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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. adit

    adit Regolare

    Hi Surya,

    There is pickup and drop facility still available. But the problem is that we are facing a shortage of drivers not only here but across every dealership we have. I have noticed this problem with other dealers also. We are trying ways and means of understanding how 2 resolve this issue.
    Also with pick up drop issue we have successfully setup our payment gateway for online payments which us being tested as of now and will be under testing for another 2 weeks or so where u can opt for pickup of car for service...once ready u can pay the bill online and the veicle departs for your drop off destination....more update in a week.
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  2. bibudesh

    bibudesh Timido

    KHT does it again!. Fiat loosening the noose again?

    I was thinking to wait and hear from Fiat/KHT for my issue, but now things are getting out of my toleration limits, thus I want people to hear my story and give me advice how to pursue further.
    I will go in reverse chronological order to represent my good,bad and ugly experience with KHT motors (most of them are bad and ugly to sum it up)

    I gave my car to the makeshift service station of KHT at mahadevpura for some niggling issues in my 2010 T-Jet+. There were numerous issues reported and major ones were

    1. Airbag failure message- Resolution - Battery drain and I bought the battery from SA's recommended shop (yes I did the social service knowingly).

    2. Check up for wiring issue due to rat menace - I reported this since a rat entered my car but there were no issue as such. SA said they found some wiring issues which were fixed. Installed rat mesh. Cannot say if the problem was resolved since there was no problem. Lets ignore this point.

    3. Rust on rear bonnet and rear left door- My car is covered under extended warranty and rust in a Fiat is a clear sign of degrading quality- a major USP going awry. They painted the portion of bonnet but 'forgot' to paint the door. I was not surprised with their nature of 'forgetting' things. Forgiven.

    4. Increased brake travel and very slight noise- While coming to explain this point, Mr. Bharath (the SA) started to get desperate to reach out to other customer. In a hurry he said he will check. I told him to change the pads if need be. Not sure if Point was taken.

    5. Other issues such as hanging blue and me etc. which I was told is due to battery. New battery is unable to solve this problem.

    So when I took the delivery of my car, I saw the rusted portion of door unpainted and literally no difference in braking. I asked about the brakes and I was told 'Saar no problem saar, dont worry and drive'. Cool, I took his words, but the high travel and slight noise in the brakes were still there.

    After a week I went to chennai and the rear right brakes started to noise. I knew the pads are gone and it is going to damage the disc. But little I could do since I was going to chennai only for a few hours and had to return back ASAP. I was fuming in anger.
    By that time I was back to bangalore a slight touch to lever would cause a heavy noise. After reaching I straightaway went to KHT and told them the issue. Here are the excerpts-

    Me-"Bharath, did u guys really checked the brakes when I gave the car a few days back?"
    Bharath- "Yes saar, I did. It is normal wear and tear".

    Me-"So the pads were all fine when I gave the car a few days back and all of a sudden it wears off and damages the disc?"
    Bharath -" Yes saar, it is possible, it is normal. You are seeing for the first time no, that's why"

    Me-"Look, it would be best if you admit that you have not checked the brake pads, had u changed it back then the discs would have been saved. Whatever it is, it's not my fault and I am not going to pay for the discs".
    I call up Mr. Suresh (GM).
    After explaining things to Suresh.

    Suresh (rhythmically) - " Saar, it is a normal wear and tear saar. Why are u so much worried saar. BTW the disc is not so expensive, only some 3k odd for a set"
    Me- "Look Suresh, it is not about 3k or 4k but about ethics. Admit that brakes were not checked and it is a fault from your side".
    Suresh- "Saar, we bled the brakes and did a thorough checkup saar".

    FYI Suresh mostly sits at KHT's Tata service center in kundalahalli road and I am not sure how he knows that I have given my car and what work has been done. Whatever.
    Me-"And you guys did not charge me for labor??????" (How surprising?)
    Suresh-"No saar it was goodwill gesture"
    Me-"Then how come there was no difference in the brake AT ALL after getting the car. And why was I not told about the work done on brakes, given the fact that I was explained in detail about minor battery issue and paint job? Especially if the work is complementary then it is told to me in bold"
    Suresh(unable to prove his point, ignores my point) -"Sir it is normal wear and happens after 45k of driving. How much your car has done??"
    Suresh-"Yes see, 34k, I told u no?"
    Me-"Look accept the mistake and I am not going to pay up, I cannot keep spending on this car every month. Period."

    Suresh-"Saar a T-Jet customer will never think about spending 3-4k on his car"

    End of discussion from my side. I left the car with to get the brakes repaired and rusting portion of door painted.
    I gave a frantic call to Fiat with very little hope that things will work. I am still waiting for some news since I gave them a wake up call today again to see if there is any progress.
    My car was lying in open shed for 8 (EIGHT) days in a row waiting for parts. I dont take my car to places where I know there is no covered parking.

    I got a call by Bharath on Saturday (the 8th day) that the car is ready. Since I am aware of their habit of forgetting I asked him about the door paint job and living up to my belief he said "Oh dooraaa? ok sir the car is going for paint job. I will call you in an hour". Til date I am waiting for that 'hour' and I never heard from him. Anyways, I gave them 6 hours on the eight day of my car lying idle at their open area and went to the workshop at 7 PM. I dont know what were they doing for 8 days to paint a 5 sq-cm of door portion.

    I paid a bill of 8k odd for 4 set of pads and one rear disc, they said labor charge of 1.5k has been waived as a goodwill gesture. I came home and checked the rear door to find out the doors unpainted and a new scratch as a complimentary gift.

    After 3 days I got a call from KHT for a feedback, apologies I was in a bad mood even after 3 days and gave my piece of mind to the poor lady on phone. I expected them to come and take my car to paint the door as a mark of apology. I think this was an over-expectation.

    So right now the case is with Fiat and they are working on it. KHT is a major and important dealer for Fiat since they have invested in the Cafe. So my hopes are not high.

    To go back to history in brief-
    I bought my car from KHT in November 2010. I was not called for the PDI even though I asked for it. My car was delivered with a scratch beneath the front right door, uneven panel gaps on doors, loose fuel lid, noise in suspension.

    I use to get some noise from rear suspension since day-1. They checked the car and could not diagnose the issue. They claimed they could not see any issue.
    So here is an interesting story about the suspension issue. I use to complaint about this suspension noise at least once in a quarter but they would pacify me with some reason or the other. It was during the 2nd year service when the SA told me that the strut needed replacement and that is why the noise.

    If you apply simple math, back then T-Jet came with 2 years default warranty. When I was told about this issue the 2 yr warranty was over. I knew things may go fishy and for a safer side I took the 4 year extended warranty. The SA (Bharath again) said that the struts are not covered in extended warranty. Again I had to take help of Fiat customer service to resolve this matter and got the Struts replaced for no cost.

    1 year back I gave my car for regular service and I was surprised to see the genuine T-Jet mats missing from my car. I called up Suresh and asked about it, he very sweetly said that it might have be placed into other car.
    "Dont worry saar, we'll do something in next service" was told.
    I asked him three times after that, and lastly I was told-
    "Sir you please pay 50% for the mat and rest we'll pay"

    Apart from these there were many other niggling issues which I do not remember on top of my head. There had been not a single service which went seamless with these guys.
    When I say Good, Bad, Ugly experience with Good I mean only the goodwill gesture parts and nothing else.

    So when I go back to history I feel like kicking myself why on earth I bought my car from KHT.

    I saw other threads of Vecto, Aadya with similar issues. Is Fiat loosening noose again? If yes then I really need to think since I am in a situation that I don't have time to look after my car, especially taking auto to service stations and applying for leave at office, waiting for long to get the billing done, hear some stupid comments and waiting to get the work done for week in a row, arguments etc.. I am ready to spend more thousands on maintenance if my time is saved, thus I am planning to shy away from Fiat and look into Maruti/Hyundai. I like Fiat cars and Linea is my second Fiat after Palio, but given the scenario I think moving out looks better option. What do u guys suggest?

    On a side note, KHT was able to sell 2 more T-Jets through my reference, which was never obliged (Deepak was the rel manager). They got a customer(Kamal) through me during the free GPS offer. I was refused the gift since I did not do the formality of sending some xyz message to some xyz number on or before some xyz date, mostly because I was not informed about this offer. Anyways, I am not craving for this, just wanted to let people know the fact.
  3. solomon13

    solomon13 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I had a list of bad experience's with KHT motors, the latest one is regarding 3M exterior treatment. I was told that the subsequent free treatment can be done at any 3m outlet. But now they say that it has to be done only with Fiat dealers who provide 3m treatment. I am thinking why i bought car from these people or why i have to go to these people often. I like fiat and am a ardent fan of FIAT engineering. But the way ASS is responding is nothing more than pathetic. Feel like "stranded in middle of desert with awesome piece of engineering."
  4. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I did my third service/24 months free service today in KHT motors, Bangalore. My car mileage is 20K.
    But as per the third service checklist, only top up required for the following things Engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering oil, transmission oil.

    SA Kuldeep told that, replacing of Engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering oil, transmission oil.e mandatory in 24 th month/ 60K service by showing the 60K
    service coupon check list or else i will loose my extended warranty.

    I sent a mail to Fiat customer care asking about the condition.They replied saying that you can change if required.(That means it is not mandatory)

    So I feel, service center are trying to boost the bill by doing extra changing of the consumables which may not required. They are playing this game with the pretext of warranty and extended warranty.

    Email communication from FIAT ------

    On Sat, 23 Nov 2013 18:17:46 +0530 wrote
    Dear Sir ,

    you for your communication,

    need to change if required .

    With warm regards
    Fiat Customer care

    From: []

    Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2013 2:07 PM
    To: INDIA Service (FGA INDIA Pvt. Ltd. )
    Subject: Regarding third service of punto check list


    I am a customer of FIAT from last two years.

    I am using Fiat Punto 1.3 Active. my car number is KA XX Z XXXX

    My is is 21 months old and 20 K odo meter.

    In the third service coupon, check list it is mentioned that in point no 14 that

    "Check and top-up fluid levels(Engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering oil, screen washer,

    battery etc). if required.
    I went to KHT fiat service bangalore today, they are asking me to replace Engine coolant,
    brake fluid, power steering oil, transmission oil.

    They are telling that these are mandatory in 24 th month/ 60K service by showing the 60K
    service coupon check list or else i will loose my extended warranty.

    Please confirm on the same.

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  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^ pdash, it is clearly mentioned in punto's owners handbook on Pg 142 to replace Gear Oil, Coolant and Brake fluid at 2yrs or 60 k whichever comes first. Power Steering oil needs to be checked and topped up at each service.

    what you have mentioned is general check for all services.

    we have already discussed this here :

    i see a post of yours too in the same thread.
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  6. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks for your quick reply sham. The way the service book-let is printed, its confusing. In the third service check list of behind the slip, nothing is mentioned and Fiat customer care is telling the above thing. So i just I want to clear my doubt and make other aware of this. Please excuse me if I am putting some wrong info.
  7. adit

    adit Regolare

    guys feedback pls on the service now days ? is everything ok ? n e issues faced pls update me...
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  8. solomon13

    solomon13 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @adit.. improved wrt to the last visit. But a lot more room for improvement.
  9. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Adit, I wanted to share few ideas.

    1. SAs are very much aggressive to reject warranty/Guaranty with out even looking the book for terms and condition. There should be good hand book(warranty booklet) available for the end customer to confirm what parts are covered under warranty or Extended warranty.
    2. Cleaning/washing process need to be improve. and after cleaning, driving the car on the muddy ground make under body/Wheel make more dirty.
    3. No complementary gift like tissue box, thank you paper over foot mat, umbrella.
    4. They provide Times of India news paper in place of thank you paper.
    5. Engine oil/Coolant alternatives should be available as per fiat recommendation.

    This is just my personal observation, other may not agree to it.
  10. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Again a bad experience fron KHT. As the central lock created rukkus, put in KHT as its nearby home. They told that its 2 days as I asked to do dent removal in the front wheel arch. I told them to give it in 3 days. It is supposed to b ready n I received call by 12:30 n they told that d car will b ready in an hour as it is ready for washing. Ireached there after 2 hours. Only after half n hour of I reached there only dthe car was taken for washing. And still am sitting in lounge of KHT service center at 4 o' clock n vehicle is out from body shoo after d polishing. I never like to use influence of the heads of the institution but like this type of experience always makes to use influence or to write in public forum. Only 2 stars this time I can give.

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