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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare


    actually the alloys are not week, if you noticed, all fiats, have more cornering ability compared to other cars. how is this possible????? well the fiats have a bit of negative camber that is preset as a factory fitment. and in fiats when you do wheel alignment, there is no camber setting there is only toe setting.

    due to the presence of the negative camber, there is more load on the inner portion of the wheels. and when you hit pot holes, or any cuts in the middle of the roads at speeds where you can here a proper bang from the wheels, thats when your alloy bends.

    this happens to everyone.... most of them wont notice it..... and also there is no use balancing bent alloys... coz though you may get a zero reading in the balancing machine, there is uneven path on the rim thats distributes load to the ground and this results in wobbling of the wheels.

    thats all.... my linea has all 4 bent alloys, the best thing to do is go for 195/65 r 15 tyres .... since my rims are bent i ordered 4 steel rims and the active model wheel caps......
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  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Got my Punto rear wiper replaced @ KHT SC.
    Price of the rear wiper + blade = INR 690.

    When i walked into KHT SC, looking at the number of vehicles that were lined up from outside the entrance of the actual service center i was doubting about the time that it would take to get hold of a service adviser or technician who could help me replace the rear wiper + blade :?

    Parked my vehicle outside the actual service center gate in the queue of vehicles lined up (both TATA & FIAT vehicles) and went to the front desk. Checked with the lady sitting there about the spare parts, went to the spare part department and purchased the rear wiper + blade.
    That was quick, but now was the question of getting the new one fixed and replace the old one (my rear wiper blade was stolen :-o)
    Asked the person (sorry didn't ask name) in the spares department about who could help me get this part replaced !!
    This person in the spares department was the same person whom i spoke over the phone to inquire about part availability before going to the SC and yes he remembered my call, impressed :)
    He suggested names of Bharath or Velu (the service advisers for FIAT) who could help me with this.
    I went to Bharath, who showed me a person to get the part replaced. This person was wearing the South India TFI meet T-shirt, this got me thinking if he is a member of TFI :)
    Asked him about the T-shirt and voila he is a TFI member, got introduced to each other. The person is none other than Jayakrishna.
    Jayakrishna swiftly helped me get the rear wiper + blade replaced with assistance from Hari (senior technician for FIAT).

    A big thank you and thumbs up to Jayakrishna and team KHT in getting the work done so quickly. I know its a small task, but nevertheless am impressed at their response :clap

    By the way, Jayakrishna is the first TFI member that i met and it was great to meet fellow TFI member. He also showed me his Palio, it was looking mean with the rubber that it sported :-D
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  3. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    I met with an accident last week and the car door was damaged. More details here

    My choice of A.S.S was dictated by my insurance vendor Bajaj-Allianz in the sense that I could only approach those A.S.S which had cashless arrangement with Bajaj-Allianz. There was Concorde and K.H.T. I was in a dilemma because Concorde Diary circle was close to my office and I could drop in often to monitor work. On the other hand K.H.T had mixed reviews here on forum and offline some really good reviews. It was just too far from both my work place and home.

    Finally decided on K.H.T since this kind of body repair is not a regular affair. Also, presence of our TFIan Jayakrishnakola in K.H.T was re-assuring.

    On the night of 1st November I booked a slot for 2nd November for body repair:D. I called up their service center number on 2nd November around ~9:30 AM and the lady who answered the call informed me that no appointment is needed. On my way to the service center I get a call from Mr.Sarvottam enquiring about my arrival.

    I reach there at noon and I didn't have to wait even for a minute. Mr. Sarvottam was at his desk and we quickly get down to business. Insurance papers was handed over by me and the job slip was quickly prepared by Mr. Sanjay. I was given an estimation of ~Rs.24k and 3 days for the job to be complete provided parts were in stock. I was told by Mr. Sarvottam that the parts status would be known by evening. With this I left from there. It hardly took half hour IIRC.

    That evening I called up Mr. Sarvottam couple of times to check on the parts and to my luck all parts were in stock.

    Initially it was estimated that work would be completed on 7th but it got strectched to 8th. Bajaj-Allianz insurance was a nightmare to deal with and I will write a review on that in the relevant section.

    The work was completed on 8th and upon inspection I found few loose ends which I pointed out. These were promptly rectified and the car was delivered at my doorstep today.

    What I liked:-

    1. Excellent paint matching.
    2. Overall quality of work is good.
    3. V.E.R.Y good communication skills & committment of Mr. Sarvottam. When he says he will do something he will do it.
    4. All parts were in stock. What a relief:D
    5. Somehow I feel parts prices are a tad lesser here. I was charged Rs.900+labour for LH door glass in an earlier instance by Aadya.

    What could have been better:-
    1. Maintaining neatness in the job. Paint spraying to inside door trims, a fully smeared ORVM, random writing on headlamp, rough edges inside the door, these things are all very elementary. Shouldn't have happened in the first place.

    2. Getting it First-Time-Right. They are competent to do a good job but they should focus on getting it right, rightaway.

    Net net I am happy with the work done and would definitely go to them again, hopefully not for body repair!
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  4. nitinjd

    nitinjd Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks jayakrishnakola, surely i will think your option. I would like to know the cost of 4 rim & tyres? could you please share your experience (driving/cost/riding quality/braking etc) between alloy v/s steel rim.

    lot of people have mention about advantage of allow over rim.

  5. vsivaku

    vsivaku Novizio

    Thanks for sharing this Adit.It was nice talking to you in person on saturday evening.

    I regret myself for viewing this late and the bad thing is all the 2010 diesel variants of linea is sold out and entire punto stock (petrol, diesel) is sold out. I was initially planning for 2010 diesel dynamic variant of punto and now planning to stretch my budget to 2011 emotion of linea. Planning to do the booking on monday after arranging funds .
  6. My car will be visiting the SC tomorrow,the problem with the battery was not solved...And few other issues as well..Hope it returns back fit and fine..
  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    This is quite bad when fiat on the other side is fixing their network and ASS for good!
  8. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    A boss himself becoming active on a forum and directly intervening in customer complaints is unique and unheard of. This is really commendable effort from Adit.
    Unfortunately, there seems to be some disconnect between Adit and the lower levels. While adit is proactive and tries ensuring customer confidence, some at the lower levels seems to be a confused lot. All his efforts to build confidence go in vain when someone at the lower level screws up something.

    I had an experience on the service front recently when my Punto's clutch failed and had to be towed to the SC. I first contacted KHT service desk, who asked me to contact an SA(I don't want to name), who again asked me to call FIAT helpline at KHT. The FIAT helpline at KHT gives me the contact number of a towing vehicle, which I can very well google and find out from net. The Service desk, the SA, and FIAT helpline are unsure or confused how to handle such an issue. I even called the emergency on-road service vehicle of KHT, who again asked me to contact helpline.

    That was when I tried calling concorde service desk, who put me to the SA. In an hour's time, a technician is at my home to inspect the vehicle. After he confirmed that the vehicle should not be driven to the SC, he himself arranged for the tow vehicle. Goof up on the unavailability of part, and then escalation, leading to sudden availability of part is a different issue.

    We, both present and future customers of FIAT, expect more focused action from KHT, who, if rumors are to be believed, will soon be starting the FIAT-dedicated SC and dealership. Adit, a lot of us have immense trust in you and KHT's capabilities. Let not someone spoil the good work you do.
  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Truth is that Adit's effort is more or less one man army! Its good if guys having KHT problems PM adit and explain detailly such a way he could place some internal process to be more clear and precise.
  10. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    ^^ Why should anyone have to do that? Why is it that Adit has to be a member here, make himself available to us, spend his time answering queries and posts - just to make sure we get the service that we are entitled to get as a matter of course?

    Sounds just like the way a Goverment establishment runs in India, doesn't it?


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