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S.No 19/1, Mumbai Pune Bypass Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021
  1. grey_hound

    grey_hound Amatore

    I've been totally out of touch and that's shameful on my part. I've just got my punto serviced at Pandit's Exclusive Fiat Service Centre and I am happy ! Await a more details review.

    I am presuming this is the right forum for the service center review and will post it here.
  2. grey_hound

    grey_hound Amatore

    Pandit Auto - Fiat - Bavdhan Service Center - My Experience & Review

    Ok so I clocked 29,500kms and decided to go in for servicing, since my work schedule was permitting the visit all the way to Bavdhan, I went ahead and booked an appointment.

    For those who are from Pune, I must start by saying I live in Wanowrie and Bavdhan is faaar, my office is at Viman Nagar – which if you know makes it three ends of a triangle of sorts.

    I don’t believe in the pick up system and was going to drop & pick the car myself anyway. It’s been the case for all my cars. I am just not convinced that all the messages will be conveyed by a driver, besides the accountability from a service point of view is also better established one-one.

    Details as below -
    1. Service Booked Date - Friday 6th Sept 2013 9.55am
    2. Delivered Date - Thursday 12th Sept 6pm
    3. Fiat Punto 1.4 Petrol Emotion – Medium Grey
    4. Service Type - Paid
    5. Insisted on replacing all fluids and not just top up (as is the general case)
    ** 6 days from service to delivery explanation is below

    Complaints / Resolutions -
    1) Engine oil emptying in 1 year - I had top up just as it was closer to service. I don't believe the engine oil empties / drains out, it turns black and you have to replace. Unless there is a misunderstanding on my part, especially with the synthetic oils available and newer engine technology. I suspected a leakage even though I could not notice any when I took the car out from my garage every morning or evening or after a substantial drive. I asked them to check. (Repeat complaint - 2nd Instance).
    Solution – They have checked the engine for leakages both internally and externally and did not find any issues.
    Note - Internal leakage essentially means a big job and a faulty engine itself (I think..) and external leak possibly points to a busted seal or a smaller job.

    2) AC Cooling Issues - AC cools alright, after a certain point however, the speed of the fan reduces and cooling also reduces significantly. Then I have to switch off the ac, move the fan speed to full and once the blower attained full power switch the AC on again. When I moved it to full I would notice water droplets, possible freezing and asked them to check. (Repeat complaint - 2nd instance)

    Solution – They found AC gas leakage and have rectified it, so far the problem has not resurfaced. I will know more when I drive down to Mumbai over the weekend. They have also tested the cooling and have not identified or been able to replicate the issue on this and all past instances.

    3) Rattling noise on the rear tray - Asked them to check
    Solution – The rubber support piece had worn off, they have replaced and no noise now.

    4) Metal grinding noise while turning the steering - Suspension mounts were messed up and required to be changed (according to me), this was the biggy in my opinion and the one issue were they surpassed my expectations in terms of service and surprised me on the warranty terms and conditions as well L

    I had got it checked at a local mechanic who said that the mounts needed to be changed and it's not a major issue.

    Solution – As indicated by my local mechanic, the issue was with the suspension mounts – these were replaced and the noise has disappeared.

    Details - I had asked to invoke the extended warranty for these parts and labor, I was updated after about 24hours of review and approval process that this was rejected. Reason being that the replacement was being requested by me and that the noise does not indicate that the part is damaged. When I expressed my surprise at the response, I was told that I can go on with the noise until it impacts the larger suspension assemble (may or may not impact) and then that (if under 5 years and in warranty) will be covered.

    I refused to believe this and politely / professionally insisted on escalating this and requested for a call back from the CRM or someone higher up. I was in the meantime asked to check the clauses on the extended warranty papers. The extended warranty papers has information outlined very broadly and at a high level , with a clear caveat saying “ As per company’s review and discretion” which essentially means if the company does not conclude that its an issue – it’s not an issue.

    I did not get a call back from the CRM or any higher official there, and this is where the service advisor’s skills came into play. He called me on the same day that I escalated saying that he will try and put this as a “good will discount” and try to seek approval.

    I agreed and insisted that the CRM call me. Payment was not an issue, I want to know details so that I may post it online and so that the awareness spreads and reduces their hassles. I was informed that if the “goodwill approval” does not come through we can take this ahead.

    Within 24hours I got a call saying that the “goodwill approval” has been granted and the work is completed. My problem was solved at the moment, but did not work as a process or from a long term, clearly they did not want to consider and I did not insist either. I thought I would bring it up personally when I go for delivery.

    5) Steering towards the left - This is an on-going issue since the time I bought it in 2010, they fix it, it's alright for about 6-8months and the same issues begins again. (repeat complaint 3rd instance)
    Solution – Routine tyre Rotation, Wheel balancing alignment done and some bush was changed. Issue resolved at least for now.

    Other issues brought to my attention at the time of delivery
    · Engine Guard Repaired because it had bent (thanks to wonderful roads of Pune & Mumbai and the super quality Speed "back" breakers that we have on our roads)

    · Battery Levels are ok however, batter is 4 years old and has run it's life. It can be changed whenever feasible no immediate and major impact.

    · Rear Wiper Wash pipe under the hood had come off and that has been fixed

    · Wiper blades will need to be changed before next monsoons

    · Under body coating will need to be redone before next monsoons, since that too has run it's life.

    · Body work is also done at this service center and the dents I have on the right side along with the scratches will take about 3 days+ 2 days for insurance approval and processes.

    · Radiator hose pipe had a leakage and has been replaced.

    Delivery Experience, Overall Pros & Cons
    While the car was ready the very next day, the extended warranty process took a day extra. With Saturday an off and Monday being a bank holiday, I lost 2 days.

    Once the extended warranty was rejected, the “goodwill approval” took a day and then I lost one day considering the distance I had to travel and the logistics for the pickup.

    If you ignore the above and it’s a routine service, you may expect your car to be ready in 24hours.

    I had insisted that the interior cleaning be done on the delivery day to ensure that the car does not get dirty sitting around at the service center. I was assured that they will re-do cleaning if any issues are reported.

    The delivery process was smooth and quick. The car was in great condition, I was quite happy with the overall support, regular update, timeliness and the facility itself. It’s really very nice to see a dedicated fiat facility with fiat class of service unlike the earlier crowded and chaotic center.

    · Dedicated Fiat Facility
    · Exclusive Fiat SAs & Staff (they maybe the same old from Pandit however their approach is different)
    · Body Shop also available no need to go to the chaotic body shop at Sahu College road, that place was scary J
    · Relatively less rush on weekdays however they did indicate a packed Saturday
    · Simple and clean waiting lounge
    · Simple and clean office and service area

    · Bavdhan ! Too Far – but I am not complaining. Simply because they do offer pick up and drop (at Rs 500/-) I just like to visit as a matter of principle.
    · Clarity on policies I still believe is a little unknown
    · Cashier works from 10.30pm – 6pm only, he did mention that is available till 7pm but that’s rare and mostly to close accounts for the day. Customer time is still 6pm best case, officially till 5.30pm. It’s kind of unreasonable considering where the service center is located.
    · No clear escalation matrix or point of contacts to immediately escalate. It may exist but I wasn’t made aware.

    Overall – I have come back very satisfied and happy that we have Fiat class of service rather service that a Fiat (and a Fiat owner) deserves. I will be going back sometime in Oct / Nov for the body work.

    Lastly, you all must know that I had a Palio prior to this and have been servicing all cars with Pandit since the last 5-6years. This is by far the best overall Fiat experience.
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  3. grey_hound

    grey_hound Amatore

    SA Name - Jawed
    SA Service & Follow up - Excellent & Accurate
    Estimate Cost (At the time of drop) - 11,000/-
    Final Cost (At delivery) - 7700 /-
    Details to follow :) I have to get back to work now :)
  4. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    Since last couple of weeks there was a slight squeaking sound while going over speed breakers and I ignored it. On Friday while going to office the noise deteriorated and was now a consistent noise of "krrrrng" "krrrrrng" even on plaing roads and amplified on uneven roads. Since I had to go out of Pune on weekend it became an emergency to fix the issue.

    I turned my car immediately and headed for Bavdhan with slow speed of around 20 -30 and the noise was now increasing. My immediate thoughts were either suspension or linkrod to be the culprit. Since I had not taken an appointment and this was an emergency was not sure of the load at Bavdhan centre.

    Upon reaching the service centre at 10am , I directly met the engineer and he took the car for test ride. His thoughts were either suspension, link rod or stabilizing bar. After the test ride, the car was promptly put on the ramp for checking. It was found that the linkrod bushings were worn out and all the oil and grease had leaked out. Had to replace the linkrod. All the nut bolts were given a torque / checked, all the liquids were checked and topped up.
    The part was immediately replaced and took the test ride again with the engineer by 11am. The noise was gone. I paid the bill and the damages were 2499 Rs.

    I was out by 11:30am. So within 1.5 hours of entering the service station the problem was immediately identified and rectified. A job really well done.

    The new centre is so convinient compared to earlier one on Tilak road. At the old centre, it used to take ages just to take the car for trial (with dangers of scrapping other cars).

    The new centre is very clean and the customer lounge is also spotless clean.

    I was thoroughly impressed this time at Pandit Auto, Bavdhan.
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  5. nirupan

    nirupan Novizio

    Right side Indicator front Light of my Punto was not working in last week. I reached to Pandit Auto Bawadhan on Saturday. There was rush of the Cars but still they had taken my Car without Appointment.
    On first impression, SA asked to change the light but it was not the case. Wire assembly was broken. (I don’t like mouse, due to these creature I had to change complete electric assembly of my Indica 4 years back.)</SPAN>

    Also he found that there is leakage of Power Steering Oil. I left the Car there. In the evening 5:30 received a call from Pandit Auto as Car was ready.

    Work done perfectly with Free Washing service
    I paid bill of Rs. 975 inclusive taxes for Indicator assembly only. Power Steering repairing was covered in Warranty.

    Best Service from Pandit Auto and Fiat. They have to continue with this pace to increase the sale.</SPAN>
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  6. nirupan

    nirupan Novizio

    Done Third Servicing of My Car.
    My experience with Pandit Auto Bawadhan is excellent.

    Estimated Cost Rs 15000/-
    Actual Cost Rs 12700/-

    Happy with Servicing and Performance of Car.
  7. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    First free service for T jet

    I have just serviced my T- Jet at Pandit Bavdhan yesterday and I am pretty satisfied with the level of service they offered. I just asked for an oil/ oil filter change apart from the usual checks which are done during the first service. I took a day of and spent the day in Pandit, I entered the service center at 8:55 AM and was out by 1 PM. Total bill was around 2300/-
    I am going to rate the service center on a scale of 1 to 10, I will start the rating with 5 and then add and reduce points based on my experience.

    +1 - I was at the showroom at 8:55 AM and the SA was present there before me, the car was in the express service bay by 9 15 AM.
    +1 - They allowed me to stand near my vehicle and watch the process
    +1- The customer lounge is nice and has a good set of automotive magazines to keep you company
    +1 - The entire service center seemed tidy
    +1 - The attitude of the SA and technicians are a very customer friendly+1 - While they move your car from the service bay and during the test drives they don’t drive it thinking it is a Formula 1 car

    It all can’t all good right so here are some cribs

    -1 - The car wish introduced swirl marks all over
    -1 - The billing did take a good half hour but I am really nit picking here.

    So overall I will go with 9/10.
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  8. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Agree to all the points. The billing system is pathetic the more items you have the more time it takes. They have to enter same details for all the items and their server speed is awesome it takes cool 30-45 secs to update 1record. Last time it took 90mins to get the bill out if the system.
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  9. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    I am in Pandit Auto Bavdhan service center right now. Yesterday I wanted to goto Mumbai. Started the engine got following messages
    1. Brake oil level low do not proceed.
    2. Left lights not working.
    3. Glow plug not working.

    Had to chuck the idea of taking the Linea. The car has run 58300kms has a new battery and New tyres.

    Right now it is past 9 and I see no SA.

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  10. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Any idea if this is happening everywhere? The same thing is happening at Mumbai as well. The parts thing is online and takes time I suppose.

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