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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. ravindra


    Service at Ramkay Fiat

    Last month I had given my Punto 1.4 Petrol for paid servicing. I personally went to the service center to ensure that they note down problems faced by me. I declined their offer for pick and drop. I was allotted Mr. Mahesh as SA and made to wait for nearly 1/2 hour even though I reached their place in time. SA are more interested in recommending frills whose benefits are always debatable. In my case also the SA suggested I should go for a thorough interior cleaning and also anti rust coating inside doors. While I agreed for the interior cleaning which costed me Rs.1200/= + tax.

    After I reached my office I received a call from the SA mentioning that my car's Oil Sump needs to be changed as the thread on the plug is worn out. This is a crucial part and I agreed for the replacement.

    The vehicle was ready for delivery on the same day evening, but I decided to take the delivery next day. When I reached next day afternoon the SA took his own time to attend to me and I was made to wait in their lounge for more than an hour.While taking delivery the car which was washed was in a shabby condition. When I pointed out SA told sir, now you inspect and let me know the defects I shall set it right. I really got wild and said why did he say that the vehicle was ready for delivery the previous day itself and he should have inspected the vehicle before i arrived. The interior cleaning was a total disappointment the boot was not cleaned and every where there were finger prints of the wax.

    This took one more hour and in the meantime I asked for the replaced defective Oil Sump. The SA could not convince me why the thread on the plug in Oil Sump was worn out. He was saying it may be because of mishandling while tightening. I could not buy his argument. I insisted that they give me a note saying that the thread is worn out due to mishandling. Then finally after 1 hour arguments with CRM and SA they mentioned on the bill as "Oil Sump plug worn out".

    Then the ordeal started, I sent a mail to Fiat and after few days Ramkay Fiat sent a mail mentioning the same reason why it was changed (which I already knew). The complaint was closed by Ramkay Fiat. How can Fiat close a complaint without consulting me. I escalated and one more complaint was lodged. Now today that complaint is also closed by Ramkay Fiat without any resolution.

    I never expected this type service from Fiat. Being a die-hard fiat enthusiast we are made to suffer. Logically, the Oil Sump plug is removed at the time of changing of Engine Oil. Which means ideally it will be removed and re fixed once in a year if the running of vehicle is below 15000 kms.

    Customer Care executives on Toll Free number make lot of promises saying that we shall call you in two hours. But they never call and unless we follow it up, the case is closed unilaterally.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for the escalated mail to Mr. Mangesh. As someone in this thread has mentioned SAs are more interested in getting the ratings rather than listening to us.
  2. testdrive

    testdrive Amatore

    Its realy very bad services :( . I haven't got any feeback call from FIAT after my 2nd services (nearly 4 months gone). Still FIAT is in Planning state :) (on everything...)
  3. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    @ravindra: In all probability, they have managed to damage the thread while replacing oil, unless they gave you a call before the old oil was drained.

    You should have put your foot down at that instant and questioned them as to how it was fine till then.

    Anyway damage is done, and now a days I am seeing more negative feedback for Ramkay. Ramkay should pull up their socks and work.
  4. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    I gave my vehicle to RAMKAY for few niggling issues and those were sorted out. But in general feedback from ramkay is

    1. Replaced a worn out right hand side Wheel bearing on Warranty, (Did not get the busted part).
    2. Vehicle was delivered 2 hours late, not on scheduled time and the SA guy kept running helter skelter and need 101 reminders to get the delivery at earliest.
    3. Interior cleaning and water wash job was done in a hurry becasue of my prodding so i would rate it at averge.
    4. SA Sharath Kumar kept pushing me for going for a undebody treatment by WURTH, when i denied accpetance i felt like he lost interest in attending to my car.

    Customer Service: Average.
    Ability to fix issue: Average to good.

    He seemed too impatient and was always in a hurry.
  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    I am going to rate Ramkay any higher than RDC on all counts. They are at best average, with a good infrastructure. When I went there for the taillight stuff, they lifted my car and did an inspection. they showed me a small stone hit spot on the sump and said oil was leaking from there. I touched the dent and couldnt see any spot of oil. Then they showed me the gasket sealing of the sump and said the oil is leaking. Actually it is the tiny diesel leak from the HSD pump. So they were trying to sell me a new sump (when actually it was not required) which I had replaced a year ago and at that time I had changed the engine guard too. So I am not going to trust them too much. They probably have stock of a lot of spares and would have told the SAs to push as much replacement as possible

    They also have this habit of asking the customer to wait in the lounge and give a very organised feeling that you cant really know who is going to attend to you and whether my presence there has been communicated to the required person. It could be anywhere of upto half an hour or more before you are summoned. I am put off.

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  6. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    These days I see lot of negative feedback about Ramkay. I have a glow plug error on the MID was actually planning to drop my car at Ramkay but going by these feedback I am a bit skeptical now...
    I recently changed 2 of my glow plug from RDC in June this year wondering how the issue is seen again.

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  7. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    Did you change the glwo plugs because you got the error flash and changed it as part of preventive maintenance? Because for chennai's climate one does not need GLOW PLUG's help, infact till date i have never seen the glow plug light up when the switch is turned on to MAR position. Could you cofirm once ?
  8. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @sriramr9 I got the glow plug error this June. Took the car to rdc where they inspected the car and two of the plugs were changed. Now for past 1 week I am again getting this error in MID. yes chennai climate does not require glow plug but the error in MID annoys me each time I start the engine.

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  9. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    I gave my Linea BNW for free camp, minor issues and an insurance claim on last friday 29-Nov. Insurance claim to be started by monday.
    Got the delivery on wednesday afternoon itself. I was so glad and happy with the prompt deliver.
    The cleaning was very good with neat interiors and even the engine bay is cleaned and polished pacca !
    But then the bad experience started -
    1. Complaints on issues not fixed -
    1. Rear door not opening. On delivery, this was fixed. I had to wait 15 more mins.
    2. Fuel lid not closing properly not addressed.
    3. noise in the car while driving is not fixed as it would be postponed to 2nd service due.
    2. Painting seems to be perfect but later noticed that painted area is dull than the other body color. Body shop person asked me to do full car polish to fix this. But this is not a right solution I feel. And moreover it is applicable if new paint is brighter. Since it looks dull, I dont know if polishing will fix this. I got upset badly and so I am writing this !
    3. Got new minor scratches in front bumper. And after a long argument, they agreed to fix by touch up.
    4. Asked to check the wiper as the left wiper left a line. But now both the wiper works too bad and works like a 5 year old ones. Have to check with SA
    5. Poor ride quality. Bumpy and shaky. Have to check with SA.

    The things like delay in work, repeated follow ups, waiting time for delivery, un-professional staffs could be accepted but things like damage to the car like scratches, painting color difference, poor ride quality after deliver make me go crazy. I couldnt put up with these.
  10. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    Planned to write a letter to service@fiapl.com. Please let know if anything needs correction here.
    I am GP 2012 Emotion MJD owner. I wanted to write about the Service experience in RAMKAY FIAT Chennai. The space, location and the facilituies
    perspective looks ok and good. But the attitude of the Service Advisor needs to be looked upon seriously.
    1. Service Advisor at Ramkay FIAT are always on the RUN, i am sure the are catering to multiple customers but look stressed out and busy at all times.
    2. They are impatient and nit pick about the car's previous service's shoddy jobs which is a known fact as the previous service experiences were not
    on par.
    3. They want to complete the job card as soon possible and run off.
    4. Instead of listening to customer issues fully. they start recommeding about various accessories fitments & additions that could be made to he
    vehicle, Does the customer not know when they need an accessory or when they need a underbody coat, instead of clearing of customer complaints on
    vehcile why are they selfish to close up deals with the customer before noting down complaints. (Mine can be a one off case but this is the attitude
    with which they work on). Their intention looks like fleece the customer and earn quick profits
    5. I feel Service advisors seriously fall short of standards compared to competitve companies and what FIAT sPA expects. Agree that we are mass
    market car owners and cannot expect exclusivity and treatment on par with premium vehicle( say for example a JEEP) customer. But what hurts is
    when the rudimentary things fall short of expectations.
    5.1Their technical and service center setup knowledge levels are questionable. I questioned the service advisor whether SELENIA brand oil is the one
    used still, he says, NO FIAT recommends only Synthetic oils. Other type oils will cause noise in the engines. Of course i know about the Synthetic oil
    thing. but what, ok i asked which brand is FIAT recommending then, they said it was PETRONAS, a SA does not know what SELENIA means and
    whether it s a brand or a oil type.
    6. I seriously feel the complete technical know how from an italian company cannot be transfered to grass root level due to its complexity language
    barrier distance etc but it is needed the most to run the Service center in full swing with utmost quallty.
    7. Please educate Service advisors more & make them understand customer expectations are priority, iet them fix customer issues first & then go ahead
    convince for fitments/accessories or FIAT approvied after market jobs, which we know is part of the Service center business. In this case however the
    former is not happening, and the latter is being tried in desperation by all SA .
    8. Giving False commitments to gain instant regard, Would expect, they impress customer with service quality & satisfaction,
    8.1 Delivering a day late might not matter at all. Delivery promptness is a false notion. Better keep buffer time and promise customer. say for e.g. say
    customer vehicle will be ready by Saturday morning even though if the job will be done thursday. Call customer on friday afternoon and say vehicle is
    ready.that way will help.
    9. Please take a look at TEAMFIAT services ramkay fiat section. There are umpteen number of customers who are dis satisfied like me and are
    lamenting about the poor quality of the service done and very poor attitude of the service advisor.
    10. More transparency is needed, the invoice is not having details of the job done. Rear door rattling corrected is alone mentioned and a amount of 450
    has been charged,. The complaint was about front door, the job attended was on the rear door, the SA has no clue what was done. No technical
    information is provided in the invoice for the action items carried out and charged.
    11. Very pathetic way of jotting down the complaints. With the level of details he is noting down, i am sure it would not reach to the technician as
    expected. certain issues need patience, keen eye and a interest to solve the problem. It is lacking entirely.
    12. Service is all about attending to faults, clearing issues be it minor or major. with this attitude it will be really difficult to run the show.
    13. Every customer vehicle is precious, the guy who was asked to drop me off at the nearest point, drove my car in a reckless and careless way, for e.g
    was driving at 3500 rpm in 3rd gear on entire rough patch wastign precious fuel and straining the engine for no fault of mine.

    Suggest to give the customers a driect link to FIAT INDIA to post complaints in the service center itself. One more way is like setting up a HOTLINE in
    the service center .That in it self will kind of put a check on them and they will try to be extra careful.
    14. Keeping the customer happy and also the service advisors technicians happy at their job is a tough proposition in this age of attrition. But when
    other companies are able to do so, i think it s a not a impossible task. Request top management to intevene and take a serious look at the problem
    which is in infancy now, and try to correct the same before it flares up and tarnishes the brand image yet again during the current innings of the brand's
    revival in india.
    1. Can technicians do the job of Service advisors by swapping their positions, that way they can adderess issues better,
    2. Should be able to speak english or hindi atleast.
    3. Note down the issues clearly and technician understandable format.
    4. During delivery sit with the customer and cross check whether all issues have been addressed. I know this is not impossible.
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