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S.No 19/1, Mumbai Pune Bypass Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021
  1. HammerHead

    HammerHead Novizio

    A Goan In Pune
    Grande Punto 1.4
    How much did you pay for it? Mine is broken too!!
  2. nirupan

    nirupan Novizio

    Hi HammerHead

    They charged me Rs.468/- for Sun Visor and Rs.100/- for fitting ie Total 568/- Rs.

    But Pandit is horrible for service even they do not have parts available for Tata vehicles also.
  3. PuntoMJD

    PuntoMJD Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    ^^ that's true, my friend's vista could not get wheel cap and one mechanical part (not remember part name).
  4. spr


    This is perfect solution...I like it. It is better to spend one day and get it done before your eyes rather than going back to them again and again for same issues.
  5. uday_mj


    Pandit Auto.... Well I have been going to them from 2006-07 after Jay-Vijay jumped ship. They are far better then Jay-Vijay partially because they are much more professional and partly because of the people there. However, Pandit Auto is still dependent of Fiat India Pvt. Ltd. and they are the most unreliable bunch of people on the planet. To make things much worse, Pandit Auto has to go through Tata to get to Fiat for assistance and parts.

    I was shocked to see that, just like this forum, Pandit refused to acknowledge that Palio MJD is also a Fiat car and would not take a service booking. I was shocked. I changed my 1997 Uno in 2008 to a Palio just because I could not get the parts for the Uno. During the purchase, Pandit Suto assured me, and I was gullible enough to believe, that parts for the Palio MDJ would be available, no problem.

    When I spoke to the GM of Pandit Auto he told me that the real reason is that Pandit Auto cannot afford to keep so many cars with them. He said that he has Palio's with him for over 6 months for lack of parts. He said that at that time ( march '12) Pandit Auto had 15 Palio's with them all waiting for parts. To avoid this he said that Pandit Auto has stopped taking Palio's for servicing / repairs.

    Now, I do understand that Pandit Auto does share onus to provide service but I am convinced that the true culprit is Fiat India. They are really really bad. They don't do anything for their customers. At all. Period. I doubt their technical competence along with their managerial abilities. They are just Ctrl. C Ctrl. V 'ing the technology from Fiat. There too they fail, case and point being the fit and finish of any/all Fiat cars in India.

    All said and done, I pity all Fiat India customers.
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  6. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    My Experience with Pandit auto was Good :).

    I left for Blore from Mumbai on 26/04 evening. @Khandala Ghat I suddenly got Check Engine light, stopped the car and called 24/7 helpline who informed me that I can drive the car incase the check engine light is steady and the car is moving. Proceeded to Pune and next day morning took my car to Tilak Road Pandit Auto. I was told that only this service centre has the diagnostic computer. On checking they found that the air pressure was less & informed me that the flexible hose joining the turbo has burst. It can be replaced only if they have the part. They had the part which unfortunately was not the same in my car. After checking with all their other centres they found that the part is available at their Sahakar Nagar Centre. The same was got and replaced in my car. They took overall more than 5 hours for just replacing the hose. However, I was happy that atleast it was done and I could proceed with my long drive ahead.

    Cleaning of cars @ Pandit auto is far better than my regular service centre. Though they can improve a lot, I can easily give them 6-7/10 points for the same. Fortune is pathetic in this regard.
  7. RollingIce

    RollingIce Amatore

    Punto Multijet 3rd Free Service Learnings.

    I am just back after 3rd free servicing my Punto .
    My final bill has come to 9,528/-

    mech :prashant.
    WorkShop :
    Pandit auto
    Distance : 20000 kms
    average : 14kmpl in city with AC

    I took in my car in at 10:00 in the morning and stayed there with the car till 6:00pm.

    Here are the details
    1) DSL engine oil 3.5 lts 2022/-
    I insisted for a can or pack but they said it was not available in packs and gave me from a barrel claiming it was genuine. I doubt the quantity.I

    tried talking to Rahul and Chaitanya but in vain.I am not sure if they can drain the whole 3.5 ltrs and fill up completely fresh.

    2)Oil Filter 290/- [not sure of the make]

    3)Fuel filter without sensor DSL 1822/-

    4)Air Filtering element 302.22

    5)Wiremesh filter 48/-
    my previous filter looked clean. Its good to change still. No part number or any details on this part.

    6)Transmission oil [2 ltrs gear oil] 890.67/-
    The remaining oil was brought back

    7)Coolant [3ltrs] 733.33/-
    I had topped my coolant a week back with a fresh can and had used more than .5 ltrs.But the whole thing was flushed out and filled again with distilled

    water.The manual says around 7lts of coolant but this happens only during the first fill .Later we can't fill the entire quantity,since draining out

    complete is not possible as per the mech.

    8)Power Steering oil [1 ltr] 435.56
    The remaining oil was brought back.

    9) Brake Fluid [1 ltr] 328.90
    I insisted on a new can and agreed to pay for the whole can of 1ltr. Only 250 ml was used the rest I got back home.But still worth.

    10)Distilled water [2ltrs with coolant] 32/-

    11)All purpose cleaner 44.44/-
    I always thought this was some liquid but now I know its the cloth that the mech uses for wiping the oil etc....cotton waste.

    12)Flex Sleeve 656.00
    I found the hose pipe for the turbo that probably collected the return oil was leaking . They replaced the pipe. My car purchase date on job card is

    April 3rd , though my delivery was on April 15th. They informed me that the standard warranty had expired and it cannot be replaced in extended

    warranty. I know its a shame being a TFI member and not knowing these things.

    13)Flex sleeve labour 350

    14)Collar for Flex Sleeve [2 numbers] 65.78/-

    15)Front wheel alignment 325/-.
    Tire rotation and alignment check was done for free when demanded. Did it from here coz I heard they have the correct values.

    16) Diagnostic :
    When demanded they agreed to carry out the diagnostic using the instrument. Not sure if they do a scan . The mech had only set the service distance. He

    said he did not see any error. I think this can be done in more detail.

    17) I found the rear left suspension oil had leakage. Again due to the warranty issue they said it can't be replaced.I argued since for hose pipe they said only metal parts are covered in extended warranty and now they were saying suspension is not included. I had a talk with the team lead Mr. Naik and he said they will file a request to check if it can approved under warranty considering my car had completed only 20K . Chaitanya says chances are rare. The rear suspension costs around 2000/- and labour would be extra. Let me check if Fiat approves it else I will look outside for the part.
    SA proposed to go for the suspension upgrade kit for 20K . [me not in favour].

    18) The reverse lamp bulb replaced at rs 50/-

    I had replaced the front brake pads about a month ago so that did not add to the service bill , but other may have to add it.

    Overall I felt satisfied for being sure that whatever I am billed for was actually changed and worked upon. I was going through my 2nd free service bill [13Kms] and found some extra charges in that bill like wheel balancing [350 after wheel alignment charge of 325],standard checks[serv plus of rs 270] and ac duct cleaning of Rs 450/. These things are not there in this service.
    In today's bill I also found some charges saying Misc-Rs 400 and coolant flush [I dnt remember the bill];which was removed after I argued there were no such things used.

    Folks, Please ensure that you get your car serviced before 2years of the purchase date which could also be 10 days before delivery date in certain cases. Even if a day elapses the standard warranty is void. If you find any part faulty, immediately raise a request for replacement. Once the 2yr period is over nothing will be replaced.

    I also found the mechs had more time on saturdays and listened to our problems patiently. Its worthe spending the whole day with the car at the workshop. My overal bill came to around 9,528.


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    Forgot to mention one thing I observed at the car washing bay. They spray water inside by opening the door and same is done in the boot. I insisted on external washing of the car only fearing the water might creep into my speakers. But seems like this was a normal practice there. They also wash the engine compartment by opening the bonnet. Not sure if all this is a correct method of cleaning.
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  9. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    This was the part replaced in my car. I got a check engine light when the hose pipe had got damaged. Did you get the check engine light? if not how did they know it is damaged. Infact I was told that this is a very common problem in Puntos.

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  10. Overall I am happy with the service provided to me. My 3rd service was completed 2 weeks ago and it cost me around 10 K including 2800/- for brake pads. Overall service quality was good but am not happy with the washing quality. I was kept informed about the progress and my consent was taken before the brake pads were changed. I wonder who the new dealer/service station will be.

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