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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio

    I think that they have a high labour charges because of low volumes.
    However the number of vehicles serviced per service centre should be definitely comparable to Maruti or Hyundai.

    1050 for fitting reverse parking sensor is very high, and also the cost of sensor itself is high. There are reverse parking sensors listed in ebay 900 upwards.

    I think it is a well known fact that the car as a product as such is better than competitors which is why I bought one.
  2. I called Ramkay yesterday to check if they have the 15 Amp Fuse for the cigar Charger in stock. Thamarai was not sure if Cigar Changer has got a Fuse of not, he said it doesn't have a fuse and I need to change the whole set if not working. I somehow convinced him that it has a fuse, since I am not sure of the Amps, I asked him to check with people out there. He said he will get back. I called him back again and now he asked me the location of the fuse either in the bonnet or in the dashboard for which I told him it is in the Dash. He said they have no idea of the Amps for the fuse that I need to tell them what I needed so he will check if it is in stock. I thought I will open the dash and check myself rather than listening to this guy's blabbering. I have to go to the basement to my car to check that, came back to my desk and called him again and told it is 15 Amps. He said he will callback. But again I need to callback, and now he asks me Sir is it a mini fuse or maxi (somwthing like that) fuse ? I lost my cool and shouted at him, what the hell do you know, if I tell it is mini or whatever, will you go and check the stock or should I come there to check that myself ? he said sorry sir , I am really not sure, bring the car here SA will check it and tell you. I told him, roughly check if you have a 15 amps fuse and tell me then I will bring the car. he started blabbering again... I hung the phone. Didn't want to drive in the traffic and come back hearing no stock like RDC Ambattur told me for the same fuse. So I drove straight to RDC Ekattuthangal on my way home and fixed it from there. Just to check if they have a Fuse or not, it took him almost an hour and my effort too. In my opinion the OKish service in Ramkay still continues, I mean OKish because of the lack of knowledge earlier with the SA, technicians and now the spares guy not knowing how to check the availability of a FUSE.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
  3. testdrive

    testdrive Amatore

    Boot logo of mine is stolen. and next day 9th nov morning. I have verified stock with Ramkay, i reached around 11:30AM. Also i have noticed wiper is not fitted properly during my 2nd service. and few other fixes left in 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] service. They charged RS.900 for logo+wiper and water wash total bill 2500+ but in 99rm its 400 (2 logos and punto and Emotion padge)</SPAN>
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  4. Post this in high/variable cost thread.
  5. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    @testdrive: The ones in 99rpm are aftermarket while the ones in FASS are Ricambi Originali.
  6. Oh Man!!< I would be taking the delivery of My Punto with Ramkay, Velachery. Now I am really scared of their charges and their service. Furthermore, when I spoke to the Sales person (Yahia Khan), He told me the prices of most spares are lesser than their competitors (Maruthi,Ford, etc.). This guy is pretty sure about their service / labour charges are lesser. However, now after reading this thread, I am thinking !!!! Chennai Fiat Folks, What could be done for this.. :(
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    It has become a known fact that the labor costs are high at all FASS's. That is the common concern which Fiat needs to find a solution.

    tiaf, sorry to hear about your bad experience. What I could not accept is that any small mishap is attributed to Fiat's service as a whole. Believe me, I owned a Hyundai for 4 years and the service I got at TAFE and Ramkay are much better than the one I got at HMP, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai. I felt the service costs of Hyundai are high during the period of 2006-2010 itself.

    Also, do note that I am not trying to defend Ramkay here. I myself had bad service experience at Ramkay. But, they always listen and are eager to correct their mistakes. Labor costs - I don't have an answer. :)
  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Stop cribbing, just go get your car delivered and enjoy the car. Don't worry about trivial stuff now. And oh, read the whole thread and not just last few posts.

    If you are not happy with Ramkay you have RDC or True Sai at salem. Worry not.
  9. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio

    Things such as installation of reverse parking sensor is just one time and I should have got it fitted before taking the delivery.

    Though I cribbed for labour charge, it was at least done properly.

    Being there for half a day, I expected to see at least a couple of people happily taking delivery of their serviced car even though labour charges are high.

    If there is a way to know labour charges upfront it will be easy to decide what to go for.

    The best we can do is scan and upload service bills, keep new buyers informed, so that one would not be shocked after seeing the final bill!
  10. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    The price of the OEM accessory is printed as MRP on the box. You cannot expect FASS to charge you less than MRP unless they are running some promo. Labor charges as known are quite high, no two ways about it.
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