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No-3, Balaji Nagar, First Street, Ekkatuthangal Chennai, Tamilnadu 600097 India
  1. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Yes surely good for him .. this is not a new From my service experience , If you guys have given service with dsc you would have known how bad is rdc , thought initially i thought rdc would be diff but i can see the same fate of dsc is followed here , in case of ramkay its different they have a very strong service background.if you see in chennai tvs service is one of the best private service and been for a very long time since when fiat came to india.
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  2. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    When I had my Santro I never bothered to go beyond HMP. So I do not have any personal experience. But guys who owned an Hyundai and reached out to DSC used to say DSC was bad. But with the FIAT doctor moving out from TAFE to RDC, I was not disappointed till such a time when he handled things. But with him moving out, I am not sure how RDC is going to go. It can be said that the doc was the face of RDC FIAT SERVICE.
  3. which is best service center?
  4. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    There is nothing like best. There are many variables involved. Read the reviews of both here and take a call. And add up your review as well once you are done.
  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    We have all come a long way since the santros and DSC is still selling santros and many personnel may have changed there too .Nothing is static and life will go on. The fiat doc may have been very good, but cant stop an organisation from becoming better. Its just that we havent experienced a newer person, having been satisfied well and taking things for granted that all will be well while he was there. A car is all mechanical and there will always be enough and more persons who can handle all these things as well or better than ever. Human beings are finite and such changes are to be expected. Its only how we approach issues.


  6. Going to take my car to RDC fiat by next week for very sluggish behavior when AC is ON . When i talked to SA in RDC , he informed it can be cleared by cleaning EGR value. Is that a true?
  7. my dear seniors and experienced fiatians ,
    Going to take my car to RDC fiat by next week for very sluggish behavior when AC is ON . When i talked to SA in RDC , he informed it can be cleared by cleaning EGR value. Is that a true?

    pls clarify my doubt because i m visiting FASS by coming week and need to travel 280kms for this issue alone.[ To and fro vellore-chennai ]
  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    It could be the cause but may not be the only reason. Some experienced mechanic has to diagnose your car. Report your experience with them here.
  9. Iluvpunto

    Iluvpunto Amatore

    Hi All

    Real Bad experience from RDC fiat service centre located in Ambattur Industrial estate. Gave My car yesterday morning for a minor body work along with general checkup and to fix few rattling sounds. also decided to do the wheel allignment and balancing as a long trip planned a week ahead.

    First of all the reason why I went to them was 1) They are near to my office 2) they were open on a christmas day and 3) last time when I had taken a quote for the same scratch they quoted 3500 which had come down to 3000 when a different service person checked this time.

    They said they can deliver me the vehicle today (26/12/2013). So I called up the SA to check the status. First Bang there, no one picking up the call. then tried the receptionist mobile as well as land line number which were busy !!! I wonder how she alone will talk in two phones at same time. I thought it might be lunch break and lets call after an hour. After one hour also I did not get a call back so called them again. this time also the SA did not pick up the call but the receptionist responded that I can go and pickup my car between 4.30 - 5.

    I was there in the showroom promptly at 4.45 thinking my red beauty will be waiting for me. Here comes next shock. Unable to find my car searched inside the bays and paint booth and everywhere but no trace of my car. Suddenly I see a red punto approaching fast with schumacher behind the wheel who somehow managed to brake before he hit me.

    Points I noticed at that time

    1) scratch has been removed and painted
    2) Car has not been washed.
    3) Gap in the rear bumper still exists which I had asked them to check.
    4) When I gave the car for service, fuel guage was showing quarter tank and now its exactly in the middle of E and quarter tank line and the ODO at 16682 (When I gave it was 16642 as per the job card).
    5) I had bought moulded mudflaps from 99rpm which I had asked them to fit. They said will charge 250 and I agreed for that as I had no choice. (I know DIY Gurus will kick my butt for this).

    Job card closed and I was asked to pay 2059 and I was glad thinking Fiat has reduced their labour charges. They said they have reduced 379 rs for body wash as they could not do it due to powercut.

    I paid the amount and got in to the car. First thing that striked me was car is super dirty inside along with some paint (I guess) marks on Leather wrapped steering !!!!. I told my self "Welcome to Fiat ASS" and drove away. Suddenly I hear some sound from steering column. something like loose plastic and it didnt take much longer to find that the plastic cap which covers the indicator stack was the culprit. tried to find out whats wrong and that part came in my hand. I tried fixing it back but wont fit and found that the clips were broken.

    Called the SA immediatly and took it back. He was trying to wash his hands telling it would have been broken previously. My first question to him was if it was broken initially, why did not he find it while preparing the job card. He was clueless and went inside to discuss this with his colleagues and instructed me to sit in the car as few other customers were also waiting to pick up their cars.

    I knew that he will come up with some lame reason so got out and waited for him. He came back stating they dont have that part in stock and will order and will take 2-3 days for that to come and will fix and will pay for it from his pocket. I clearly said no to it and asked to fix that then and there itself. He again went to take advise from his colleagues and came back stating he will get the part from their other service center and get it fixed tomorrow as it was already 6pm. I said no to him and told him get me the part now by hook or crook or elseim not gonna leave. He went again and came back with a worker and the part in a minutes time and fixed it. I told him that I am very disappointed with the kind of service I got. but he was least bothered and said sorry for namesake.

    I drove to my office which is just in a km distance. even before I entered the parking I got a call from the SA and he was telling that he forgot to collect the money for the body work and its 3000. I asked him to come and collect from my office and he was a bit hesitant to do so. after 15 minutes he called me stating he is infront of my office to collect the money. I went down and gave him money and collected the bill which was not given to me previously due to power not being there.

    Now I am sitting here at my desk staring at the bills in total for an amount of 5059 and trying to forget the bad experience I had with FASS.

    Things disappointed me in FASS

    1) No response while calling to know the status.
    2) No call back or intimation from SA at all.
    3) Rear bumper gap not fixed. SA claiming that they didnt get enough time to fix that even after having my vehicle with them for complete 2 days.
    4) Steering Column cover hinges broken and they have tried to put glue and stick it !!! and even worse tried putting blame on me stating it was already broken.
    5) Forgetting to collect Body workshop bill of 3000 !!! They are least interested in money too.

    I know that comparing to other horror storied shared by fellow TFI'an stories this is nothing. Still thought of sharing it just to make others aware of this Nasty FASS called RDC Fiat Ambattur.
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  10. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    This just assures that Ramkay is the better devil.

    Sad to see RDC detoriate this way. I swore that I wouldn't visit RDC, and I still have not. I know these guys won't change. Previously there was a reason to go, Tensingh, for his technical knowledge. Now, nothing at all.

    Am sure 250 is not the labor charge for mudflap fitting. Challenge them to show the same in their DMS system.
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