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No-3, Balaji Nagar, First Street, Ekkatuthangal Chennai, Tamilnadu 600097 India
  1. satishbossn

    satishbossn Novizio

    Front suspension Noise and central Locking issue?

    For Second service I Given my car to RDC Fiat service chennai
    Listed out Front suspension cracking Noise problem whenever i drive My car on speed breaker and potholes
    They never sorted the problem
    After Giving some other day appointment
    They removed front two tires done minor repair work for whole day
    Unable to sort the issue Moreover they asked two more day to solve minor issue
    But problem now central Locking have an issue
    From headlight rain automatic Lock sensor to remote locking not working suddenly
    Dono they affected after this repair work?
    I am fed-Up with RDC service
    So someone Guide me how is Ramkay Fiat service at OMR....
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  2. Just give a try . Bcoz i have heard many fiatians saying Ramkay Fiat are doing their jobs well compared to RDC fiat. Its better to get vehicle serviced from any FASS until warranty and EW gets over to avoid unnecessary headache. :up
  3. shanmugam

    shanmugam Amatore


    I gave my vehicle for 2nd free service in ramkay fiat in omr.
    they have done service good.
  4. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Satisfaction and dejection .It is all a fine line. I went to Ramkay and they messed up a simple tail lamp job and indicated that i am having a High speed diesel pump leak and it needs to be replaced. The cost of HSD is 25K. I told them to gloss over it. Recently I had a coolant leak at thermostat and was lucky to have my engine saved as I had finished journey to my office which was a run of 13 kms when I noticed smoke from the engine bay. Opened the bonnet and noticed full loss of coolant. Quickly filled the coolant tank with water continuously and cooled down the engine.

    Next step . contacted RDC ambattur which was closest to my office at 4 kms distance. RDC said they dont have towing vehicle and I should contact RSA. I had renewed the RSA in September even though my car is 4 yrs old. I called them and within an hour they came and took my car and delivered to RDC. RDC diagnosed it as thermostat leak and replaced it., The cost of the Thermostat is 2500/-.I did a clutch change also after 55k kms run of the second set. The HSD pump leak was set right bny changing two O rings for Rs.150/- each. Ramkay would have damaged me by 25K if I was ignorant. Total bill came to 11,000/- including labour for both which I felt was very reasonable. So I am happy with the work. If one gets angry with both the service centers in chennai, then go to bosch and TVS, it will be a bigger disaster. They will struggle even more for parts when even the recognized ones are not up to the mark.

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  5. I accept with jumu ji, satisfaction and dejection depends upon the individual. I too had good as well as bad encounters With RDC fiat. But this time planning to give my vehicle to Ramkay fiat for 60k service .

    Lets hope they would preform well and take care of my wine baby. :dance
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  6. Iluvpunto

    Iluvpunto Amatore

    I will also take my car to ramkay for 2 year 30k kms service next week and will see if they can fix the rattle issue which RDC messed up. They opened all 4 door pads and now I get some screaching sound while rolling down the right side driver window. Also there is a new sound from driver side seat aswell.
  7. sridharj

    sridharj Timido

    Scary time again guys, need to take my car for 2nd free service. Which service center should I prefer RDC or Ramkay? Also please let me know how much will it cost and what should I exactly ask the SA to check?
  8. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Both are not great but lesser the devil would be Ramkay.

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  9. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    My vehicle is also due for the 2nd year completion 30,000km service. If you planned to go to Ramkay please lt me know. i feel it two cars are given at one time, i think the attention to detail and service quality would be better.
  10. I had the 60K Service of my punto 90Hp done at RDC Ambattur. The car was attended by SA Anwar and it was pretty quick. He went thro the previous service history infront of me and suggested what to change and what not. Since timing Kit was changed under warranty in 45K service, I informed not to attend that in 60K. That is when he showed me that ramkay has billed / recorded Engine Oil for petrol has been used for my car during 45K service. I am hoping it was just recorded like that. Now coiming to my complaints and Service Quality.

    My Complaints:

    1. A/C not cooling the Cabin. Almost Nil cooling in the day time.
    2. Check Number Plate light need to be attended.
    3. Brakes are not effective.

    Service Quality :

    Goods :

    1. Even without me complaining the pulling, they noticed it and corrected.
    2. The wavey steering feel was also corrected without me mentioning.
    3. Brakes are better after the service but doesn't give the actual feel.


    1. A/C not cooling was not corrected. AC Cooling coil is gone. Reason : Spare unavailability
    2. Gear Oil was not changed. Reason : Spare unavailability
    3. Check Engine light in the MID was not attended. Reason : Attention Unavailability
    4. Washing quality was poor. The Roof of the car was not touched at all. They just sprayed water and whatever dirt it could remove was only done. Reason : Commitment Unavailability.

    The delivery process was smooth. No "why the hell Am I" waiting like Ramkay. I was informed by the SA Anwar that the spares would be available in a day or two and he would give me a call. Overall the car felt beter to drive which I never felt with Ramkay. the steering felt better, braking felt better, engine Smoothness, pick up and what not. Though these are the after signs of a regular service, EOD, this is what one wants to feel after a service of any vehicle. Nearing 60K the loose nuts and bolts, clogged airfilters, old fluids, screeching and rattels will be felt while driving the car. Next day you dont feel them, you are happy. Only with Tafe and now with RDC I have felt this. With Ramkay, I have never felt this not even once in my 5 - 6 visits which includes 45K Service. I go back and go back and convince myself that car is old. Even though I have pointed out many bads, one of the basic service thing, RDC got it right for me THIS TIME, that is the difference in how the Car feels before and after the service.

    Coming to Spare unavailability, WTH ? Gear Oil is a very necessary thing for the periodic service of any car. If that is not available, shame on you RDC. The one big punch that FIAT faces is the service and spares. I dont know if the unavailability is due to FIAT or RDC, whatever, if this is not corrected, no matter what ever you do, You would Advance a Span and Slide Back a Cubit.

    Later after three days, got a call from RDC for a feedback. I gave a negative since my complaints are not attended. The SA called me the next day (thursday) and told me spares have arrived. I booked a service on friday and got th car back in the same evening.

    2nd iteration of 60K Service :

    1. AC Nil cooling was fixed and now it is working fine. The Cooling Coil was changed under extended warranty. The labor was also not on my sholder. But the cost for gas refill was put on me.
    2. Check Number Plate light was sttended.
    3. Gear Oil changed.
    4. The service Interval was not Reset. :uh:A :punch

    Anyways, it took 3 full days for the 60K service by RDC Ambattur which should have been done in 2 days. I am Ok with the one extra day but making me walk back to the service center is not acceptable. Happy with the service and unhappy with the spare unavailability and walking back to SC because of that.
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