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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. solomon13

    solomon13 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I too agree with you rajan . Seems like Indian mindset is creeping to FIAT.
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  2. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Even I got a msg from Tata motors reminding me service. I got my punto from KHT in month of nov 2012. They asked me to get the service done before july 14.
    Punto is hovering around 12k mark good 2500km more for 2nd Service.

    I ignored the msg.
  3. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

    On continuation with my first service, wheel alignment was pending , which was done today. Of-course not without glitches

    I called up KHT on Wednesday saying i wanted wheel alignment and body wash done , which wassn't done as part of regular service because of power problem. I insisted for an appointment though they said i can drop in. After insisting couple of times he said my appointment is confirmed on saturday morning 9 AM. Again called up yesterday morning to confirm my appointment, to my surprise the appointment wasn't booked at all :( . I said I already called up on Wednesday, and i was told the appointment is confirmed. I explained the receptionist the entire story and said i need only wheel alignment so Give me an appointment for saturday. She obliged and said I can get my car on saturday by 9 AM

    Took my car today to service center, there came an another shocker, The wheel alignment can't be done because the machine is not working :(. I was totally pissed off. I said I booked an appointment specifically saying i need only wheel alignment. I was told to get the car again later some other day. I wasn't totally happy with that. I said you get it done with any other service center for me. I can't get my car every week for this.

    Then they contacted KHT's tata service center and requested them for my wheel alignment. Then i took my car to the KHT's TATA service center, where the wheel alignment was done. I wasn't interested for a body wash, just got my vehicle back home.

    Lots of scope for improvement ...
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  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  5. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    I visited KHT today for replacing my CSC and wipers. My experience today was better compared to Concorde Dairy circle when the JV with TATA was in place.

    It was less crowded and I went in without a prior appointment. Concorde did not accept visits without prior appointment.

    I was exploring options of a private mechanic but I might just continue with the FIAT ASC.
  6. Sathish_UPS

    Sathish_UPS Novizio

    Does anyone utilized discount coupon issued during free service camp @ KHT? Now I have to replace my clutch kit assembly along with suspension works & thought of using it, but service advisor @ KHT says it is valid for only one month from the date of issue & it can not use now.

    But @ the same time VECTO motors ready to give discounts of 10% on spares & 20% on labor till today. But we should have collected discount coupon from VECTO to avail it.

    When I checked with Shivram of KHT about this, he said that its dealers decision to fix the validity of discount coupon.

    During my last paid service KHT changed Air filter cover/Bulbs few other spares during regular service, but refused to accept discount coupon stating those comes under regular service as its changed during service time. I wonder for what they will accept the discount coupon.

    Better be wise on selecting free camps next time. I should have visited VECTO for free service camp:A.
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  7. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Free camps are almost useless even otherwise. It brings business to the dealers because there is a possibility that those who come for the free camp are likely to come again, at least for the next service.
  8. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    That's what Shivram told me as well when I took my car recently for service to KHT and change of some spare parts. No discounts were offered.

    Next time I'll take my car to Vecto :).
  9. adigabnp

    adigabnp Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Recently, I had my 5th service of my Punti in K.H.T. at 58,000kms.


    I had some major issues like:

    1. Too much engine noise within the cabin [This was after too many scrapping in the ChikkamagaLooru-KemmaNNugundi road recently and a possible injury to the sump guard].
    2. Pathetic pickup.
    3. Very hard clutch/gear and almost impossible to slot into 1st, 3rd and reverse gears.
    [I have a history of replacing the slave and master earlier at different occasions and the clutch has been the only negative point to me in Punti, till date].
    4. Too many rattles within the cabin.
    5. Poor A/C performance.

    I got an appointment with K.H.T. within a week after I called. I went to K.H.T. on the day of servicing and noticed that it was located in an industrial area near Hoodi/ITPL and the area was calm.
    The SA Bharath took some time before I was addressed. I was in no real hurry. He listened to my issues and even before I could conclude, he opined that the clutch needs to be changed and may have been the cause for low pickup etc. I was ok with it since I was fed up of the clutch and knew that it needs a replacement. None of my friends wanted to drive my vehicle due to the clutch!!

    He asked me for 3 days to complete servicing including the clutch kit replacement. I was surprised since Mashud Khan in Concorde, Dairy circle used to get things done within a day.
    I was fine since I wanted the work to be neat and did not want them to hurry.

    I got a call the next day informing that the clutch kit was unavailable and only the servicing was done.

    I went to get back the vehicle. This was probably the best servicing till date.

    Engine noise almost nil, pickup was excellent, A/C was super-awesome, cleaning was average as some of you have already pointed out.
    Overall bill of 11,491/- since the coolant, power steering oil etc. were changed as part of the 60K/2 years servicing.
    Got a dummy bill and was asked to collect the original when I came for clutch replacement.

    I was happy with the overall experience. There is no ambience here. But, the work was very excellent.


    I called the SA Bharath multiple times and got an appointment to get the clutch kit replaced once the clutch kit was available, the following week. I requested to clean EGR as well along with it since it was due during servicing. I was advised to change the brake pads as well [2nd time since I bought Punti].
    The servicing time was again 2-3 days and I was fine with it.

    The vehicle was ready on schedule. The clutch is butter smooth now along with the gears, obviously.
    Brakes are more confident now.
    Total bill of around 12,338/- Got the bills for both the instances of servicing.

    The bill included 396/- as part of the 4 collars/clamps which needed to be replaced during EGR cleaning. Anyone aware of what this is all about?

    However, I noticed that the engine noise had increased. The pickup had dropped. I hate to drive when the pickup is low!!
    I asked the SA after the test drive. He advised me to drive for few kms and revert with a feedback and opined that it would be normal once I start driving!
    It completed another 200kms now and still there was no change. Moreover I noticed that fuel efficiency too has dropped considerably. I used to get around 24kmpl during my office trips which has now dropped to 18-19kmpl. I stay on the outskirts of the city and travel on NH7 and ORR and hence (expected) get a good F.E.
    Called up the SA to know that his mobile number was switched off. Called Shivaraam and got an appointment fixed to check this.


    I went to the service center and Mr. Shivaraam obliged by asking one of the mechanics to address the issue of pickup.
    Mechanic Hari came for a test drive and I explained him the issue and he told that the pickup was sort of ok. I insisted that it was not!
    He then took the vehicle inside the workshop and got it back after 15 minutes. Told that there was a turbo leak due to a hose which goes from air filter being loose and he had tightened it.
    I took a test drive and it felt better and not great, yet. I returned since I could not conclude immediately.
    Thanks to K.H.T. for looking into it.

    But, when I travel with my family I realized that the pickup is still bad! The fuel efficiency is still bad compared to what I used to get before the clutch replacement. Even my regular friends who drove my car opined that the pickup was bad.
    Planning to call Shivaraam/Bharath and go again!

    I was the most frequently visiting Fiat customer at Concorde, dairy circle. Hope the trend does not continue at K.H.T.!!!
  10. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: KHT Motors Bangalore

    So after EGR cleaning this loss of pickup and drop in FE? Why fix something that ain't broke, Fiat never has EGR cleaning as part of service.

    Do you get black smoke?

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