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S.No 19/1, Mumbai Pune Bypass Road, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021
  1. Zsa-Zsa

    Zsa-Zsa Timido

    Pune, MH
    Painful Service till date ..... Thanks to Pandit Auto...

    I had an appointment for Friday with a request for pick up and drop. Typical pandit behaviour... no response until I called them up on Friday morning requesting for driver. Reply I got "all drivers are out right now will get back to you soon". Did not get a call until afternoon and I called them only to hear sorry sir.. will get back to you...

    Now I changed my mind... if this is their response for such small thing, I do not want to believe them they will note / attend the long list issues I have during the service. I called them back asked for reschedule on Saturday. Irritated...:mad:... the lady says you can bring it on Wednesday. I literally shouted on them for their mistake and I got the appointment for Saturday.

    Visited the service center on Saturday morning. Started at 8.30 at Kharadi and reached the new bavdhan service center at around 12. Had to pick my friend along with his car so that I come back with him. No surpise no body to attend at the office. Talked to the receptionist and she guided me to the customer lounge and mentioned Javed will attend me. He came after fifteen minutes and took us to his chair. Started asking me for all the troubles I have. I really was thinking he would come to the car and see what I am complaining about. He just listed everything and I was still looking for him to ask me for lets go see the car. He never asked... I had to say him do you mind seeing the car for issues? He is a disgustig guy. Never appeared to be hearing to me.
    Finally he came with me and just noted down the km reading and fuel level. Upon my repeated complain about the tyre wear he took a look at them and said will look into it.

    So far.. I did not like Pandit response and the SA. I had past experience with Mr. Ravi atleast listens. With this experience and the big list of issues waiting for how my punto will be serviced.

    Below is the list of issues and some pictures.

    1. Cental Lock Damage.. due to the so called technicians help to open my car when I forgot the keys inside.. ( posted in the forum a while back)
    2. Glass strip ( one he pulled out to unlock the door)
    3. B-Pillar 3M strip damage due to stone pelting during my visit to hyderabad

    4. Major Issue - Wheel alignment - My vehicle pulls to left even at low speeds ( Complained about it from 11k Km and every time I got a response everything is fine until Babar (SA) at Tilak Road said there was bush wear in the rear right wheel)
    5. Tyre wear at one corner due to this issue

    6. Interior issues: C - Pillar cover pulled out, mat plugged out under the dash on left side and front left seat is oscillating, Door rubbers are lost making the door close louder.

    View attachment 45649

    7. Exterior issue : Roof top bead peeled out ( due to over heat probably), Front bumper corner scratch and rear wiper breakage ( some kids pulled it hard in the parking probably) during my recent visit to hyd last week

    Sorry for the bad pictures.. taken from my mobile... will update on the service after I get my car back on Wednesday.
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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    So far so good, I had good experience with Pandit Auto except delay in washing in my last visit to Pandit Auto.

    Zsa-Zsa why dont you send an email to top bosses of Pandit and FIAT officials and log a complain on FIAT Call center. This may help you to cool down.
  3. PuntoMJD

    PuntoMJD Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    same people, same dealer so this is expected. Only 'exclusive' word can not change the entire system.

    In case of Pick up and drop, how to raise problem/complaints/? How to do billing?. Any idea guyz.
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  4. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    yes completely agree with Kedar. I really don't know whats going wrong..I didn't find anything annoying except few small things which i had mentioned..
    Please speak to Mr. Prasad Fulsundar (CRM, Pandit Bavdhan) +91-9763614140 He him self gave me his number and said that feel free to reach out to him in-case any problem. He is very calm and composed person. Make sure that you explain him the problem and as per as i understand him he will respond +vely.

    Rather than giving them a peace of mind try to speak with them nicely and check if it works out. As per as my experience goes if we are friendly with ASS guys then they really do respond well. :-D
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Thats absolutely true Tinesh and I agree.

    Most of us had very good experience with Pandit Auto. Prasad is very helpful and has positive attitude and he tries to resolve the queries.

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  6. Zsa-Zsa

    Zsa-Zsa Timido

    Pune, MH
    More pain to my situation...

    I left my car last saturday and did not get it till today :(.

    I was told I will get it on Wednesday as it was a holiday on Monday. When I called them on thursday the SA Mr. Javed told I will get it on firday. I called him up and says he started working on it today and majority of the work is done except that he does not have some spare parts ( door closing cushions)

    I am really not sure why does it take 5 days for 3rd free servicing... I tried reaching Mr. Prasad & Mr. Promod, their CRMs no answer yet.

    Do you have the top official contacts... I really am very unhappy about the response...

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    How about we all help fellow FIAT owners ourselves when ever possible... I mean if any of us are visiting SC to pick up our cars offer lift to fellow owners...
  7. vaibhavc

    vaibhavc Amatore

    hi Kedarbendre,
    Which Pandit auto service center is better (i believe there are two in Pune)? or the new sky moto is a better option for servicing. i am most likely to visit pue in two three days, was thinking of geting my 15000 km servicing done at Pune itself. kindly give the contact details as well.
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  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Vaibhavc there is only one FIAT exclusive service center in Pune located in Bavdhan, Pune. I am not sure about Sky Moto at Akurdi if it is functional.
  9. vaibhavc

    vaibhavc Amatore

    Thanks kedarbendre!
  10. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    My Punto would be completing 3 years on 17th June, she completed 27,600 kms and got her fourth servicing done from Pandit Auto, Bavdhan yesterday.

    1. Engine oil, oil filter etc the usual items were changed.
    2. Wheel alignment and balancing was done.
    3. Brake pads were changed. Advisor informed that they still have life of around 1000 kms left, but got changed it anyways due to moonsoon and I didnt want to send the car next month just for changing brake pads.
    4. Total bill was around 10,450 Rs

    Overall I found the experience was good, professional. One thing that was noticeable was, the new place (customer lounge and workshop) is very clean and clutter free - unlike the circus that happens in Pandit Auto, Tilak road.

    It was a good experience at the new service centre, nothing to complain about. (What a relief from Pandit Auto, Tilak road).

    After completing the 27,000 kms my car (MJD) is now very smooth, after the servicing the car, its now even more butter smooth. Its super joy to drive every km.

    Last week I did some ICE. I just changed speakers. Bergis component at front and Blaupunkt at rear. The change in sound by just changing the speakers is just awesome. Did the work at Blaupunkt shop on Law college road, thorough professional work. Damages - 8000 Rs.

    PS - I saw one red coloured Bravo at the service station. Seems one farmer bought two Bravos from the factory itself!

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