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S.No 19/1, Mumbai Pune Bypass Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021
  1. mangeshtendulkar

    mangeshtendulkar Amatore

    Same case here, I booked my New FIAT Linea Dynamic (Magnesio Grey) from Sky Moto (Fiat Caffe') on March 20, 2014 and was promised to deliver car by first week of April. Now its almost end of April and still not getting any confirmed date on delivery. I have raised this to FIAT via facebook and email and awaiting response. BTW got the initial response and call from FIAT in no time, that was wonderful. Everything said, still I don't have clarity on when I will get my car.
  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Did you tried pandit auto? They are way better than sky people. If till now you have only paid the booking amt; I will suggest you to cancel it here and look in Pandit. All the best!!

    Its the reason why linea isnt a scorcher in market, and verna/city are.
  3. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Hi Guys, I did my first free check up at pandit auto on 16th April. Supernova was nearing 4.5k kms and some noise from suspension(linkrod loose) was coming.
    Had booked an appointment for 26th but preponed it to 16th due to this.

    I reached center at around 10:30 something. Met SA Ravi Jadhav; good person to deal with. Listened my concerns and identified noise as loose linkrod.
    Apart from it one more problem which I was facing was boot sometimes was not getting opened through remote lock.

    Apart from these 2, I asked them to change engine oil plus do wheel alignment. Quoted me an approx amt of Rs 3.5 k and time till 5 pm.

    I waited in the customer lounge till then and sporadically visited service bay also for a look up.

    All work was completed by 5 pm as promised; for noise - link rod was tightened and regarding boot, lock was faulty. So replaced it under warranty.

    I kept few of the car care products with Ravi and forgot to take it while leaving; this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the replaced lock went kaput after 10 days. I had decided anyways to visit them on 26th to collect them and ask them to look into lock again. Even after 2 hours of brainstorming they didnt found much and again replaced the lock. I am hoping this should last long; really long.. :)

    All in all good experience in dealing with Pandit Auto people. Rated them accordingly too.
  4. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Closing in on 2 years and it was time for 3rd free service.
    2[SUP]nd[/SUP] service done at 10482km on ODO
    3[SUP]rd[/SUP] free service done at 23438 km.

    Had booked an appointment for Sat 28[SUP]th[/SUP] June. I was late to reach Pandit FASS by an hour. There was huge rush at FASS that day with cars already on the ramps in the service bays and lot many lined up for their turn. Rahul was courteous as always and promised that he will take the Punto in first and deliver by 4.
    This service involved all fluids change and the estimate given to me was 8000 bucks.

    Am impressed:

    • The mechanic who did the actual service was extremely sincere in his work. I was there in the bay all the time bombarding him with dozens of technical questions.
    • After engine oil change the engine has become so refined. It was almost 13.5k km since the last oil change and the car used to give a feeling of strained engine. Now it feels so refined that at idle can’t make out it’s a diesel. The engine growl at higher revvs is amazing to hear! where is the next TFI meet? :smile:
    • Gear shifting has also become a lot smooth. A transmission oil change can cause so much difference?
    • Courteous and always helpful staff at Pandit especially Rahul & Anil.
    • Quality of car wash has improved a bit.
    • Wheel alignment and balancing done in-house. No side effects afterwards :smile:


    • After the tyre rotation (diagonal), the humming noise when accelerating has increased multifold to the point of being irritating. The tyres are stock Apollo Accelere. The wheels bearings are fine per the supervisor.

    Overall I am quite impressed with the output, the GP is more peppier and with smoother gear slotting I am loving it :cool: The car was ready by four as promised. I don’t think I am going to stick with the FIAT advised engine oil change interval. Henceforth it will be 7.5k km.
    Attaching the itemized bill. Total expenditure 8766/-.

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  5. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The problem with that is higher cost of ownership. The Selenia WR diesel engine oil isn't cheap now a days either. It was hovering around 15xx and now its close 2k. To rub salt into the wound, for the pricing, its only a semi synthetic and not fully synthetic.
  6. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    That's right, during 2nd service I remember the oil was charged approx 15xx.
    I remember hearing this from the service advisor few months ago, Fiat has advised service centres to keep the oil change interval to 10k km for those MJDs which are run mostly in city, exposed to bumper2bumper traffic. I didn't insist him to show any circular from FIAT though.
    Not sure if there is mention of this in the 2014 MJDs' service booklet.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2014
  7. car_champ

    car_champ Timido

    Pandit's Bavdhan authorized service center is closed. However Anil and his team are offering the services for fiat cars @Tata Service in Pimpri near Tata Motors material gate. So all those tired and harassed by JV and SKY can reach out to them. Note that its not Fiat authorized so to get in-warranty repairs done is not possible with them.
  8. mangeshtendulkar

    mangeshtendulkar Amatore

    This is a sigh of relief @car_champ. I think for regular servicing JV is okay however for problem resolution I would opt for Pandit's TATA Service station.
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    My Punto 90HP and Palio S10 are in safe hands now. Serviced both the cars at Pandit Auto. Most of the parts are readily available and other can be sourced from 99rpm.

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