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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. aruncep

    aruncep Amatore

    Second free service booked for 22nd March 2014. Now a days hearing negative reviews/feedbacks from fellow Fiatians on sevice @ Ramkay. I hope they will learn and improve and I am trying to be optimistic smile.png . If this is not going to be satisfactory then will make up my mind to drive 320 KMs south west to True Sai for my future services.
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  2. madroxx


    Ramkay Fiat has one of the worst service ever in automotive industry. I left my punto for repainting of RH side of my bumper on 8-march-14. I had taken my vehicle to the service centre the previous week for the quotation and the SA Bala quoted me 1500rs+tax and 1 day for delivery.
    when i went on 8th march the body shop manager quoted 2000rs+tax and 2 days for delivery. I was fine with the delivery delay but how come the cost raised 500rs on a single week. I had to fight with them and they agreed for 1500+tax. On the day of delivery i paid the money and asked them to deliver the vehicle to my home and the vehicle was delivered.
    Since it was a hectic week i was not able to inspect my vehicle. Finally on the weekend when i saw the vehicle I was shocked, they did not complete the painting properly, rubbing polish was not applied after drying of paint and they sprayed paint on my RH Fog lamp and my RH door inner had primer applied on it.
    I called up the service center and they called me saying that they sent the vehicle without proper QC and asked me to bring my vehicle for inspection. When i went to the SC they tried rectifying the paint but were not able to. Finally they told me that they will repaint the bumper and will require another 2 days.
    I was still calm and told that that's fine but atleast do it right this time. I had mentioned them to pick my vehicle by 8.30am since i will not be available after that. The time was 9.15am and still i dint get a call for pick up, I called Sukanya the SC manager, she told me that the time mentioned was 10.30am. I was totally upset and i told her how can 8.30am become 10.30am all of a sudden.
    She then told me that the driver will come immediately, the driver came at 10.30am only as mentioned earlier. I asked the driver to ask the SA to call me once the vehicle reaches the SC, he told me that i will surely get a call since that's their standard procedure.
    I did not get a call even after 2 hours, so i called up the driver and asked him if the vehicle has reached the SC the driver tells me that he reached 1.5hrs back. I was furious after hearing this and I called Sukanya and asked her if the vehicle has reached the SC and she confirms it has.
    Then i shouted at her that cant they even inform me that the vehicle has reached, how will i know if the vehicle has reached or it met with an accident on the way all she had was couple of sorry's. Now when they delivered the vehicle this time there are still traces of paint on my RH fog lamp and the primer form door has not been removed.
    I dont understand how difficult can it be to paint a bumper and deliver with proper QC. I'll totally disappointed with the service and will never give them my vehicle again. If some one has the mail id's of Fiat service head please share with me.
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  3. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Nowadays RDC/Ramkay seems be sister concerns.

    On reading all this makes me paranoid to give my car for 1st service even though they are not going to do anything much.

    When I bought car from RDC with few scratches in running board, I felt that Ramkay is there to help me for any service related issues but now don't know who gonna save Chennai Fiatians. I feel ashamed that I told RDC management to learn things from Ramkay in one of the feedback calls :A.
  4. aruncep

    aruncep Amatore

    Today got my 1.3 MJD Linea serviced. It was her second free service and got it done at Ramkay, Chennai. ODO reading was at 13741 and did this service early because I have a planned long drive next week.

    I reached the service center by around 9:15 in the morning. I was attended to by SA Magesh in 10 minutes. He took the inventory of the car and also asked me if I had any complaints.

    I had two:-

    Rear right door was not opening from outside
    A slight right pulling

    I also suggested them for a wheel balancing too.

    Magesh didnt try to sell me any other detailing products/services nor didnt I ask for. I asked him if I can stay with the car and he said YES. Last time I was questioned by a tech for staying inside the service area and I told Sukanya madam the same and I was allowed to stay. So asked Magesh before itself to avoid any surprise.

    This time my car was attended by the duo Munusamy and Saju (I am not sure if this is the right name and he had worked with True Sai Salem). All things were done as part of the second service. Pollen filter, air filter, Engine oil, fuel filter was changed. In the mean time the tyres were taken for balancing and both my front tires had puncture which I didnt notice since the airloss was very less. It was fixed for Rs.120+taxes per puncture.

    The rear door lock had to be replaced under warranty and it was given for painting and obviously painting took some time. Also while doing the overall check with their checklist they found that opening lever was loose for a door and the same was replaced under warranty.

    After this the car was taken for alignment and was done with minor corrections.

    Was waiting for the painted part and after getting that got it fixed and the door was working fine.

    After that the car was taken for a test drive and all was good.

    Then it was taken for wash and it almost took 2 hours for it since lunch break came in between. Finally got the ready car at around 3PM.

    The overall bill was around Rs.5800.

    Overall satisfied with the service done at Ramkay today.

    They key thing is you keep following up SA or the Tech so that things can speed up. Those guys are also overloaded with work so that your car's work might not be on top of their mind. But yes follow up with them definitely helps.

    Thanks to the Ramkay team for today's work done on my car.
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  5. aruncep

    aruncep Amatore


    Bill copy
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  6. madroxx


    When I went to check my car this time I was surprised to see that the type the treatment I was getting from the service center was positive and encouraging after making a few enquirers I came to know that there was a mail sent to the Service center from Fiat mentioning my issues. The mail was sent by Fiat team after reading this forum it seems. I was pleasantly surprised and happy. Way to go Fiat, if this trend keeps continuing i'm sure you will get more customers. Thanks a lot to both TFI and Fiat.
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  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I am not sure if Fiat is reading this thread directly. But I know that some in Ramkay are reading this thread. A real report card on their performance can only be heard here. :)
  8. madroxx


    I mentioned Fiat was reading because the SA mentioned that their manager received a mail from Fiat regarding this. He asked me politely and with regret why did I escalate the issue. I assured him that I did not send the mail. So it must have been Fiat. This is my theory.
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  9. samurai

    samurai Timido

    Anyone done 15k service Punto at ramkay??


    Please share the bill amount for 15k service @ Ramkay.
    And also is it necessary to do wheel alignment and balancing now.

    done 15k in 5 months. i already done wheel alignment @ 5k.

    Kindly share your thoughts.
  10. brandnewpunter

    brandnewpunter Amatore

    Wheel Alignment/balancing should be done every 5k kms.

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