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Vazhayila,Peroorkada, Trivandrum, Kerala 695005 India
  1. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    Yeah, may be they were promoting mobil 1 over selenia. MM guys said that they only use FIAT recommended products in our car. anyway fully synthetic oil has advantage over semi..
  2. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    OT : I walked into a Castrol pit stop just to inquire if they service Punto. They said they do and they use Fiat recommended oil only and that happens to be Castrol !!!. This was the information from the person sitting in the AC room, the mechanic doing the job said looking at my car, Saar we do servicing of PALIO !!

    Fiat India only recommends Selenia and KM just wanted to get better commission for using Mobil1. More price = more commission.

    Service is good at both KM and MM, except that I used to like the less crowded MM before relocating a year back.
  3. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    My experience with Mohandas Motors, Trivandrum is not at all good.
    I had initially booked Linea from them. But, when the sales agent (Mr. Rahul Krishna) went back from the promises he made while booking, I went to Hyson motors, who where quoting Rs.10,000/- less. Now, It is more than 2 months since I cancelled the booking and till now Mohandas Motors have not returned my booking amount (Rs.10,000). My fight is still on.
  4. Joseph

    Joseph Novizio

    Is everyone satisfied with the service provided by MM motors TVM? I am having a hard time with them right now. I usually avoid taking the car to the service center now. Last time I needed to get my power windows checked as the rear left one was not working, I also ordered to change the wipers and to check the gearbox as it is a bit tight.Later I got a call from the SA saying that the power window module needs replacement and they are out of stock. I went to take delivery of the car. Wipers changed OK. Now both rear power windows not working. Gear box not checked with SA claiming that there are no issues now but if something occurs contact them. Worst of all my well polished car has now got a large scratch running through the right front door. I notified this to the SA and he said he would get this painted out under their own expense and also the service manager agreed to this. He told me that while replacing the power window module, which I havent still received, they would repaint the car door. I have heard that their paint job is substandard. Thats what is now worrying me. Also the 3rd free service prior to this was a horryfying experience with the bill going upto 14k and while I went fro taking delivery of the car, the car stalls seconds after I start the car to check the AC. I stepped out and saw diesel pouring over all through the floor. They had forgot to connect the diesel line :eek:. I had to wait another hour as car was showing errors and the check engine light was not going off.

    After all this No feedback call from MM or FIAT after the service. I am totally surprised, are the TVM customers being ignored totally? Seeing their new showroom opposite Infosys doubles my feeling.
  5. Sreejith

    Sreejith Timido


    You are frightening me............. :-( ,,
  6. jackharrisw

    jackharrisw Amatore

    @Joseph - Just call FIAT customer support and complain them about the issue. I have heard only negative comments about Mohandhas motors and with these kind of dealerships FIAT is going nowhere. But, i hope this thread is not active for a long time.Really wish all Trivandrum FIAT members who have serviced their car in this service centre to give feedback about this service centre here so that we can get more info and escalate this matter to FIAT.
  7. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Fellows personally I feel like since we are discussing only complaints here we are generally getting a feel of bad service from Mohandas Motors. For me it was the opposite. I had an issue with the caster angle which could have end up in an uneven tire wear. As you know the caster angle in Punto cannot be adjusted from Alignment shops. They need to be taken to the service centre & sometimes a re-fix of the suspension can fix the issue. For me it had to be replaced which was covered in extended warranty. Whole the process were completed in a weeks time (process includes approval for Ex-warranty, part arrival , fixing & alignment correction). All these were done free of cost. I also had an issue with my rear window winder assembly which again was replaced under extended warranty without any issues. I do agree that MM was very notorious for their service few months back. But for the last 3-4 months I am actually hearing a very good review about Mohandas Motors.

    What they still lack is
    1) An exclusive service centre without which they still have their limitations
    2) A dedicated "trained" exclusive workforce which again will come only with an dedicated FASS.
    3) Proper machinery . Yes they lack some machinery which again is said to come only after opening of the dedicated service centre. An eg is some welding which need to be done for few Lineas to arrest rattling under the seat was not done properly due to the lack of machinery. (Ps - I have gathered this information from my friends who had this issue & they were told this reason. )

    MM has now improved much on service aspects & their dont care attitude has changed to a professionalism & they are improving on that. This is what I felt. Any issues please do speak to the person's concerned like the Service Manager or the CRM & if it is still not getting resolved make a note to FIAT. FIAT is taking customer calls very seriously now & I am sure you will be getting a resolution.
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  8. Fayad

    Fayad Amatore

    @Cinju +1

    Let me share my experience with Mohandas Motors, Trivandrum.

    5000kms service:

    It was in April and I had a bad experience that time. They had dirtied the seats after service with grease and I was also doubtful if the washed the car or not as I had washed it few days back and it was already clean. The SA somehow was able to remove the grease using some liquid.

    Central Lock problem:

    Defective part replaced under warranty in 2hours :shock: without even a prior booking!! went there at 2pm, got back the car by 4pm. More than that, their attitude had changed. There were plastic covers on the seats to avoid it getting dirty. Did a quick wonderful job!

    15000kms service:

    This was done last week and they did a good job this time also. Work was completed on the same day. Got a feedback call next day itself. They've improved a lot and wants to improve.

    I hope things would get even better after the Fiat exclusive showroom opens. ;-)
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2013
  9. jackharrisw

    jackharrisw Amatore

    But, how about opening a dedicated service centre? Have they specified any timeframe? How about the service quality till then? With this kind of service centre, I am unable to propose a FIAT vehicle to my friends and relatives who reside in Nagercoil.We either need to depend on Mohandas motors or Rehoboth motors(Tirunelveli). All we have heard about Mohandas till date are negative comments.Have no review yet on Rehoboth motors.I request fellow members to share their good experiences as well,if any! So that this thread will be very useful for potential FIAT customers.
  10. Joseph

    Joseph Novizio

    Glad to hear about positive experiences as well. Hopefully my issues would get sorted out before escalating the matters to FIAT.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2013

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