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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. nareshreddyp

    nareshreddyp Novizio

    I have asked them for wheel alignment only to solve the steering centering issue. I will plan to visit Vijay Alignments this weekend which is in J.P.Nagar.

    Car tires - Michelin 10k done
  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    I had done wheel rotation and alignment from KHT a few months back and did not face any issues.

    The main issue at KHT seems to be that you need to keep Adit in loop every time you visit there...That's irritatating.
  3. adit

    adit Regolare


    awaiting your feedback on the service experience.

    can you pls mail me more details and the SA's name on and pls mention your vehicle number.

    not really :) the new team is in place since a few months now..... now only working on the gorund lvl staff like SA's.....this also should be sorted by this month with their in house training etc being completed.

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    Guys i am still waiting for someone to take the initiative and coordinate with other members of when can we all have a joint meeting @ KHT workshop so we can have a open discussion of issues faced by you and how things can be improved for the better.
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  4. someshvar

    someshvar Timido

    Can somebody give me Adit's cell no? If so, please PM me. I have given my car for 1st free service for past 2 and half days and SA seem to delaying the delivery everyday. He does not even respond to my callls.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Send him email, from above post.

    Also please don't repeat your same post in multiple threads.
  6. manudon

    manudon Timido

    KHT - The Sa(d)ga continues...

    Well, here goes. I was out of town till yesterday, hence the delay.

    The Good:
    1. The car was picked up and dropped as per my convenience
    2. The engine feels butter smooth post the oil change.
    3. The gear shift also feels much smoother.

    The Bad:
    Few things got left out, even though they had specifically been mentioned:
    1. Rear winders tight - Confirmed with the SA twice before delivery that this has been taken care of, only to realize that they haven't even been touched.
    2. External windshield rubber beading peeling - Was charged for applying some superglue, which hasn't lasted even a single day. On the flip side, the gluing job was a bit shoddy leaving superglue spots around wherever it has been applied.
    3. The car still pulls to the left even though alignment was done. I guess this is better addressed through outside shops.

    The Ugly(?):
    Was in the vicinity of KHT motors in the morning and decided to get these minor things done and finished off as I had an hour free. The SA asked me to come over. Reached KHT at 10:25 AM, took about 10 mins to locate the SA. Explained the issue to him (and the lack of time), and he drove it into the service area to get it done.

    However, the car was just standing there. Called him again multiple times, and asked him to get it done later if it will take time as I had to go to work. He assured me that there was somebody is working on it, even though I could see that the car is just standing there!! :confused: After sometime, he stopped answering my calls ( I guess he got sucked in a meeting). Finally, after wasting more than an hour watching the car idle, I got into the car at 11:44 AM and drove home (the complaints still remain). :(

    My experience as a customer vis a vis Prerana and Concorde service:
    The main reason for trying out KHT was that both Concorde and Prerana tend to miss 2-3 issues even after sharing a detailed list of complaints, and had to waste time going back again for minor things. The experience was no different here.

    However, at both the places, the SA had been been quick to get the work done after calling me there. This did not happen at KHT, and seems to be a recurring theme. I had a similar experience with a Nano earlier, where we had to end up waiting 2.5 hours and call up multiple people just to get a new wheel rim from the spare shop!! :eek: In that case the SA had told us that the rim was out of stock, only for it to magically appear on calling the TATA folks directly. This waste of time is a big negative for me as a working person.

    Service charges:
    The total cost came to Rs.5400, which I guess is par for 2nd free service for MJD. Invoice attached. tax invoice.jpg
  7. someshvar

    someshvar Timido

    Ravi, thanks for suggestion. I did that when I posted this but it's of no use. :eek:

  8. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Today the the passenger inside door lock stopped working. It had just been repaired during the second service a couple of days ago. Hope that the KHT folks get back soon with a date and time when the pending work can be redone. Already informed their service center from my side.
  9. adit

    adit Regolare

    hi guys,

    My apologies was travelling and had limited access to mails and web.

    looking into all your issues posted.

    I have a request that since everyone has a nick name here and it gets difficult to identify you when u post a complaint can we pls have the practice of you posting your car numbers so we can trace you and get in touch with u faster. This would help me also a lot in ensuring that time is not wasted trying 2 trace you.
  10. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I did my 45 K Service recently in KHT,
    SA told that the power steering oil is good and dont need to change for another 10K and they have topped up. ( TFI Ravi informed me immediately that Steering oil should be changed - thanks Ravi).
    Now after reading some other thread I feel I should have changed it without listening to SA in KHT. This could lead to denial of extended warranty!!!

    Advice to KHT - SA should not advice to postpone any oil change, replacement which is prescribed in the manual as this could be used as an excuse for not approving the warranty claim. Some members are actually facing the issue.
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