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Perundurai Rd Erode, Tamil Nadu 638011 India
  1. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    I decided to try my luck with Marvel Fiat,Erode since the first service at CAI ,Coimbatore was not so cool.Since the car has to be taken from my native,Karur, we had the closest choice of Marvel Fiat (same in Trichy as well) and checked them on their availability on Aug 16 and second service cost for which they quoted around Rs.5500.We reached the spot around 10 AM and to our surprise ,the entire gang was full of youngsters and none appeared to be like senior staffs kind of look(like in CAI).The car was taken for a short drive and they noted down for any special treatments and even further on,they showed the Linea Sill plates,illuminated sill plates and reverse parking sensors but could not be done due to Vitamin M shortage :D.There was clearly some commitment in their works to ramp up the business and when they showed the Fiat recommended price lists for all these accessories, it quite made me to believe that they try to be honest at their best.Had a chat with one of the persons who seemed to be knowledgeable and informed me that two bookings for Evo had gone of which one before the launch itself !I test drove 75 hp evo for few meters! but found the punch missing:eek:.Man, everything needs remapping except the tjet unless you are a normal driver but are we that group?

    They had promised the delivery by 4:00 PM which I believed should not be cared much.We then dismissed to our friend's house and then to Andhiyur, near by place where horse trade took place which is a different story altogether.After much enjoyment throughout the day,we finally decided to pick up the girl but I was equally little scared and confident on the service treatment !We reached Marvel,Fiat by 5:00 PM and wow,she entered at the same moment glittering and others ogling at her.That moment:)!

    Right from Exterior,Interior&Engine Bay,Linea smelled and screamed 'Brand New' ! But hey,what about the touch ups I mentioned earlier to them ?Well ,they forgot but it was OK since everything else was satisfactory including the bill which came at Rs.6002.The car was taken back to their service yard and fixed the touch ups but it was not the exact TW ,kind of blackened out to hide the metal.No fancy stuffs were done but only the Fiat recommended.

    Before starting from the place at around 6 PM !,
    1)I asked them to check the pressure of all tyres and they checked for spare tyre as well :).
    2)They returned back all the filters.Oil filter,fuel filter,air filter and ac filter.I was pleasantly surprised and reacted confused at that moment:D.May be it happens at all the service stations.
    3)I thanked their service and filled their feedback form.The prompt delivery time was one thing mentioned but everything else was a big THUMPS UP.A service that was so energetic and satisfactory.

    Morning !

    Service section at the back of their small showroom! The service yard was located bit away from the actual place where entry is restricted (not in the pictures)




    Evo looked like something from another planet.My complaints on the chrome surrounded fog lamps and missing the straight line punch that we evidently see in almost all the cars of this segment!


    Ad Poster:

    That Moment:):


    BILL :):

    On the way back to Karur from Erode ,rain poured something which none would wish :oops: to happen after a good service.Reached home around 8:30 and did a tidy water wash.Noticed that they had removed the CAI stickers and pasted Marvel Fiat not just at the back of antenna but on the headlamps as well:cool:.

    From right to left ,air filer,ac filter,oil filter and fuel filter.Not sure what to do with those:D.

    Verdict: The service was certainly prompt ,honest and satisfactory but the challenge is consistency over time.They were reiterating that service was their top most priority and I hope that I need not change the Marvel stickers and will stick to them for next year as well.You can try them :).

    Some OT which I could not resist to post here.Here is the local fun which we had @Andhiyur horse market.Mods ,you can elete it since it does not serve a purpose here:D but some fun.

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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  3. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Ravi, this is done.Got call from them few days back to get my feedback on the service and bill.Marvel is located in Trichy as well and thus covers a wide area inculding the districts of Erode,Karur,Trichy.As per Marvel, they will be moving to Thindal from the current location!


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