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S.No 19/1, Mumbai Pune Bypass Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021
  1. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    THis time when i give my car for AC replacement , am gonna follow a strict check list .

    1. Take pics with my camera in front of the service advisor .
    2. Take a picture of the entire ODO
    3. Remove all accessories
    4. Show the advisor that the music system and all electronic systems are functional
    4. Show the advisor all speakers front doors and rear parcel tray
    5. Write my car reg number on all wheel caps (using permanent marker )
    6. Write the reg number on my batter (using permanent marker )

    Please add to the check list . I cant believe am having to do this . But its much better than crying later . Photos will be the best evidence . PIctures of the outer body , as many as possible , I guess would be a good idea !
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    Yes thats a good Idea. Even my car is there for AC replacement.
  3. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    I took my car from Pandit today afternoon, thankfully no scratches.

    The problem of rear left suspension "thud" noise not solved completely. The advisor came with me for a long test ride. We went to Taljoi hill and drove over very rough patches and speed breaker. There was not a speck of noise. While coming back I drove over speed breaker with some speed, still no noise.

    I happily dropped the service advisor at station. The advisor mentioned that he isnt closing the job card and told me to test for 2-3 days, only after my feedback he will close my job card. I think this was a really nice gesture on his part and very customer centric.

    When I was about to enter office premise I went over a speed breaker, bang! The noise appeared, though with less intensity than it used to occur earlier. I will update the advisor accordingly.

    When I asked what was actually done to resolve the noise issue, he told me that FIAT gave them few check list and things to do. Apparently they put some sensors as well to check the noise.

    I even mentioned that this is a regular problem with Puntos, but the advisor said that mine is the first Punto ever coming to Pandit with rear left thud noise. I'm bit surprised over here.

    Guys, do you get a thud noise from rear left suspension when going over bump?

    I'm bit disappointed that the problem is still there, I was bit hopeful.
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    Yes Maverickxx2006 even I get that noise from rear suspension when I drive over the speedbreaker with bit high speed. The noise wont come when someone sits on rear sit. I discussed this issue with so many members & they told me that it fine. Not to worry. However let me inform you that it is not coming frequently & it comes only at speedbreaker ( with bit high speed )
  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    Meverickxx2006, since the job card is still open and the advisor had been with you on a drive take him to your office place where the sound is heard, I dont face any issue as such, but i am very slow on the speed bumps, but some times hot the pot hole but the punto take it with a smile
  6. DeepPai


    I have the GP 90 which has only 3500 km so far since I bought it 8 months back despite which I am facing lots of trouble with the car.

    First Servicing:
    I gave the car for first servicing to Pandit on 24th March 2011. I gave the car at 9:30 AM in the morning and was surprised to get a call 3 hours latter that the car is done and that I should pick it up. When I sent there everything was fine but it looked like they had not cleaned the car at all. Even the wind shield wasn't cleaned properly. I also noticed that the steering wheel would start vibrating when I would apply the brakes above 40 kmph. Another thing I noticed was that the boot door wouldn't close properly and I had to try it 2-3 times before it would shut properly.

    First breakdown:
    I was returning back from a trip to Panshet (45kms from Pune) on 5th June 2011 when suddenly the car lost power and the engine warning light came on. I realized that I could only drive the car at 1st and 2nd gear and could not go above 2000 rpm. I checked the manual which suggested that I should drive the car back on slower speeds as there could be some problem with the engine.

    I immediately called the Pandit Auto 24/7 helpline and was surprised to find out that the number was out of reach. The land line number also went un answered. I tried the number next day and they came promptly to pick up the car.

    They told me that some hose pipe had broken off because of my mistake! I showed them the damaged pipe which was near the engine and the radiator and clearly facing the inside of the bonet. It was obvious that the pipe was of bad quality or an older defective piece was fitted by Fiat.

    The Pandit mechanic tied a cloth around the pipe and drove the car back to the service center.

    The next day they called me saying the issue was fixed. They also told me that to fix the vibration they did had to do wheel balancing and alignment. The invoice showed the following parts changed:

    Second Breakdown:
    Despite the wheel balancing I continued to get the vibration on the steering wheel during braking. This kept getting worse everyday and I had to take the car back to Pandit service station on 11th July 2011.

    This time the Pandit folks tested my patience. First the advisor named Babar told me that the front alloys rims are damaged because I must have driving through a pot hole and that I will have to pay 14k to get them replaced. When I told him that I did not go through any pot holes and that Fiat should pay for it he told me that I should just claim insurance and be done with it.

    When I told asked him to show me the damaged section he asked me to talk to their Manager. After a heated argument she directed me to a customer relationship office called Rajendra. Rajendra and I then went on a test drive after which he said that they will have to check why the steering wheel was vibrating.

    I left the car that day. Next day I was told that some people from Fiat factory in Ranjangaon had come to the service center to see what was wrong with the car and that they will have it fixed shortly. I got another call in the evening to come and pick up the car as the issue was fixed.

    When I reached there, they gave me the car with the problem solved but did not give me any invoice that mentioned what was wrong with it and what they had fixed. I was asked to come after 2 days to get the invoice.

    When I came home with the car I found another problem... now the bonnet door would not open!!

    I went back 2 days later with the car which was again sent to garage to fix the bonnet door. I was hoping to get the invoice but again the Pandit guy refused to give me an invoice. This time his explanation was that they are waiting for some authorization from Fiat for the parts changed and they will provide an invoice once that is done. I asked them for a photocopy of their Job Card so that I know what was wrong with the car and found a lot of suspicious details:
    1. The date for the car arrival was 12th July and not 11th.
    2. "Replace Brake Pads (Each Side) + Chk Brake Shuddering" was mentioned in Repair Details
    3. "Disk Runout 0.15-0.18mm (Both Disks)" was written by hand at the bottom of the job card

    I checked the left side disk and it looked brand new (not shinning) so I guess that was replaced.
    I checked the right side disk and it was shinning with lots of scraches and one deep groove running down the center of the disk.

    Now I am not sure what they did to my car? Did they fit older recycled disks and hence not giving me an invoice for the same? Or did Fiat sell me a piece of junk that keeps breaking down? I am now trying to contact Fiat guys to find out how much they really care about their customers and based on other stories in this forum I am not too sure they care!

    I hope I did not make a mistake buying a GP 90 :(
  7. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Very sorry to hear about you. but with me they were very good. Mr- Babar was also helpful.
  8. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    Thats sad to hear.

    Refusing invoice is crime. It looks like they have not figured out the problem and if they have figured out the problem they are not willing to document. Sounds very fishy and surprising at the same time.

    I have given my car to Pandit 4 times now. Twice for same rear left suspension noise. But never before I came across such behaviour, surprising. Have you discussed with the works manager Mr Patwardhan? If not then meet him and tell him all the facts. He has to give you explanation.

    I used to deal with one Mr Rahul Jadhav and I found him good.
  9. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    Just got my 3rd servicing done at Pandit (2yrs completion), it was like the best of the worse of all options for me.
    With BUB closed (and if it was still open, not sure if I would have trusted them with that cheater SA still working there) and Acumen, though at a walking distance from my home, wasn't getting a comfortable feeling with them.

    I had to make sure they write all the fluids that needed to be replaced, by reading out from the owners manual. Thanks to Amogh, for reminding that.
    Had also told them to replace the CSC, fix the bonnet gap, bumped being a bit mis-aligned due to the recent hit, replace the broken clip of the tray, some suspension checkup and some noise from the front left side a/c vent(?) when going over rough surface.

    Got the car back after ~2days. The car looked clean but on closer look, it was just washed by water and that too in a hurry. There was this strong bad smell inside the car, looked like some polish, had driven the car with all windows rolled down for ~30km's and still there - got a headache due to this.

    I had dropped the car after driving for ~18km's, once the fuel needle entered the "Red" zone. Got the car back with fuel needle right at the bottom and car being driven for ~12km's, since I dropped it for servicing.

    All fluids were changed (and the car feels "good"), suspension was fixed (what ever they did and it feels better), but the broken clip wasn't replaced (part not in stock), the alignment of bonnet was done but the bumper was left as it (the car had to be taken to their denting and painting workshop that's away from the service center and hence not done - right, so I'm supposed to now drive my car to each of their facilities to get each issue fixed). The rattling noise when going over bad surface is still there.
    Me and my friend (1.2 active), were charged ~2.5k for replacing CSC, reason being, our car's were out of warranty and its not covered in extended warranty. Now, I wonder what all is covered in extended warranty. Though it was sunday, the day we completed 2yrs and hence gave the car on Monday (to avoid sat rush), were also not told at the time of giving the car that we are out of warranty. A call to Mangesh had to be made to get the issue cleared and got it replaced under warranty.
    Now, I have not done my a/c kit replacement, I just wonder if I'll be charged for that too. Also the SA told me that it will take 2 days for them to replace it. Really having to reconsider my decision to go for the replacement or not.

    I'm glad that the servicing interval is 1yr. Hopefully another year before I had to go through a not so nice exp of getting the car serviced.

    Rating (1-5):
    Regular servicing done: 4.
    Fixing of problems mentioned: 2.
    Knowledge of SA: 2.
    Overall feeling: 2.
  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I'm intrigued by this. Was it not changed under warranty because you asked them to do it? Since the dealer can then claim that a working part was changed on the user's request and didn't warrant a warranty replacement.

    Was the earlier CSC the plastic one, and performing well?


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