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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066


    Greetings from KHT- FIAT...

    We are happy to inform you that we are conducting the " Free Winter Check Up Camp for all fiat vehicles ( Punto, Linea and Palio ) from 17th ~ 19th Oct 2014.” at KHT FIAT service center , white field.
    Request you to kindly bring your Fiat - vehicle and Participate in the Free check up Camp.

    Special Discount offered to customers :
    · Free Car Check Up
    ·Free Body Wash

    · Discount of 20% on Labor Billing and 10% on Parts for Mechanical Repair Work.

    Please contact for any queries the below details.
    Service manager
    Ph: 8494920044
    Email :
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  2. drjake

    drjake Timido

    Hyson Cochin is out to loot its customers - so even with all these FREE CHECK UP promises no body is willing to even step into their service centres - they revel in just changing brake pads, clutch plates and shocks - but never check whether these switched parts are even screwed in properly. the last time i changed my shocks - i ended up with a worse ride with my front left suspension creating even more noise when it fell into potholes (my vehicle being a fiat linea diesel). i would rather pay and go to some other service dealer. Fiat hardly checks in on these guys
  3. adit

    adit Regolare

    whats up guys..!! have not heard a lot from the service feedback side.. everything ok ??
  4. vsivaku

    vsivaku Novizio

    I was postponing my review on the 2nd service. But after Adit's remainder, penning down here right away --

    Here is the 2nd Free service report performed on October for my 2013 Linea MJD emotion.


    I reached the center around 9:15 AM, was the first customer. I had actually booked for service post diwali (Oct 27th), but had to prepone it as i was meant for a office trip and 27th oct would be impossible. Hence i thought of trying my luck and went to the service center without any reservation, but was lucky to get accomodated.

    The day:

    My service advisor was happened to be Shaba who was with me for the 1st service also.
    The service chart board was clean, checked with service advisor shaba if there are no customers for the day for which he replied that the reception lady forgot to write in the details the previous day.

    I was promptly attended with the checklist, i had no compliants on the car. It was touchwood and just was okay with the normal routine servicing.

    I was explained the consumables and was offered AC duct cleaning for 900, Underbody antirust coating and silencer cleanup as add-ons. I just chose the AC duct cleaning and politely declined the other options. They werent forced on me.

    I was given an estimate of 6500 and was told would be getting a call around 3 PM. Exactly the same time, shaba called me and told that the car is sent for washing and i can come after 4PM anytime but before 6 PM. Overall it was a 15 minute affair with no waiting.

    The handover:

    I reached the workshop around 05:30 PM, car was ready to be picked up. Shaba told - 2 minutes please, i will be with you and he went to attend some other customer. I was looking at the car and pulled out the dipstick. I was expecting the natural color of the oil, but it was black.

    Shaba came to me after 10 minutes and when i asked about this, he painstakingly took me to the service bay where a punto was getting the oil change and explained me that the color would change to black once the engine is revved. They don't completely drain the oil by emptying the sump. Kuduos for the efforts in enlightening the customer.

    He again vanished around pegging 2 minutes but again came after 15 minutes. He had readied the bill by then and explained me the items in the bill. He himself caught an error in the bill where i was billed for some 30 rupees extra on the labor charges and promised me that he would get this adjusted in my next service.

    Credit card was accepted with no service charges and i was given a feed back form by shaba. I rated positively for all aspects except the punctionality front where i rated 6 or something. Shaba took it seriously and asked me - why sir, you rated me less here :) He asked me if i get any further telephonic call to reconsider my rating.

    I reminded shaba that i needed boot mats and already requested during the first service and he took me to the spares section. Again, they claimed out of stock. Shaba told that he would give me a call when the item is back in stock. But haven't got a call, one month has elapsed. Had ordered the same in and got it delivered in a week.

    Seems Adit has tied incentives to feedback :)

    Overall, a satisfying experience. Few areas for improvement:

    1. Feedback provided should be viewed only by the management, A drop box kind of thing may be provided. Else, puts the feedback provider in a embarrassing situation upon giving a honest feedback, like happened to me. :)
    2. The labor rates could be reduced. Atleast for the value added services- i see the labor rates are on par with 3M.
    3. Good stock of spares needed.
    4. Roofs for the parking lot- when it rains, the washed cars would be the worse hit.
  5. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    My last experience was very welcoming, especially when I saw Mr. Sharanappa personally came to attend me. I was having a leakage issue of the coolant. Whose hose pipe was supposed to get replaced. I gave my car @ morning almost first hour. Shaba received the car, explaining all the cost for the service and the parts. And told me to that I will get a call around 3PM. Which I didn't expected as never in my past experience I got a call back except getting service quality ranking calls after each visit. So I tried calling Shaba @ 4, his phone was somehow not reachable so called Mr Sharanappa and he gave all the update that my car is almost ready and just cleaning is left behind. I reached @ 5, Shaba explained me the addressed jobs and their costs. Found parts cost seems got reduced and I was happy that my bill will be less but the labour cost filled the estimated cost (specifically found that labour cost is more than the cost of the parts ). Finally got my car. Mr. Sharanappa is very humble person and told if I face any further problem I can reach him directly.
    But Adit, I would like mention a small issue which is kind of a small limestone in a bucket of milk which spoils the total experience of the visit to your service center. The final touch that's washing, I have been repeatedly complaining about the washing. Especially the windshield, after the water wash they take a hell lot of time to dry the windshield. Which results dried and waxed water marks, which are not visible during day time but if a high beam just falls from opposite at night you are totally blind. As there was no improvement in the washing part so this time I didn't flaged further as I know I can go back home and do a proper cleaning. This is just the windshield I'm sharing but allover washing experience I will never give a rating above 5.
    What I feel, washing is just a nice wrapping for a good gift inside, atleast we should feel that the car just came from a service by just looking into it. This are very small issues, which I think and can be addressed easily. Even we should be proud to say that how Fiat have improved there services, just after receiving the car from service station. Other friends and family members will also get the confidence just looking to the car.
    I also shared the same view with Tauseef, he may elaborate you further.

    But I'm really happy with the current improvement, just keep it upmarking just don't let any issue left behind.
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  6. adit

    adit Regolare

    thanks for your feedback guys :) will do our best to keep improving :)
  7. sachi

    sachi Timido

    I have received the best service ever since the day I switched my service center from Vecto to KHT. The service adviser Mr. Satish is well informed about the technical issues which is faced quite often. They would not push you for replacements if it can wait as prescribed in the service manual. Whenever i talk to him about the issues, he gives titbits as to how the issue can be avoided. I am pretty much impressed with the service they provide. There has been times when Vecto did not provide service inspite of driving all the way to their service center just because the printer was not working! During my recent visit to the service center though the internet was down but still service advisers managed with the dongle. This kind of service where they do not make the customers wait for some silly reasons gets recognized. I have also suggested the service center to one of my colleague and he too is impressed with the quality of service.
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  8. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

  9. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    Just experienced my 4th (Paid) service, all in all - excellent excellent excellent ...

    Great and brilliant job by Mr. Adit, Mr. Sharanappa and whole KHT FIAT team... :)

    It felt a like milestone achieved by the total TEAM... :snaphappy:

    I will post details soon...
  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    Adit, didnt hear from you on this. Is this facility in place now?

    It would have been very helpful for me if it was ready because i am currently recovering from severe backache mostly on bed with minimal walking/driving.

    Had my car picked up for service at your sc today. I want to pay by card so if i had an option of having the car delivered at home without me having to come to sc, i would have been very grateful!

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