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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. Racing_2012

    Racing_2012 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Thanks Ravi & santhu ...I will mail them.
  2. PKMohan

    PKMohan Amatore

    I just got my Linea third service done. I would say I am really happy with the visit this time compared to all my previous visits. All the oils changed and the car is really smooth. I had hard steering issue and the strut elastic pads are changed under warranty, now the steering is back to normal.
    Car washing has improved significantly, few improvements required in terms of finer details, but otherwise overall I am quite happy.
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  3. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    My experience with KHT is really sad. That made me think they just good for first service - washing, cleaning, top ups etc. (my first service review was excellent)
    Critical services are not their cup of tea because they lack quality staffs and it is also difficult for us to make them understand.

    The reasons are -

    1. There was a problem with bonnet wire (under warranty) and they were supposed to fix it in the first service itself but didnt do it and even couldnt do it in second service.
    2. Appointment was fixed well in advance and I went there first thing was told I can take my car by next day. Fought with service executive Mr (B) and he agreed to deliver by 1 pm.
    3. I told no washing of car only under body washing.
    4. Bonnet insulator burnt because of heat and required replacement under warranty. They told it will be done and later said it is cut by rats. Any idiot will know the difference between cut by rat and burning because of heat. Finally agreed and said parts not there and will inform. No information till now.
    5. Bad syn of throttle paddle sensor and you feel sudden wheel spinning. I had to explain this several times to the service guy but he was telling it is working fine.
    6. The car was serviced and engine oil was changed and the service personnel wanted to drive my car and pushing it to 3500 rpm. The oil has just been replaced.
    7. Underbody doesnt include wheel arc, mud flaps etc? I didnt know this. They removed my car from washing bay and again I had to tell them to wash. Waited for 30 mins to get the guy finish other cars then did mine.

    Mr Adit I think you need to seriously think about FIAT services. They lack quality professionals. They treat our cars same way they treat Tata Indica and us as cab drivers. KHT is near to my home/office thats my first option but this type of service I would prefer Concord.
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  4. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    for last few weeks I have been facing the below issues -
    1. Very low pickup and too much turbo lag. Sometime engine stops in second gear when going over hump at low rpm.
    2. Lots of noise from suspension and uncomfortable drive.
    3. katch katch sound and little hard in gear shifting (changed the clutch kit @ 46K) still clutch doesn't feel smooth and the car vibrates when taking reverse.
    4. There is a humming sound additional to the engine sound , even at idling time.

    Took appointment from KHT last week and dropped the car at service center today @ 10 AM.
    Actually I dropped the car before 9 AM but could not wait there, and went again at 10 after SA called me and reminded for the service.
    I really appreciate that.
    SA told he will be changing the gear oil and coolant also which was due, and will check the reason for all the problems stated.
    Since I thought of working from home today told SA to inform me and I will come to the workshop to check and understand myself once he finds the issues.

    Called at 1 PM , SA told he is yet to start with my car. Assured me that he will call me.
    Could not wait for more at 3.30 (just 1 hour back as I write this) went to workshop.
    SA told he is waiting for the bay to check my car , I was like :eek: and :shocked and :firey , but nothing to do....
    Requested him again to call me back if by chance he gets a bay available today to check my car.

    Initially SA was telling me that to resolve the problems correctly he will need 2 days, and I was ready to give him the time , but now
    I know why it requires 2 days because no one knows when the bay will be available even after booking the service in advance.
    I hope he gets proper time to check the problems and does a good job.
    I have nothing to complain against KHT in particular at this point, as I have seen this level of service in numerous service centers.

    I have a plan to visit the Ganesha Temple in AECS layout in the evening, I will pray for Ganesha's blessings for my car as well.
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  5. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    This reminds me of J Ravi sir's words "By Gods grace" :) while talking about his trips to FIAT Mgmt Team. Hope everything will be fine with your car and keep pushing the KHT team!!Do keep us posted on the resolution
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  6. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I think today is over as I haven't got any call from SA.
    Will catch him tomorrow again and will keep the proceedings posted.

    @pauleralil , everyone of us burst in laughter when Ravi Sir said those words in the Vecto inauguration !! That too when the other person have just finished telling about his sad experience with Punto after a long (8k run in 15 days) in Himalayas.
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  7. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Any update Soumen?
  8. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    SA called me yesterday and informed -

    1. LHS elastic pad needs replacement ( I have already replaced the RHS last time) , showed me the part, its gone.
    2. LHS Shock Absorber is also gone and need to be changed. He showed that after depressing the shock absorber its not coming out as normally it would.
    3. He is going to change the link rod in RHS (this one I am not sure as I remember I changed it last time, need to talk to him today when taking TD and delivery).
    4. EGR and Turbo Intercooler cleaned (not recommended by FIAT, but TATA vehicles do it at every 30K it seems). This was done for low pickup issue I am facing.

    Also to add I have asked him to check whether he can fit washers in the elastic pad mounting holes as the mounting holes are little bigger than the screws. He said he cannot do anything that company doesn't prescribe. I Understand his point, may be I have to do it outside if noise persists.

    I will take the delivery today evening, looks like he will be ready with a shocking bill,:shocked
    however if the job is done well I will be happy :)
  9. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    MY exp is also not too good with them,, service part is OK.

    In first service the had make a big scratch on my bumper, I fought with them and they painted it for free, but the Finish is not there..

    In second service, I asked for a paper cover to put on the foot mat, as it was little wet and clean.(actually my shoe was dirty:evilsmile).
    They put news paper while handing over the car...:eek:

    But for minor issues, they gave prompt service,, they resolved two of my issue without any question.
    1. Water leakage in driver cabin. 2. Indicator not working due to some wiring issue.(they said it a rat:evil: cut)
  10. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    Yesterday I got my Car. After a TD I am satisfied with the work done.
    No big noise from suspension as of now, that little khat khat over speed breakers/potholes is still there, but much reduced.
    Steering feels awsome after changing the elastic pad, also the tilted steering towards left is now corrected. After the shock absorber change feel of the road and handling is much better.
    Today I came to office taking a longer route bypassing usual city traffic (chandapura road+hosur road) taking empty village road plus a bit of highway streach.
    Gear and Clutch are smoother but it doesn't go to third gear so easily like before. I remember a year back it used to just fall in the 3rd slot with sligtest of effort with two fingers, as if something pulled it in. That effect is gone, however much better than the condition I left in SC.
    Pickup has increased, turbo lag has reduced and putting AC is no longer causing much drop in power at slow speed.
    But the engine clatter has not reduced, SA told its the timing chain which has started to become noisy.
    Starting the engine I can hear the krrkrrr sound initially, the sound reduces a bit later. This is really a major disapointment from FIAT for the quality of the part.
    Even TATA vehicles don't replace TChain before a lakh km, for Toyota owners they might not even know about it !

    The Bill was 10.8K, will post the pics of parts and invoice later.
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