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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    Got my 5th service done from Ramkay yesterday. So far, I had been a customer of Concorde Motors Kochi. Ramkay seems to bring a colossal change in worth ethics and customer care. I reached Ramkay at around 1130 AM after a lot of searching. Got lost on the Anna Salai flyover and GPS signal kept getting interrupted there. Maybe because of too many flyovers. The staff was courteous enough to guide me when I reached Lifeline Hospital (under construction; on the main road). Normally, Arakkonam to Chennai is a 90 minutes drive, but it took me three hours to reach Ramkay.

    Car was accepted within seconds as I had told them while making the booking that I will need the car back same day as I have to drive back to Arakkonam. Magesh was the assigned SA. He explained the service schedule and after checking service history, advised me as to what all was required to be done. I declined the 'wax polish' and told them to go ahead with the schedule. Magesh promised to deliver by 6PM. I left for some other works that I had planned.

    I came back to the service center at 5:30PM. The traffic on OMR is mind boggling. On one occasion I had to wait for 26 minutes on red light. On enquiry, I was told vehicle will be ready in 30 mins. AT 6:15PM Magesh took me to show the vehicle and explained what all work had been done. The spares/POL charges were around 5K and labor charges around 3K. Fully agree that labor charges are too high. Yet, I feel if the work is satisfactory, I won't mind it. Had it been a case where workmanship is extremely poor with sky high labor charges, it would have called for immediate action.

    Overall, I found Ramkay a place where customer is made to feel relaxed rather than rushed and harassed. The staff is confidence evoking and are ready to provide service politely.
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  2. I have scheduled my Punto 1.4's 5th service Tomorrow at Ramkay. Hoping to have a better one than all those 'slightly' bitter ones (hassle wise) for the last 4 years. Mine being a petrol I have checked availability of parts including timing belt stuff, I got a +ive reply over the call still I wanted them to check and get back on this.
    Shall update my experience soon !

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  3. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    I had been today to Ramkay to get my other two Glow Plugs replaced (two had blown off during the 45K service and the other two yesterday). Initially they were not sure if this would be covered as part of Extended Warranty. But after a quick chat and utterance of the magic word Mr. Mangesh things fell in place. Plugs were changed and given back to me after some 3.5 hours. Though the wait was long, I had a chance to chat with Saju as he was there for the service of his Punto. Overall again I am impressed with the service offered. Hope Ramkay carries on like this.
  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    Extremely happy as always with Ramkay Fiat. Was there to pick couple of spares for my GTX.

    I picked the Centre AC Vents, Side AC Vents, Original Antenna, Rear Wiper Arm and regular servicing consumables such as Air Filter, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter. I was surprised at the amount of spares they had for Palio. They had Timing Kit, Clutch, Brakes, Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Slave Cylinder, OE Headlamps etc readily available for the Palio. Some of them are cheaper than other sources and they are happy to order spare parts for us. If the part is available with Fiat then it arrives within a week which is reasonable considering that it’s a decade old car. This is only for non-critical parts as other critical parts are well stocked.

    The Parts incharge Mr.Thamarai was very helpful and customer friendly. The other folks within the spare parts department are also eager to help, although their knowledge on the Palio is little bit on the lesser they will soon get to know as the cars starts to come in regularly. The CRM as usual was very helpful, Kudos to the team at Ramkay for maintaining the customer centric approach.
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  5. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Teky, Thamarai is a good fellow. He always does his best from the spares and accessories front.

    He is the one who took pains to reimburse me what was overcharged to me due to a lapse from Fiat's end, after 3 months or so when I next visited him. He is with Ramkay for long, he was taking care of two and three wheeler spares before. :)

    He is just another feather in Ramkay's hat.
  6. Yeah very true about Thamarai. He assisted me fully with respect to spares info reqd for 1.4 fire 60k service over phone..with all details.
    as mentioned he is a long timer, and so too there are few there who are with ramjay since years. Raja, Job controller, whom I had met during my last visit for oil top up, and also who was there with me yesterday is also long timer.. In fact I told I do vaguely consider his face familiar since I was a customer at Ramkay and went there later for a couple of times for service for my TVS Fiero during 2002-03 period.
    Raja infact loaned me his TVS bike yesterday so that I could go home and come back in a jiffy after a late lunch.

    In fact, yesterday I had the opportunity to meet and interact with Mr.Manohar the owner of Ramkay fiat as well, as he was present in the shop floor itself for quite some time personally checking and reviewing on some things, when I was back from lunch. I introduced myself with mention of our previous interaction @ Hotel Le Meridien for the FIAT meet. I did express my appreciation and satisfaction with the facility as well as care given by all around.
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  7. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio

    I had been to Ramkay service centre to install reverse parking sensors on my Punto.
    I had taken an appointment a day before and reached by 9:10.

    2 customers were waiting, one of them in his fifties who seemed to know cars in an out.
    There was another guy who had given his Punto last week for GC Upgrade.

    The service person (Gopi) entered a lot of details in the job card, removed whatever present in the dash, including few coins, toll slips etc and gave me.
    He also took out service manual, Blue n Me manual, insurance copy, usb stick etc and asked me to keep them till they fitted reverse parking sensor.
    I requested the following things to be carried out

    1. install reverse parking sensor
    2. replace left side rear view mirror

    He wrote the delivery time as 11:30 AM and I was quite annoyed, that it is just a matter to 10 minutes!

    He asked me to wait and went somewhere. No updates till 10. Finally one person came up to the car and installed the mirror.
    Then I was waiting for some 30-40 minutes and no update at all. The CRM manager (I think Sukanya) was on the phone and she came near me and said that the technician for installing reverse parking sensor was not present it seems.
    She had requested someone to come from showroom for installing it.

    After 20 minutes or so, the service person came and informed the same thing !

    After 11:30 or so the so called technician who would install reverse parking sensor came. I just saw some one having a cover with spares that had a buzzer in it and thought this must be him.
    It took another half an hour or so for them to move the car near an electrical outlet (which was just 10 metres away from the place where it was parked).

    Then again the reverse parking technician and service person went in and came back after some 15 minutes with the reverse sensors.
    It just took 10 minutes for him to drill holes and install them.

    The service person kept telling the usual "Please wait inside" thing to which I never bothered.

    I was expecting to pay for this and leave immediately as I was already late for office. But still the service person was attending some other customers.
    I had to push hard to get him prepare the bill. First time I am here and I was already tired.

    Finally got the bill and was shocked to see the labour charges for fitting reverse parking sensor as 1050/-.
    Final bill was 5500/-
    I got very angry and started shouting that it is unfair by all means.
    Went up to the CRM and complained about this when she said that this is the standard labour rate for fitting reverse parking sensor.
    I felt cheated. This is definitely a day light robbery.
    I am really worried how I am going to live with the labour charges that they would state during future visits!

    While I paid the bill and came out, I saw the guy in fifties giving a blasting to one of the service persons.
    All I could hear was, "I love to see my vehicle being serviced and hence waited so long, and I had given clear cut instructions on what all to be done. Still you have not done whatever I had asked for.
    I came to Ramkay thinking RDC is bad but this seems to be the worst ..."
    He then left the service centre walking his way back. It was really saddening to see him go away as he had came earlier than me and was supposed to take delivery of his vehicle.

    The other guy who had given for GC upgrade in his Punto came back and pointed out items that were not taken care, but he to had spent half a day and wanted to leave ASAP.
    The service person explained him what all were done, kept all the replaced parts in the bonnet and said what all were replaced.

    I took my car and left to office having spent half a day for 10 minutes job!

    Could not control my mind from thinking about the warnings that friends and family members gave regarding Fiat's service!
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  8. teky

    teky Esperto

    Sad to head your experience tiaf. However after reading so many posts by members about high labor charges I'm interested to understand what competitors charge? Does anyone have benchmarks against which we can compare and call this expensive. I for one happy with the work done and hence not so much interested in labor charges yet. Once the car is out of warranty I know where to get the car serviced, So all minor things can be performed outside even whilst in warranty.

    Also I think you should've listened to your friends and family ;) - think you'll always have a thought that Fiat service is bad!
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  9. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    I am not aware of other costs, as I have never visited any service centre with my Jet yet, save the 5K free service, for which no costs were involved. I did the 15K service myself, so labour was free :D. I was thinking of driving down to Chennai to get the 30K service (done 23K now) done at Ramkay based on reviews, but this review is not very encouraging.

    Coming to installation of Reverse parking sensors, I paid ₹ 3500 for the sensors (body coloured), bought from Prerana Motors, Lalbagh Road (Vecto was not in existence). Installation was free.

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