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No-3, Balaji Nagar, First Street, Ekkatuthangal Chennai, Tamilnadu 600097 India
  1. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    I visited RDC motors on Thursday for a running repair. I did wait for them to complete the job and then took my car. Just a few things I noticed
    Let me get a few cons out of the way:

    1. They seem to be handling more cars than they should be; I noticed there wasn’t even any space for people to walk. I understand there isn’t any other Fiat service station in Chennai and that RDC is looking out for another workshop, so hopefully things should improve in the near future.
    2. When a car first enters the showroom they should probably look at putting a plastic cover on the Driver’s seat so that it does not get dirty.
    The good things:

    1. Looks like all the people want to help the customer out which to me is a big change from before. So, kudos to the management team for instilling that quality pretty quickly.
    2. The customer lounge is good; I spent close to 4 hrs and wasn’t really bored. I did watch two movies :)
    3. I noticed that Mr. JP(Jayaprakash) never once left the service bay and was constantly monitoring work on each and every car. He never once left the service bay except for lunch.
    4. Mr. Tensing is always a reassuring sight.
    I changed my front brake pads and rotors along with the air filter and it cost me around 7200. Overall, I think this is the right way forward for Fiat but Fiat really needs to act fast with respect to adding more service centers in Chennai. One service center for Chennai is just not enough.
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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: RDC Fiat, Chennai

    The sad state of affairs continue and how.

    Ten days back, booked a slot for the 75HP's 2nd service and few other running repairs, my name was the first on their register for Tuesday, the April 2nd.

    Due to my extended work hours dropped in by 11ish instead of my usual 9ish and the place was jam packed. Get this. This place is totally a deadlock. All the parking bays, service bays, ramps were full, all the driveway available was also filled with cars. I just took the last slot touching the gate. No other car could come in then. Nor could it go out, forget about moving an inch.

    Say a car from the service bay wants to go for a trial, sorry car cannot move, because to make this car move, twenty other cars should be dangerously moved. There is no buffer place to make way for the outgoing car too. The entry is blocked, the exit is blocked, the entry to the body shop, wash area, wheel alignment machine, ramp, everything is blocked.

    I saw few cars with their hoods popped being worked upon where they were itself.

    Add to this, there are only 3 SA's available. They have to fight amongst themselves as to who takes which car. Take or throw game. And there are 3 drivers two of them who go for pickups and one assigned to move cars within the facility.

    Okay, all these are fine, you lack on space. The shocker was that my car, my name was nowhere on the board for the day. I queried the CRM regarding this and he in turn was querying the receptionist and she was giving some lame excuses. I was told I would be attended soon and was asked to wait.

    Meanwhile, there was frustration on everyone s face there. Mr JP, Tensingh, and the likes. The ever helping Tensingh is not the same now, he declines TD s, and he is not trouble shooting the way he used to. I could see something is troubling him. Personal experience, so let's leave it there.

    45 mins pass by and I go stand near the car trying to withdraw someone's attention. Finally someone assigns Anil, he comes to me and says AbinAshok would attend you. I say well, whatever.

    I wait, and a guy drives in with a Minimal Grey punto. Parks the car, walks directly to the CRM and flashes his Daimler iD. He didn't have a booking for service or running repairs, but he was attended before me, just cos he was from Daimler, Fiat s sister concern. He made a huge drama though.

    I knew my car is going to stay idle for a day or two but just left it there and came back after giving clear instructions to my SA. There are couple of major issues to be solved, would update here once done.

    RDC is on the wrong foot now, biting much more than they can eat, in the wrong place.

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  3. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare

    DRIV3R I know that Mr Tensing is not taking TD for sometime now. But RDC has their schedules Jam Packed.

    Minimal Grey Punto and the person who showed the Dailmer Id card is one of our Tfian.

    Fiat is doing it TATA way now. I find TATA was better because there were 4 service outlets. It will take a while for them to open a new shop.
  4. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: RDC Fiat, Chennai

    Lack of space
    Lack of SAs
    Lack of organizing and professionalism
    The management expects them to finish 25 cars a day. While it doesn't provide the required infrastructure. Not sure who is to blame here.

    We can always hope that they would improve, they would get a new place, etc but well, what I have said is what I experienced yesterday.

    There is a huge difference between how customers were treated during the initial days when they just opened shop and now.

    I don't care if the Daimler guy is a TFIan or TBHPian or member of some other exotic car club. Rules are for everybody. And he should be sensible enough to understand that he is inconveniencing RDC and other customers.

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  5. Auto Freak

    Auto Freak Amatore

    That's a pretty sad picture of the state of affairs at RDC.

    I was initially so happy to see a new Fiat exclusive service centre open in the city and was in to believe that this would mean some peace of mind to us FIATians.
    And when it turned out that RDC is a sister concern of a Hyundai dealer, it only strengthened my belief.
    But this seems to be a turn for the worse! At least at the moment.

    A small workshop with only 10 bays to cater to the Chennai city, a 3 member SA crew, only 1 shift operation don't seem to be a path in the right direction.
    FIAT should have laid out basic requirements for an authorized service centre that can cater to such a huge requirement.

    Experiences like these are totally putting me off to the extent of regretting purchasing a FIAT.
    Cars that FIAT make and sell certainly deserve better treatment at the service centre.

    The 'Italian delight' being only in the design, with production quality and service in a totally below average league is for no good!
    Better learn quick FIAT!
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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    All along I have been saying this. I would be happy if I get to see the same level of service support that I got from TAFE. I did not have much expectations. If it is not met by RDC, it is definitely not good for Fiat.

    No reason to have high expectations just because of a Hyundai dealer. I never had good service experience with Hyundai in my 4 years of ownership of Getz.

    Fiat did lay basic requirements for Showroom and Service Centre. The problem we have now is that 1 Service centre for the entire Chennai Metro is not sufficient. We need at least 3-4 service centers.

    No need to regret that quick. I see this as a short term pain in the phase of transition. I have seen and faced more worse scenarios during the Palio days. Let us hope for the better service future for our cars. :)
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  7. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: RDC Fiat, Chennai

    If Fiat did lay the basic requirements, I seek answers for the following.

    Do all Fiat ASS have 10 service bays?

    Does Fiat have any required criteria? Like the area, number of SA s, technicians?

    Who decides that the dealer should ATLEAST do 'n' cars a day? Is it the management of RDC or Fiat?

    If it is the former, it is totally not Fiat s fault. Firstly they failed to give the necessary work area. Next, they can't just force targets on the SA s that he should be doing 'n' cars a day, while they themselves are already overloaded.

    Cannot really blame Mr JP/Tensingh/Tamizh/Anil and the likes here. They are under pressure from RDC management is what I am told. A skilled workforce is being jeopardized.

    EDIT: Day 2 over, my car is still untouched and happily gathering mosquitoes at RDC. :)

    This is what happens. Overloaded crew, and hence backlogs. I totally understood their stand and told my SA to take his sweet time, but the issues need to be resolved.

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  8. Nuts&Bolts

    Nuts&Bolts Novizio

    Auburn Hills, MI
    Came to know that from April 1 Concorde stopped taking Fiats. They even surrendered all the Fiat spares they had in stock. Also there is a possibility of another service center coming up on OMR (Not sure who is going to own that). Can someone corroborate this news?
  9. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    It is now worth quoting a old post of mine - http://www.teamfiat.co.in/fiat-indi...-service-center-discussion-13.html#post131664
    I was the one to become unhappy after knowing that DSC has taken the dealership.

    Need not be. What ever Fiat has laid down is the minimum requirement. I have to blame Fiat again for not have planned more than one dealership/service in Chennai.
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  10. Auto Freak

    Auto Freak Amatore

    FIAT Exclusive - RDC Fiat, Chennai

    Exactly! Fiat should have planned better when all the TASS in the city were abruptly going to stop servicing Fiats from April 1st.

    Its only funny that the after sales team at Fiat India couldn't foresee even this!

    Wish RDC at least inducted more people and worked in 2 shifts a day.

    I'm only scared as my odo keeps climbing towards the next scheduled service.

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