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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. What is my interest in this ?
    My interest in this is to make sure service quality is improved and people become more customer focused and not make them to keep calling the SA about update.

    I visit KHT for my cars issues,i always see people donot start any work until 10 AM.after which they are in super hurry to finish off things until lunch time.

    One disconnect seen here is SA writes down the issues but not sure technicians understand customer is more worried about the reported issue as he/she takes service as granted.
    But it looks like technicians are only able to complete service but donot have time or understand issues reported by customer.
    Is that SC is taking more cars than what they can handle?
    People are working since 2008 on Linea and 2009 on Punto but why still they take 4-5 days to identify the issue?
    Also more concerned about why customer is given wrong information.

    I am just interested in KHT scoring best SC rating, like the sales team and would like to see you posting that news in the forum.

    Please do not get me wrong on this.
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  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Thanks Raghu for reading what I wrote and not what you think I wrote. When I was driving the Palio and was living in Bannerghatta Road, I used to drive all the way across town to get my car serviced at KHT. However, now I drive a T-Jet, live near K R Puram, but do not go to KHT. Something obviously went wrong, I think.

  3. adit

    adit Regolare

    well they way he put it surely seemed negative and in a way that he is looking at points to pick on....i don't mind that but still.....i have always read concerns and replied with actions... but the fact of the matter of him saying i "conveniently ignored" the question which was clear he assumed i did so is the negativity i am talking about.....after moving into the new workshop we are working towards making the whole system a lot smoother and adapting to the new reporting system. there r small issues which r getting resolved on a daily basis to address all issues....
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  4. My experience with KHT

    I would like to share my experience with KHT Fiat Whitefield. I had my car serviced in Aug-Sep 2013. Sorry for sharing my experience so late. As was informend that the waiting for service is a couple of days..I had a taken a prior appointment and also got it confirmed before a day. Prior to this, I was getting my car serviced at Concorde Motors.

    Driving experience : As many of you know the traffic situation in Bangalore. I stay near by HAL airport and I started to Whitefiled by 8:45..By the time I reached there asking for address, it was already 10.30..(I had not idea that the traffic was so bad on that day)...

    Experience with the Service person : When I reached there, I was told that a service person will attend you. I had to wait for half an hour.
    After a lot of request that, I am getting late, the service person finally arrived to me.
    I had no major issues with the vehicle, but only a few minor ones.
    1. The front fog light was broken (a small clip which holds it) I had asked him to fix it with a gum.
    2. when i close my left rear door, with window open, it makes a rattling sound. I asked him to check.
    3. Once few days back, the malfunction indicator lamp was ON(for half a day)..and it went off by itself. So i asked him to investigate and check if any thing was wrong.

    Yes, they were noted down. When I asked him when can I come to get the car back. He said as it is already 11.00...he can deliver the car only on next day. I requested him to check if it can be done today..but he said it is not possible at all.
    I tried to convince him that i need to take another days leave from office if i have to come to pick the car tomorrow. but still, he said he cannot help me. Without any option : I said its OK.

    Delivery after Service :
    When I went to take the delivery, I was explained about all the costs involved. He brought be a print out on a plain paper and explained me. Then we went to the vehicle.

    The vehicle was already covered in it was washed and parked outside (in an open field)..when i opened the car, there were not even paper mats. and the mats already had a few footprints..when i asked, he said it was driven to this parking place after service.

    I asked him if you checked the fog lamp. He is not a good idea to put a fevikwik and fix it..if in future there is any problem you will have to break the bumper..the pin is on the inside of the bumper..and he is just trying to give excuse.

    When i asked him if he fixed the window rattle : he says, this is in all punto.. is not a new problem..I was so angry on him.

    When i asked him if he check the faults : he tried to bluff me with all non sense. I could not tolerate..and i told him that you are bluffing all this nonsense..I work on automobiles and I know all this..I was totally frustrated with this guy.
    I decided to leave..thinking that I should belt them when they come for a feedback on phone.

    When I went for a payment, I was given the same printout as a receipt. When i asked him for a proper bill with all the details, he said our system is down and the bill will be posted to my home address within a week. Since the print out had a KHT seal, i agreed for it.

    So I wait for this bill..and i do not get it after a week. I called them, they said it will be sent in two days..I got busy in my work and i forgot..later i realized it was already a month now and not bill yet..The ni decided to escalate..I called that fiat hotline and raised a complaint against KHT motors..In the complaint I also mentioned that there was no call form Fiat for a feedback. On which she replied that, this service was not registered at no one called me.

    Once the complaint was raised, I started to get very nice calls from KHT Motors and within two days I recieved my bill. Unfortunately I still did not receive any call for a feedback on this service..
    I left this issue there..

    Next Service, VECTO Motors....
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  5. adit

    adit Regolare

  6. I have posted you a message with my vehicle number.
  7. adit

    adit Regolare

    got it...getting the old records out .. but just to mention that was the period when we just shifted into the new workshop and still getting things in place...
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  8. My vehicle (Punto 1.2 Active Petrol) is demanding a service but my concern is where to get it done. I had a taste of both KHT and VECTO motors, and had some bitter medicines on various accounts from both. Going by the thread, KHT doesn't seems to be a very clever option (though its the closest to my house).

    I would request you to please advise and suggest a SC to get my Punto serviced.
  9. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    KHT will never bring up it's standard. ... Struggling from morning 8:30 am till now without having having breakfast and lunch. .. only thing I'm digesting is there repeated harassment, false promises and mis-guiding customers with many different explanations. ... Today I'm sure that they really thinks all the fiat customers are "junk"... I'm really sorry put this kind of language here but the situation is that much frustrating that I think I made a huge mistake in my life. And from now onwards I will never refer anyone to purchase Fiat cars. Atleast KHT would know that how many Fiat customers are from my reference. ....

    Thanks KHT for such an experience. ....

    And for TFI members, I will soon share the total story. ... Atleast I can say you for now, that KHT Fiat service is not a part of actual Fiat. .. There is a huge blame game going between 2 when it comes to any problem or harassment done by them...
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  10. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    There is no question of solving old complaints for the car. Rather a new problem started after the service is complete that's AC has started giving flattering sound at speed 1. .. still in the service station without having food. ...

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