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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Its surprising to know that the workshop isnt well aware of the tech specs for the components that go into the car for which they are supposed to be the subject matter experts. This puts an additional onus on the car owner to be well versed with the specs which at some times may be taxing.

    Suggest to drop a note to the Fiat customer support regarding the same. This will atleast bring the issue to the fore.
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  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    "They are in business for a reason. Use them" - thus spoke a wise man. Yeah sure. They are in business for one sole reason. Screw with our cars and generate more business for themselves. Forget specs for the car. Anything above 60W is illegal. And they want to claim that the manufacturer of the car supplied them with 100W? You must be thankful for FIAT's build quality. Any other car with a 100W bulb with out a relay, would have resulted in melted wires at best and a burnt car at worst. What a sham.

    Incidentally, these same jokers put a screw alongside the negative battery post of a car, since the terminal was loose and they did not have spares as usual. Really odd that people still trust them with their cars, for which they have paid a considerable sum of money.

    They will do all of this, add a couple of scratches to the car as a bonus and then have the audacity to put their stupid stickers on our cars, without our permission. :A :A. Oh yes, as usual, please raise the issue with Adit. He will sort it out.

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  3. Most of these ASS will have one or two knowledgeable people but rest of the staff will be low skilled , who are trying to be some one they want to be.
    Since most of the cars in first 3-5 years have to go to them they will survive doing such business.I have stopped going to them after my 30K service for the same reason Rajan quoted.
    I wouldn't care if i was having a "use for 3 years and sell" type car but ,with FIAT they can last 10 years easily with little care but can not expect it from FASS.
    I don't think FIAT it self has any quality standards when it comes to FASS, other wise why there will be so many complaints?
    Looks like these people work on numbers, each mechanic has to provide an out put of so many cars in a day, so they are always in hurry and don't have time for attention to details.
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  4. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    During my Punto buying process, I had asked the Fiat dealer (balaji motors) to show me the customer feedback forms after services before I sign the dotted line on the cheque. Which they till date didnt, had given me a lot of false promises of sending over mail, during the next showroom visit etc etc.

    I guess Fiat should take up an customer satisfaction improvement initiative to rank the dealers+workshops based on the customer feedback which ideally Fiat should call for and not by the dealer. I dont think any car manufacturer in India would be doing that presently.

    Going OT - I would like to really apreciate Ford's effort in responding to complaints/queries made on the customer e-mail id. I had written quite often to Ford and I would get a call from Chennai in a day or two. Heck, they even advertised their MD's e-mail id on the website to escalate issues and believe me they did read those mails.
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  5. Sathish_UPS

    Sathish_UPS Novizio

    Thanks guys for the suggestion, will raise the same in Fiat customer support.
  6. adigabnp

    adigabnp Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I had been to KHT last week and discussed the issue of poor pickup with SA Bharath and he was courteous to attend me.
    I took a test drive with Velu, probably another SA/Technician and he said that the turbo and pickup was fine. He was always above 2500RPM in city traffic. When I asked him to drive around 1500-2000 RPM, he probably understood the issue after a bit of my explanation.

    I waited for an hour and got the car back, with not much noticeable difference though. The ECU had a error for "clutch" which was supposedly cleared.
    The SA asked me to drive for another 500kms and then revert since the clutch may require some time etc etc! When I cribbed about the frequent visits that I am making to KHT, he assured me of a free pickup and drop of the vehicle, if required.

    Just came back from a 300km trip with 3 passengers and notice an improvement in the pickup. The lag is lesser now compared to what I had last week, thought not ideal yet.
    I plan to wait for another week and then decide!

    Couple of points here:
    1. Happy to see that KHT is still courteous to at least listen to my concern and take a look at it. Thank god, they do not ask me to take another appointment, like Vecto.
    2. I am wondering why does clutch take some time to "adjust"!? Is this natural? I now notice that the F.E. drops considerably during city drives if the clutch usage is more.
  7. rags086

    rags086 Timido

    Visited KHT Service last week for the AC issue and left pulling. I was very happy to see everyone being courteous and ready to help. Especially Mr. Sarvanapp who is the manager.

    Got my car back after 3 days with all the issues being fixed and most importantly had to pay only Rs. 393. All the components for AC fix were taken care as part of warranty. Another reason to be Fiat customer :) and thanks to KHT for attending the issues promptly.

    Here sharing copy of invoice...
  8. Hello Punto owners,
    I need one information. I had my third free service for Punto in August. Well my experience with the service was not that great. I will try to add my experience later. But first i want to know, if any of you have been charged for wheel balancing during free service ? From my earlier services (from Concorde Motors) it was for Free of cost. but for my third service, I have been charged with Rs.837/- (excluding wheel weights). Can any one of you help me with this information ?
  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wheel alignment used to be free, and balancing was charged, even at Concorde (to me).
  10. And AC cleaning for Rs.786/- (No part number, but instead it says "Open Flat Rate operation")

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