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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. pradman

    pradman Novizio

    Hi all,
    I had my first experience with the new Ramkay Fiat Service Station in Perungudi.

    Background: People who have seen me write about my previous Fiat Service experience would have known about my cribbing, RDC Fiat overcharged me for the labor for my 45K service. The labor alone cost me Rs. 8K. Since then, in local circles, I had been venting off my anger regarding the way RDC was milking its customer for want of multiple service station in Chennai. My colleague (pemmasg on this forum) had been informing me about Ramkays plans for a new service station for Fiat. Yay!!! :)

    Experience: Called up Ramkay Fiat for scheduling a service checkup for my Fiat Linea. The call was attended by one Ms. Sukanya. Had a very cordial experience and she promised to call me back to confirm my appointment. This was done promptly. I had scheduled it for Monday last, but I could not actually get to it. Hence, on Tuesday, I attempted to call Ramkay Fiat again. Strangely, the calls never went through. Thus I had to call Ramkay's showroom number. Got Ms. Sukanya's cell phone number from them and called her. Apparently they are facing issues with their landline number at the service station. Hope they have fixed this by then.

    After confirming appointment with them, promptly drove the car there. As already pointed by other forum members, the drive from Old Mahabalipuram Road to the service station was itself a special evaluation drive for the car's suspension. There were however clear direction boards all along they way into the industrial estate indicating the path to the service station.

    My first impression on reaching there was, two fold. Boy, this is a bigger service station than RDC. They are cleaner too. I was thoroughly not impressed with the service station location, approach and environment for RDC service station. Ramkay scores on this. I was greeted by Mr. Arun who was the customer representative (CR). There was nothing special to note regarding the way the information was collected about my expectations from the service. I was very clear beforehand that this was an evaluative experience of Ramkay Service Center for me. My main requirements were for an air filter change, a check up of the suspension (I find it loud i.e. the thud of the suspensions to louder as compared to the Innova that I travel to office in). Additionally, I requested for proper alignment fitting for my glove box. Mr. Arun gave me a quote of approx Rs. 3000. Whoa! I was shocked. Is this going to be another RDC experience I wondered? I stressed again on my intent to evaluate Ramkay during this encounter and requested for him to get back to me after consulting with the technicians/mechanics.

    One good part of my experience was that I got a chance to have a mechanic go for an evaluation ride with me as opposed to RDC Fiat, where I was not even asked whether I wanted to do that. I think that it is key for the customer to directly talk to the mechanic. Or may be only I feel this way. Hence I had a chance to discuss all my concerns with the mechanic during that ride. Secondly, since my workplace was nearby, I requested the mechanic to drop me at my office itself. Yay! That saves me time and was a comfortable ride. Last time, my ride from RDC to my office after dropping it for service was a long and winding one. Not blaming RDC here, but Ramkay is conveniently located for me. One thing I would request Ramkay here is to ensure that they drop me in office in their car next time. I am sure that these mechanics are expert drivers, but still, having someone else drive my vehicle around on the main roads makes me uncomfortable. Sorry! But I love my Linea :)

    Later on in the same day, got a call and an estimate for Ramkay. A few other items were discovered including changing the battery belt and that the engine guard needed welding. The charges sounded nominal to me. I gave my approval.

    I called up the next day and was asked to pick up my car. When I went there, I was clearly explained about the changes made. One thing that I was not told was that the engine shield welding was in a location where a bolt fastens the shield to the chassis as opposed to a crack. This would mean that the next time I need to change the engine shield, this welding would need to get broken. I definitely would like my mechanics to explain such items in detail and provide different options available as well. I was happy that despite my not asking them, Ramkay had cleaned my vehicle exterior (not sure if it was a water wash but bird dropping marks on the hood went away).

    Overall, I am happy with my experience with Ramkay *as compared to* RDC. I will definitely visit them again. A few requests to Ramkay,
    - Please have a better waiting area for customers, the current rooms next to the service bays are too hot
    - Fix your phone line
    - Do provide multiple options for your customers when you try to solve problems in their cars (see engine shield issue above)
    - Pick up of customer for nearby location when customer comes to pick up car is a must have feature. Especially since you are located at the interiors. Maybe I didn't get pick up since I went during lunch
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  2. aks_karthik

    aks_karthik Novizio

    Great to hear, at last we have got a good Service Station some how.
    Ms. Suganya has come from VST and I personally know her for some 4 years.
    Hope, She is CRM in Ramkay and She called me last month from her Work Mobile No (+91 9940545813) and informed about joining in Ramkay. Happy to hear.
    She is always ready to help customers and importantly she used to call to give the status too.
    If some known person is in the Service Station, will help us to close the issues easily.
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  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Was she with the VST Sales? I think I also know her. She was the only person (other than my SA) in VST who was ready to address the issues of customers.
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  4. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare

    Guys got my suspension pads and link rods changed along with pollen filter replaced at ramkay on saturday. They were doing their job very paitently. I am happy with the way they work but i hope it last's long.
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  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    Re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Ramkay Fiat, Chennai

    Nope, there was a CRM named Suganya who worked for VST service.

    Good to hear positive experiences. Hoping this continues.

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  6. Gokulk

    Gokulk Novizio

    Good to hear those reviews.My vehicle is due for service this month and will give it a try.....hope they have their customer lounge ready by then;)
  7. avnsiva

    avnsiva Amatore

    Gave my Linea at Ramkay Fiat:

    Issues were:
    1. Under body Shield for wires broke down
    2. Fan Motor Noise when using AC
    3. Clutch Hardness
    4. Glow Plug

    Took a test drive with Madan and he suggested that he ll first try to grease the clutch and see whether it helps. If not he ll go for replacement of Clutch.

    Just sometime before, got a call from Paul the SA and he said that the greasing doesnt help here. Should I ask him to remove the clutch and confirm whether the hardness is because of wear and tear? If its not wear and tear can I claim it in extended warranty?

    For replacing glow plug, he asked me to bring the Extended Warranty Booklet. I am not sure whether I am having it. If i lost it, whats the impact? Pls suggest a way to handle this.

    He said that Radiator Fan Motor is not covered in Extended Warranty. Mine is a 2010 model ran 40300 KM's and extended warranty is there till Feb 2014. Am I eligible for replacing the motor under extended warranty?
  8. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    I had my RF assy replaced under warranty at TAFE. If the motor alone is not covered, ask him to go for the full assy.


    - - -
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  9. 45000 KMS Service Done at Ramkay Fiat Workshop.

    Bumping UP the thread instead of opening a New Thread

    Took the delivery of my car from Ramkay Workshop yesterday evening after completing the 45K service for my Punto 90.

    Issues Reported :

    1. Steering Wheel shuddering when brakes are applied

    No more shuddering after the Brake pads and Discs are replaced.

    2. The passenger seat Recline is Shaking as if it not locked.

    The passenger Seat recline mechanism need to be replaced under warranty. Part not available,ordered.

    3. Rear left Power window Motor not working

    Motor need to be Replaced. Only one was available but that was defective. So given order for New part.

    4. Poor Pickup and excessive noise after 2 K RPM in 1 , 2 and 3rd gear. The car struggles to speed after 60 KMPH in 3rd gear with excessive Noise.

    The SA Claims the Timing Chain is defective and need to be replaced under warranty. Again the part not available, ordered.

    5. Hand brake shake.


    6. Suspension to be checked since the car shudders side-wards when driven into a pot hole or bad roads.

    Tightened and lubricated. Now feels better but no sure if this will keep up for Long time.

    Issues I know but Not reported, for them to Find it :

    1. Woo Woo Rhythmic Sound when slowing down from 60 - 0 KMPH.

    Unattended. I guess the wheel bearing is the culprit. Will get it checked

    Parts to be changed :

    1. Brake pad and Disc.


    2. Absolute mud Flap.


    The total Cost was Rs. 15,296. Subtracting the Brake pad, Disc and labor for the Same, the 45K service alone costs Rs. 9200~. Wheel alignment was changed Rs. 400 and Examiner Check charged Rs. 250 which I feel is not right.

    Questions for the Fellow members:

    1. What are the symptoms for the Defective Timing Chain ? are the symptoms claimed by the SA correct ?
    2. If the Timing chain is replaced under warranty, at 60 K service should I change the Timing Chain once again as per regular checklist from FIAT or I do it later ?
    3. For the ordered parts should I get the order number to track the same with the Service center till they arrive ?

    I will upload the bill in the evening since it in my home.
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  10. FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Ramkay Fiat, Chennai

    Just received an E-mail from Ramkay FIAT Service OMR - mentioning about Free Fiat Check-up camp during this weekend: Friday to Sunday (3 days) and timings of 9 to 5. Notes include free check-up and top wash, 10 to 20% discount on parts/accessories/labour etc.. and a Lucky draw too J
    (The mail mentions that their service centre with 26 bays is the largest such facility in India for Fiat. Is it? Hmm… impressive)
    I am not sure if I will pay a visit due to time constraint. L
    But seems a good initiative, from the new entrant. Hoping competition brings out more such customer friendly programs from Fiat ASCs.

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