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Plot No. 213/214, Nh-5, Pahal, Balianta, Bhubaneswar, Orissa 752101 India
  1. Hi ,

    Plz find the new contact details of our Fiat Dealership

    1. Sales - Saujanya 8599011301 / Rahul 8599011306

    2. Service- Ajay 8599011305 / Sharada 8599011307

    3. Spares- Saubhagya 8599011310

    E-mail - ,

    Dev Prakash
    Shree Bharat Motors Ltd
  2. adit

    adit Regolare

    the 2% charge on credit card is universal... all automobile dealers / hotels / retail shopping etc etc .. n e where.. that is what the bank charges and is not retained by the dealership.

    though it is upto the business owner to forgo the charges and bear it themselves but no one does that as its not practical.

    even at petrol bunks when u fill fuel they have a surcharge charged which many credit card banks reimburse to their customers... same way here they charge. Fiat has nothing to do with this and can't do anything about it as its bank policies of giving credit card swiping machines at locations with their terms and conditions of use.
  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I am not questioning about the bank charges to the merchant (here it is dealer). My question here would be whether this credit card charge is passed over to the customer or the dealer manages it?

    To put a straight forward question, if my service bill is Rs. 5000, will the dealers charge Rs. 5100 if paid by card?

    In my experience so far, the service centre charges same amount regardless of how I pay (Cash/Card).
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  4. sathishgv

    sathishgv Regolare

    Paradip, odisha
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    45,000 kms service at Shree Bharat Motors

    I too did not pay the 2% charges in my earlier service at TATA motors both in Odisha and West Bengal but as Mr. Dev has said that theirs is a new start-up i feel there can be some genuine reason.

    Anyways, I went for my 45,000 kms service. Also, my AC problem has to be resolved. Gave the vehicle on Monday evening and I was prepared to leave the vehicle for a whole week as Ramkay Fiat had informed me on my visit to chennai that there can be leak in the cooling coil and dashboard had to be opened to gain access to cooling coils. I informed the service adviser about their observation. As I have left the vehicle earlier also for the same AC cooling problem he too agreed to check for leaks completely. On tuesday evening I got a call from the SA that the AC problem has been resolved and my car was ready for delivery. I inquired about the problem and the SA said that gas needed to be topped up and that's all no leak in the coil. I hope they have checked the coils for leak. Since, it was 45,000 kms service, as per service booklet, all the consumables, air filter, fuel filter, engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, were changed. Since, i did the internal cleaning some 2 years back also went for 3M internal cleaning. My left rear fog light assembly had a crack in it and i replaced it too.

    Yesterday, evening I went to collect my car. The quality of cleaning was very good, both internal and external. The team had done a commendable job. I took the vehicle for a test drive and found that the working of AC seemed to be back to normal. The SA said that 200ml out of 500 ml refrigerant had to be topped up. Still i could not understand if there is no leak how can 200 ml vanish as its a closed loop. But I have to wait and watch as I believe in them.

    Guys does AC refrigerant need to be topped up even though there is no leak? If yes how frequently? Paid the bill amount of 12639/- and returned home happily once again. Today morning while coming to ofice, my pool partners who used to complain about AC felt very happy and one guy had condensation on his spectacle when he came out of the car. :D

    The bill:


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  5. Plz find the new contact details for our Fiat Dealership

    1. General Maneger :- Srinivas Dash 8599011316

    2. Sales Executives :- Sangeeta 859901130

    Rahul 8599011306

    3. Service :- Ajay 8599011305 / Sharada 8599011307

    4. Spares:- Saubhagya 8599011310

    E-mail - , dev<wbr>

    Facebook :- Fiatbhubaneswar

    Dev Prakash
    Shree Bharat Motors Ltd

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  6. sathishgv

    sathishgv Regolare

    Paradip, odisha
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Replaced window regulator and steering hydraulic oil pipe

    A week after the 45,000 kms service, I started hearing some noise whenever I turned the steering wheel at slow speeds. Checked the steering oil container and found it to be almost empty. Earlier one day I observed oil stains in water around my car. So, I suspected the technicians might have not properly tightened the drain plug when they replaced the oil for power steering. Also, the left front window regulator was not working. I call the SA, Sharada and told him about the problem. I had some TULA GIII oil left from the previous top up. So filled the container and took the vehicle to the SC last sunday.

    On reaching the SC center, the entire oil container was found empty. The technician was quick to identify that oil was leaking near the radiator coils when the steering was turned with the vehicle on. The problem was with the rubber hose in the pressure pipe. So, It had to be replaced. For replacing the coil, the entire bumper, engine guard had to be removed. It took almost 2 hrs for that job to complete. The window regulator motor had to be replaced. That job took 30 mins. With a lunch brake of 1 hr. the entire job was competed around 4 hrs. Both the parts were covered under warranty so the bill was only 1120/-

    Once again left the service center completely satisfied.
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  7. Happy to serve you Mr.Sathish
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