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A-184, Sector -63, Apollo Fortis Hospital, Noida, UP 201301 India
  1. puntophile

    puntophile Amatore

    Indirapuram NCR
    Oblue 1.2 Punto Dynamic: Second service at Oberoi Cars, Noida

    I don't have my own thread, string or a rope, so the service report finds its way up here, probably the best place for all things PUNTO.

    The car was delivered on 29th Feb'12. the first service was done in August 12, and I started receiving calls from Oberoi Motors early Feb onwards for the second service. The car drives extremely well, has never let me down, gives me very good mileage and had run 9700kms till the second service/1 year. The reason why it is a petrol.

    Now, there are 2 Oberoi outlets/ASS in Noida: one in sec 1, which is a fairly large but overcrowded facility. They have lots of people, human resource, as we put it. My analysis of the resource breakup:

    1) 30% : well dressed ladies, as CRMs, telecallers, executives of the nth kind, etc etc
    2) 50% : SA's, what advise they are supposed to give, I am not too sure. Not receptive towards receiving advise as well. A perpetual "busy as a bee" halo around them.
    3) Unskilled workforce: 19%, the description says it all, eternally confused, but surprisingly, VERY SINCERE.
    4) Skilled workforce: 0.5%, again BUSY and SINCERE, vaguely knowledgeable but they try to think.
    5) 0.5% : Top management

    Extremely crowded, drivers, owners, guards, happy cars, new cars, broken cars, mangled cars...not my place.

    Sector 63 on the other hand: cosy little place, all people seem to be extremely courteous, I have received very good service and attention all the time, every time. (Now, screws ups are part and parcel of owning FIATS, for which, a forgiving soul that I am, I have never bothered, except that I needed revisits. The issues were finally resolved)
    There is Mr.Gopalan, seemingly permanently stationed here. The place to be and it is only 2kms from home.

    I had fixed an appointment with "Haribal the SA" and reached the place at 9AM sharp. It was 23rd February. The workshop timings were from 0930 till 31st march, due to harsh winters here. So even as I waited outside, Mr.Gopalan drove in. He greeted me and we exchanged pleasantries and was offered a cuppa. Being a Bong and raised on the best of the shoots from the hills, it is tea made "outside of my kitchen" that I avoid. So I had to politely refuse. But the discussions went on without the fiery cup of tea. Gopalan ji was relieved that it was just a scheduled 2nd free service and nothing serious. Haribal arrived soon after and the job card made, minor issues explained and lo and behold! SIDINDICA arrives in his red Punto. Good I thought, at least the boredom of a typical service day would be over.
    Now, Mr Gopalan, was kind enough to offer us both, free access to the workshop. he himself asked us to be near the cars while it is being serviced. There was really no need. I could see from the glass partition that it was going on well. I had asked Haribal to use the 4 liter can of SELENIA and not loose, but I saw the mechanic fill oil from the loose drum. I raised the point and he promptly drained the oil and refilled with a 4L jar. 800mL was returned to me. The service was soon over, I had opted for an underbody coating, but Haribal insisted that we take a test drive with the lead mechanic. We did that, and I felt all issues except the seat rattle fixed. we came back to the ASS and the car went for underbody coating. From BARDAHL HOEC. This is a total SHAM. They use a treatment which comes in a can worth 950MRP. They use some of it and some diluting agent, fill it in a sprayer, hastily coat the underbody and voila! It's done they say : 2000rupees down the drain. This is managed entirely by HOEC staff. Buyer beware. I should have checked, when Haribal suggested it. I had my laptop and 3G data card, but laziness claimed a hefty toll.
    The washing was done soon after, a fair job. I proceeded for the invoicing and guess what: their POS terminal doesn't work! I asked the lady to show me the invoice, and there was a glaring mistake: they had VATTED the oil twice and it came to 2400 INR! After the correction, it was much less! It seemed to be a manual error. Done, me and Haribal drove to the nearest ATM to withdraw cash and settle the bills. Sidindica had vanished when I returned. I prepared the gatepass, marked all well in the feedback report and drove off. The bill as follows:

    1) oil filter 179.82
    2) air filter FIRE8V 210.53
    3) FUEL FILTER 450.88
    4) WIREMESH FILTER 174.56
    5) ENGINE OIL PTL4L 1929.83
    6) BRAKE CLEAN 450

    Rest seems OK.

    Now, shocker Shockked.gif : when the 4L oil can was returned, it was SELENIA WR 5W40 for diesel which was filled instead of SELENIA K. Now I had gone through this thread, and I thought of sticking with it, several ratings match or overlap. The car runs as usual, no signs of stress or whatever. The clutch is smoother, mileage as good as it can be, a happy car. But

    There is an issue which has sprung up. It will require multiple visits, I need to "Fix It Again Tony"....I know, but, that is another post, elsewhere. It will also prove, again, what FIAT build quality means, with pix and testimony form a fellow enthusuast in the car as the incident happened.

    Thanks for being patient. Is there a word limit for posts? uncontrollable%20laughter.gif
  2. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Noothing new or special. This is usual work by Oberoi.
  3. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    I have tried and visited many Tata Fiat service centres including ABS, Autolink, Dhingra etc. and all of them have very poor service, thus bringing me to the conclusion that all Tata associated workshops are the same. Moreover, instead of being better disposed towards more expensive Lineas and Puntos they are indifferent to Fiats by and large and this starts at the showroom when the fellows point you towards Tata cars. Now, Tata car owners are different, have lots of driver-owners of taxis amongst them who know how to get work done at these workshops. We obviously can't stoop to that level even though I have tried doing so, unfortunately and painfully, with abuses and shouting.

    Hence now I have decided to try the exclusive Fiat workshops, the first one being open near Greater Noida. Although it is extremely far and inconvenient being completely out of the way but what to do I seem to not have a choice - it's always been a harrowing experience for me with their workshops the most notable and irritating point being that I have to, have to, visit the workshops on 2 consecutive days always because of work not completed properly, or like in your case, some new headache.

    By the way, they also leave huge panel gaps and things hanging from here and there, almost like some small child has opened up various places in the car - these are so many one example - the panel which has the bonnet opener and the opener itself fall off while I am driving and has not been fixed since the beginning. Though the panel stays in its place somehow with a large gap from where you can see inside, the bonnet opener I have kept in the glove compartment and take it out only when I have to open the bonnet!

    Each time I start writing I write a long post- there are so many negatives it is unlimited with so many issues, just can't stop lamenting.

    I use Fiat sparingly, just so that it runs less and so issues will be less. T
  4. sidindica


    Met the CEO Mr. Raina today, he personally intervened and the issue now stands resolved. Brand new Logo Fitted, car back to as it was before.
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  5. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    from now on try Kashyap Fiat........they did a decent job on my car's 2nd service.....
  6. ManUTDian

    ManUTDian Amatore

    New Delhi
    The day i got to know that FASS (Kashyaps's) were opening in Noida, i took a conscious decision, never to visit any TASS. Tuli motors in just about 500-700 m from my place, also Him motors at peeragarhi and Techno Dwarka are also near by But i decided to drive down to Kashyap's for 3rd service. And they didn't disappoint me.

    Leave TASS.
  7. Man youu car may have loss of compression due to excessive cleaning detergents in Selnia-WR.
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  8. puntophile

    puntophile Amatore

    Indirapuram NCR
    So far, I did not feel any deterioration in the engine performance. Keeping my fingers crossed. But, if you look at post 31 here:


    it seems it is OK for WR to be used in petrol but not K for diesel. what say, Gurjinder ji?

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