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    Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 IN
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Plot No.134,Estate 1St Main Road,Developed Plot.,Perungudi Industrial Estate,Perungudi Chennai, Tamilnadu 600096 India
  1. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare


    After i called the ramkay i dropped into service center directly. I tried explanining them that i need the fog lamp cover or shroud whatever it is still they are coming to conclusion that Active variant has different than emotion. Dammm i knew it that active variant has different. I was enquirning them that i need the one's that comes in dynamic or emotion still in vain that those people didnt understand. Then finally i showed them the one from the nearby punto emotion that was parked and asked that i need the cover alone not the unit's. Dont know in what words to scold them i got such an anger and left the place without even asking if they have stock of it or not. SA's are useless. It took me more than 40mins to explain them what i needed.

    Eventhough they have a spacious workshop. It is been under utilized. I heard they are servicing about 11 cars daily where in there capacity is around 30 cars.

    I saw another customer left with anger when SA's were not responding to them properly.
  2. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Just a few minutes back, I sent a PM to you. Please check your inbox.
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  3. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    Before FIAT Camp
    After FIAT Camp - 13th July
    On Thrusday 18th, I called the SA regarding the alignment report and the alignment problem. He asked me to come by monday as the service bay are busy.
    Today morning around 10 AM went there to check the alignment and get the report.
    All the parameters except Rear Toe were good.Rear Toe was reading 3.4 mm
    I started explaining it to SA that this is the issue I was reporting to you to get that fixed.
    I explained him that this was a common un even rear tyre wear issue reported in previous models (but mine is a 2012 model) and this is being fixed by FIAT like the GC upgrade.
    Thankfully, the workers knew about this issue and explained to SA. And this would take a full day and asked me to bring the car by next week monday.

    So guys, do check out for this Rear Toe value in your car !
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  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Ramkay Fiat, Chennai

    Thanks Ravi Ji.

    Discussed with Suganya, CRM at Ramkay service. GC kit is readily available and that they can do it anytime. The car is going to Ramkay tomorrow for the GC upgrade.

    While I was frustrated with Ramkay, I also called RDC last evening to check if they have it in stock. They promised to get back to me after checking their stock. Did not receive a call back from them too.
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  5. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    Hi, recently I got the front driver side fog light grill for my linea emotion from RDC. I got that after almost 1 month. You could check with Mr. Jagathish in RDC as he only arranged the stock for me.

    Note - I have seen many broken bumpers in the RDC body shop with FIAT logos in place, the fog light grill and other front grill
  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Ramkay Fiat, Chennai

    Ramvignesh, you missed the first part of my post. The car is going to Ramkay for the GC upgrade tomorrow. They readily have it in stock.

    There is no question of checking with RDC again. :)
  7. arunfbtr

    arunfbtr Timido

    Dear Ramkay/Fiat friends
    i think(sure)none of our fiatians(fiat friends)were informed about the opening ceremony of this new showroom....if i am wrong,im sorry.
    though fiat got had broke the tie up with tata few months back, till now no msgs,no infmns were updated in fiat server for the persons those had their services at tata ....
    its the prime duty,responsibility of fiat to infm such good news to their valued customers....

  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Ramkay Fiat, Chennai

    Welcome to the forum! Take time to verify facts before you post. I myself have uploaded the invite here. :) Am not sure what you are expecting.

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  9. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    I am not sure if this bitter experience is due to Ramkay or SA Magesh. But here goes my experience.

    Couple of weeks ago: My car's radiator fan is checked and they agree that it has the old 7-leaf fan which is noisy, less effective and causes few vibrations. The SA says he checked in stock and they are ordering it right away. I took his word for that, as fellow TFIan 'avnsiva''s car too needed the same and they said the same story to him. I said fine and leave the place trusting that they have ordered the part.

    One day later: I follow up with the SA and he says the order is placed, pucca and he would call me back when it arrives.

    3 days ago: I call the SA and ask for an update, he said it is yet to arrive, I will update tomorrow.

    2 days ago: SA doesn't get back to me, he says part will arrive today or tomorrow for sure.

    Yesterday: SA says it has not arrived, he will update me by night.

    Today: I got no update, so I directly call the Spares department of Ramkay and inquire about the availability of the said part. The guy asked if my car had 'BEHR' make or the other, I said 'BEHR'. He then said that the part is available. I hung up.

    I call up the SA and say that the part is available it seems, and said that am on my way. He reluctantly says ok and hang up.

    Two mins later, I get call and say, they spares guy has wrongly informed you, the said part is for the 1.4 Petrol and not the 1.3 Diesel, we have ordered for the part already. He also states that the technicians here say that the part is the same for Petrol or Diesel, but I do not want to risk so let me check and get back.

    I smelt a rat and I call up the Spares guy and ask for the part numbers, he just gave me the part numbers for the 7-leaf and the 9-leaf fans.

    I again ask the SA Magesh as to what part number he ordered for my car, he draws a blank and I hear lot of BS. There are only 2 part numbers for the fans in the catalog itself. So they were playing a cock and bull story for me. I finally ask him to get back to me with the part number that is required and that he has ordered. He was caught unaware. After an hour, I receive a call and the SA says, "Sir, diesel vehicles come only with 7-leaf even post 2012, petrol vehicles only have 9-leaf fans. I said okay and ask what now? He says we checked with the concerned and they said diesel comes with 7-leaf only but in case the customer is not satisfied, they may replace it with the 9-leaf fan". I patiently hear and say that we got a 2012 at home and it has the 9-leaf fan and it is a DIESEL. He asks, Okay sir when you are coming for the change?

    Is this how things work? I mean, where are the ethics? I won't mind paying for the part in-case it is not covered under warranty. If this was how they were going to play it, then why not tell me the very first day that the said part wont be covered under warranty and save me the trouble of following up and escalating? Given that they had the part in stock from day 1 and just because the Spares guy revealed it to me, the 'Petrol' story.

    Ramkay, I hope you read this thread and make note of all feedback and take corrective action.
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  10. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore


    Arun wants FIAT to inform all its customers regarding break up with TATA and the new showroom and service details.

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