the technicians are not very knowledge in terms of addressing complex issues but if you guide them they get the job done. Most importantly they don't scratch the cars or create any new issues.

    My car has done 22,000 KMs now (my car is 11 months as of July 2015) I have done my 1st and 2nd service at True Sai and even if need to address any one off issue I take the car only to them. My home town is near to Salem so I plan the services when ever I visit my home town.

    5 STARS to True Sai.

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  9. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    Got the 6th year service done fro The True Sai motors. Apart from the regular service, some work needed to be done
    1. ABS light had come up for last two days. Checked the Handbook. Wasn't a major cause of worry as Brake Warning light did not come up. Caution while using brakes was advised in handbook.
    2. Front brake pads needed replacement.
    3. Timing belt needed replacement.
    4. Glow plug (spark plug) replacement.
    5. Rear suspension was making tak-tak sound, so needed to change the bushes.
    6. Right rear passenger door mirror was creaking while going down. Lubrication.

    Apart from these, I asked for wheel alignment and balancing.

    Started from Arakkonam at 8AM and reached True Sai by 12 AM. SA accepted the car within 2 minutes and explained what all needed to be done for regular service.

    Left the car and proceeded to Yercaud. Collected the car on 1st in the morning. All detailed works had been carried out satisfactorily. Took a test drive with the SA and didn't find anything amiss. SA informed me that they had done wruth treatment for all doors and windows and some wurth treatment for AC. He told me it was a third party job. Since he was upfront about it, I did not mind. Total bill including parts and labour was 16200. While accepting the car, I was given an estimate of 15K, so this was close to the estimate. Fully satisfied with job done.

    While driving towards Arakkonam, noted a new Fiat service center has come up in Vellore and is run by RDC Motors. Anybody got the service done here?
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  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    This is another branch of RDC Chennai. This may be the nearest to you. But, I can't really comment about it right now until someone posts good about RDC. :)
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