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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Taking my 90HP for the much postponed 2nd service to Ramkay on Monday. Have taken my day off to supervise the progress and work. I am dreaded by some mettalic noises after cold start and idling, asking them to check the timing and timing chain. Time to use the voucher given by FIAT. :D
  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    They will do all they can do to identify the issue. This is what was told by linealover when he visited Ramkay 2 days back. We went there for a suspension noise and it happened to be the link rod issue. They also found another tiny noise for which they did multiple TD's to identify the cause. At one point linealover asked them to give up and still they did not and a person even went inside the boot during TD to identify the issue and finally they did fix that. :)
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  3. RedPoint

    RedPoint Amatore

    This is the best part of it !
  4. jackharrisw

    jackharrisw Amatore

    Awesome.These kind of chaps are what FIAT is in need for the days to come.Hats off to Ramkay guys for these kind of involvement in solving customer issues.I can seriously feel that service levels of FIAT has improved drastically.Hope to see many more happy FIAT customers and better sales numbers in the coming years.
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  5. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    I do have some good experiences with Ramkay. I am not sure on how many MJD's have faced issue with A/C. Three years of ownership every year one issue or the other with the AC. First it was a gas leak, then Orion, then colling pads and now all the three!!!!! :shocked

    Took the car to Ramkay and had it fixed along with few other stuffs (moulded Mud flaps, fuel lid, pollen filter and wiper blades). It was SA Magesh who did the needful. Though the service charges were on the higher side (may be they have got had-n-glove with RDC) the work was good.

    Hoping that at least going forward I do not have the AC issue, or may be its time to escalate to FIAT :evilsmile.
  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    2nd (15000km) Service Exp of my 90HP

    So I had my second service done at Ramkay.

    On the appointed day, I drove in at 9 15 AM. The daily stand up meeting was going on, while I waited for an SA to attend me after the meeting. Meanwhile, the security made the ODO readings and also tagged the key.

    At about 9 30 AM, the meeting was over and I saw SA Mahesh. I waved him over and he immediately came and started doing the job card.

    The complaints were as below:

    • Check for timing chain noise
    • Align the hatch-lid
    • 3rd stop lamp, one bulb does not glow
    • LHS front power window is slow and has some resistance at mid level
    • Check AC for grille temperature and compressor cut-off
    • Steering wheel vibrations when AC is on and car is idling
    • Brake bite gone slightly ineffective
    • Dashboard rattle
    • Slow winding power windows when compared to any other car, even my 75HP
    • Replace LH wheel arch liner

    Other than these, the regular service was done.

    • Engine Oil change - 3.2L with oil filter change
    • Coolant top-up
    • Air Filter Change
    • AC Filter change to pollen filter
    • Fuel filter change
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Brakes cleaning

    The good bits:

    • Ramkay uses the apron and seat covers while servicing the car, good practice
    • Ramkay's washing and presentation of the car after service is supposed to be good, given the large area and dedicated team they have for this. But I was not satisfied, due to something else which I ll bring up later on.
    • The SA was very courteous, he offered his 2 wheeler to me for having my lunch. I politely refused. (Yes, I am a nut-case who wishes to hang with the car whenever she is in the service centre, I was there form 9 15 AM to 7 15 PM)
    • The workforce has some basic ethics and principles to be followed, the ODO for example is noted each time a car enters or leaves the facility, no customer cars are allowed to be tried by other customers, etc.
    • Huge inventory of spares, most parts and accessories are readily available with Ramkay, I picked up a spoiler
    • You are free to walk-in any time and have a look at your car in the workshop, unlike few others who doesn't like the customer to see his car idle within the workshop
    • They accepted the 1000 INR discount coupon, which FIAT provided without any T&C. Many dealers I know wrote this coupon off saying it's validity is over.

    The BAD bits:

    • Ramkay seem to have slowly going the RDC way in terms of labor. I paid 1.4k plus taxes for a full suspension change for my car earlier, while now, I had to pay 175 plus taxes just to change a freaking wheel arch liner. It is a 5 min DIY if the wheel is removed. Another thing I noticed, Ramkay had billed me for 3.5L of Selenia WR 5w40, while the car can max take only 3.2L. I brought this up after seeing the bill and was made to wait for another 15 mins after a new bill was made again. RDC had also played this trick on me, and while I questioned, the SA was challenging me that 3.5L are needed. I left it there, but with Ramkay, the SA acknowledged the mistake and summoned the spares guy asking why has he billed 3.5L of Engine oil.
    • The Mechanics need to know few basics. I take pains all the time to idle this turbocharged engine before shutting down, and these guys coolly rev up my engine to 4k-5k rpm and shut it down the next second. This happened atleast 3 times. I was pissed off but couldn't do much. Do not know if this is the cause, but I feel a less punchier kick in 3rd gear now. :(
    • Short-cut solutions - For my power window issue, these morons just poured like 250ml of oil into the channel which was dripping through the door. When I questioned, the SA said this is what we try first and if still exists, we replace the part.
    • Billing time - I would left the place an hour earlier, had my bill been ready. When I say billing it is not the billing per se, but the job card preparation done in Fiat's DMS Siebel system and then generating the bill. Why can't the SA prepare my job card into the DMS in the morning itself? He was doing this at 6 45 PM.
    • Wash Quality - This is a one-off case, but nevertheless, as I earlier said, the power window channels were doused with oil, hence my window glass was smeared with oil, I specifically mentioned the SA and the washing guy to take care of this. But what was done was, the same cloth was used everywhere and Ramkay delivered my car with all glasses including windshield smeared with that stupid oil.:oops: Other than this goof-up am happy with how they wash the car with the dedicated team, they vacuum the interiors and wash the under-carriage too.
    • Dismissing off few customer complaints bluntly as 'Normal saar':hit
    • Also, they do not wax the cars which are serviced anymore, only cars which come to their body-shop are polished and waxed.

    Final Checklist:

    • Check for timing chain noise - Told it is normal. No diagnosis was done.
    • Align the hatch-lid - Done
    • 3rd stop lamp, one bulb does not glow - One bulb replaced
    • LHS front power window is slow and has some resistance at mid level - Jugaad done. Am not leaving them in peace for this
    • Check AC for grille temperature and compressor cut-off - Done
    • Steering wheel vibrations when AC is on and car is idling - Not solved, they tried zeroing in on the issue, tried replacing the engine mount too, but still it is unsolved, it is the fan I know
    • Brake bite gone slightly ineffective - Brakes cleaned
    • Dashboard rattle - Fixed (I specifically instructed not to waste each other's time going for TD and finding/replicating the rattle, please tighten all damn screws and bolts that hold the dashboard)
    • Slow winding power windows when compared to any other car, even my 75HP - NOT fixed
    • Replace LH wheel arch liner - Done with exorbitant labor charges

    Here are some pics I clicked. I met up with Avinash's realtive, who was checking out my car and complemented it.;) His family owns 9 Fiats and this Linea which is at Ramkay for long was one of them. I also spotted vigneshram's accident Punto, and also saw one of our memebers with NPW Punto come in there in the evening.

    I was chatting up with the body-shop person and came to know this fact. Even if door panels/hood is changed in our cars, it cannot be made out as in Marutis and Hyundais and the body shop themselves apply the same sealant which the factory applies before the panel is painted. This is specifically for Sat-Chit-Ananda and royj.
    Ramkay had stock of almost all panels for Punto and Linea. I am impressed by their stock keeping. :)

    Just arrived.
    Engine Oil change, Brakes cleaning
    Enigne oil change, brake clean.jpg
    See the Punto Active? The rear seat was removed and all possible tools were put in, including a mobile washer, this is a mobile service car, and I hear RDC is already out with one.
    Engine oil Punto Active.jpg
    The apron and seat covers I talked about! Notice the oil smear on the B-Pillar matte sticker due to the power window fiasco.
    Apron 4 oil.jpg
    This was how the door sill looked due to Ramkay's blunder!
    Blunder 1.jpg
    This is a Punto's LHS side panel!
    body panel punto.jpg
    This was one of the engine mounts which was suspected, the one in pic is the new spare.
    Engine mount 1.jpg
    Engine mount 2.jpg
    Engine mount 3.jpg
    The HUGE facility
    I was surprised to see the front impact beam on this Punto Active. And also the Quadrajet engine cover!
    vr punto impact beam.jpg
    vr engine cover.jpg
    The wheel alignment facility.
    Wheel alignment.jpg
    The useless wiremesh filter.
    Wiremesh filter.jpg
    The washing, vacuuming areas.
    Wash 4.jpg
    The coupon I used.
    Finally, the bill!

    My overall rating would be 7.5 on 10. Thanks for reading.
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  7. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    My 45K service is due shortly. Will be taking it to Ramkay again this time with the hope that this time too it is the same good service I get.
  8. When my right rear door was changed , I went back after a month to get the sealant applied but it's no way close to factory finish.
  9. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio

    @DRIV3R: It is good to know that one can be present when the vehicle is being serviced.

    @livelyyoungman: Do post your service experience and would be very nice if you can scan the bill and upload.
  10. itsvikrams

    itsvikrams Novizio

    Driv3r how did u get that coupons...

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