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S.No 19/1, Mumbai Pune Bypass Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021
  1. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    I got the CSC kit replaced 18months back (when the very first replacement was announced), during my 1st service and it was done for free.

    Recently, when I had gone for free check up camp. I was told, I'm running old CSC and I should take an appointment to come and replace it. Since my servicing was also due soon, I decided to club both the tasks together.
    The old CSC was working fine but with the newer one, the clutch feels better, also that slight jerking when starting in 1st from standstill is almost gone.
  2. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    I had given my Linea at Pandit Auto for servicing two days back. I had reported a problem of suspension noise.

    I got a call from advisor today to inform that during the test drive at Taljoi tekdi (near Sahakarnagar) the rear tire was torn apart. I was shocked to hear this. Needless to say I blasted him and demanded a replacement tyre right away. He said he will try to.

    I'm furious and not even able to type correctly at the moment. I'm going to Bandit Auto now to sort it out. Will update later.
  3. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    Update - I had been to the service station and the idiots over there have now replaced the tyre which was "torn" during the test ride with a new one.

    Today is the third day and the car is not yet ready as the alignment is not yet done. It will be delivered tomorrow. So in all 4 days.

    Bad experience for Linea after some good service experience for my Punto.
  4. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    who was the advisor? how did he manage to tear off the tyre. i never leave my car at their mercy. i sit all day in service centre even if i have no lunch , but i check and supervise all the job i ask them to do. sometimes they try to hurry or sometimes try to hammer the bolt which is not coming out.

    if i stand near my car they do it perfectly.
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    This Bandit Auto does not care for their customers. They know that we as a customer dont have any other option than the Bandit Auto for sales as well as the Service. I dont know about service of Acumen Auto, Pashan/Bavdhan.

    My buying experience of 90HP Diesel Punto was the worst from the Bandit Auto.
  6. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    SA was a guy called Babar. He said during the test drive due to a stone the tyre was torn, which I find hard to digest. Eventhough they have replaced the tyre, I plan to lodge a complaint / give strong feedback to Fiat. It was a replacable part so its ok, what if they had managed to put a dent on the car?

    Do they allow you to sit in the service station and allow you to observe? Going by my current experience I'm definitely going to stay put near my dear car.
  7. ajit_nair_77


    Well @Maverik, my experience with them hasn't been good either, they ended up putting a lot of scratches on the body where the windshield is glued, though they did some patch work which again wasn't good. Finally they gave me the car back with the painting re-done. Final result was still not good, but in the entire process my car was lying out there for 3 weeks and i actually got fed up and took the vehicle. I still haven't raised this point with fiat as of now, but i do intend to take it up with them after my first servicing is done. From this forum i came to know that people do get a call from Fiat India about how the service was and that i would be raising it up.
    @kedar has put it perfectly , they have to rechristen their name to "B"andit Auto.
    @Italia - looks like i too have to follow your method of being their at the service center and over see what they are upto, as my first service is due on 9th Aug.


    Tyre puncture during servicing

    I dropped my Fiat Palio MJT at Akurdi Pandit service certer for paid service. My car has covered 32k+ KM. SA yogesh agreed to give car by the evening.

    My wife was supposed to pick the car as she had to work in the city at night. I mentioned this to SA - as it was important to get the car same day.

    In the afternoon my wife called him for the status- he started cribbing that car will be done tomorrow. After some phone calls from my end he managed to complete the service.

    However, when my wife went to recieve - he mentioned one of the rear tyre is punctured and is flat. He asked guys at SC to put on the spare tyre.

    Now, I spoke with SA on mobile and asked how did the tyre got punctured. He said - it must be during the test drive. However, being a tubeless tyre I asked how come its completely flat. He didn;t have any good explanation but to repeat bullshit reasons.

    I seriously believe he has replaced one of my tyre or cheated me in some way.

    Once i am home- i will check the manufacturing dates on all the tyres. Not sure what else to check to ensure that the original tyres are on.
  9. vks


    :eek: My FGP is at same Bandit with the same Babar and for the same complaint - suspensoin noise..:A
    I can only my Punto....
    (I also found him trying brush away "yeh to aisa hi hota hein.." to another Punto owner reporting the slight adjustment issue on the 'door ajar' warning..)

    oh, probably they cheated me too, last year.. I found one of my tyre badly worn out on the inside within 2 months of 1st service that included a wheel alignment.. but the Mfg dates & codes on the tires were same, so I didn't pursue..
  10. vks


    I had a unexpected experience today at Pandit Auto. a real positive experience!
    Yes the car was with them for two days, but I had agreed to that timeline and I got the call at 2 pm, 2 hours before the promised delivery time & when I reached, the car was ready! I was all smiles after the 10 km trial run since all my reported suspension noise issues were completely resolved!
    The front strut plates were the only parts changed & the total charge was Rs 140/-. The car was clean, I did a thorough inspection for all possible old / new issues (or loose parts!) and an operator was happily touching up whatever I was pointing out (I found a small plastic piece slightly dislodged, behind the driver door lever!!). Babar, the SA finally explained the bill, asked me if I am happy with the work & trial run and said thank you!
    What else I should ask for?

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