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MTB compound, Hoodi village, Opp Prestige Shantiniketan Bangalore, Karnataka 560066
  1. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    My Experience with KHT is very good, i can say excellent from the service advisor to the service person. Following is the detailed desc.

    Earlier i was using aStar, and i have used that vehicle nearly 2 yrs and i was very happy with that car. I sold the my astar last year(2011 october).
    >From then onwards my search has started for diseal vehicles. I had TD ford figo, i20, swift and ritz. As a satisfied maruti customer i was fall in love with RITZ.
    >One fine day i went to KHT motors for punto TD. I had TD the punto with tausif(sales person) and he explained me all the features. That day onwards that beauty is coming to my dreams everyday, but i was worried about some of the comments on the net and most of my friends warned me not to go for punto.
    >After a few days of surfing i got the link to "TEAM FIAT" and really glad to see this real owner experiences in this forum rather than the fake talk.
    >Again i went to KHT in the month of december and asked for the white color vehicle. As they dont have stock in their yard.
    >I have enquired all the showrooms in bangalore and got to know that AADYA is having the white color vehicle.
    >The next weekend i went aadya and confirmed everything and i cleared the finances. They told they are going to deliver the vehicle on 30th Dec 2011.
    >I prepared everything(coconut, lemon, muhurtha.etc.,) and i got a call at around 3:00PM stating that the vehicle is not going to deliver on the same day(30th)
    >I was very disappoined and i went to showroom and asked abt the reason(Due to some RTO problem they didnt send the vehicles to RTO).
    >they told me that they are going to deliver the vechicle on 31st dec.
    From here onwards my problems got started with AADYA motors bangalore:
    After taking the delivery on 31st dec at around 4:30 we went to temple for puja. I saw that "CHECK ENGINE" message on my console. i was bit worried that time and i called AADYA, they asked me to take the vehicle to their service station. when we reached service station the message got disappeared.
    >I saw the same message on 3rd jan when we went to some place in bangalore and even the clutch is not responding. I got pissed off with that problem as its 2 day old baby.
    >The next day i went to aadya(its around 30 kms) from my place, as our members suggested i have asked them to scan with examiner. They told me they dont have that equipment and aksed me to go prerana/kht, with out even checking the problem.
    From here my experience with KHT STARTS.(I can say awesome)
    > I reached KHT at around 11:30AM and explained the problem that i have faced.(They listen to me very carefully and the treatment is also very good).
    >The details of my probelm is in the "2 day old Punto showing check engine light" thread.
    >My experience with KHT is delighted. I will suggest bangalore people to service their vehicle at KHT.
    Thanks to the following people, who had treated me well at the service station.
    1. Velu (service person)
    2. Bharat (Service advisor)
    3. Hari (Service person)
    4. Rajesh --> he is from tata motors it seems. ( i got a good confidence on FIAT because of his treatment).
    5. XYZ -->some guy with FIAT( sorry i dont know his name).

    Thanks you all once again.
  2. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    The noise from the front right side was fixed at KHT. Did a online booking for the visit from the KHT website and was surprised to know that the system actually works ! The SA and technicians were co-operative and keen to identify the issue and let me know the problem, the link rod had play and the rubber at its ends have torn off. Noticed in another Punto parked there that they use some good dashboard polish which make the dash real black and the polish was non-sticky. Returned my car in tiptop condition with no unwanted noises anywhere.

    Keep up the good job KHT and Adit!!
  3. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    Another good experience with KHT again. Sunday i have taken my car to put the sunfilm. The shop guy hitted the shop wall while reversing and my back fog lamp got damaged. I have taken my car to AADYA same day, they said the total cost of estimation is coming around 8000/-.(They said the fog lamp also broken, but its not).
    They said they are going to change the rear bumper and will attach the new bumper. I was surprised to listen to them and from there i have taken my car directly to KHT. They changed some clamp inside the rear bumber and now its looking good without any cost. My feeling is if you dont know the actual cause, some ppl will loot your money for sure. This forum is helping me to understand the car better. Thanks TFI and KHT.
  4. PKMohan

    PKMohan Amatore

    I just got my MJD Linea from second service at KHT motors. My experience is above average mainly for the below reasons.
    Few things I feel KHT should improve:
    1. Doing all the standard checks as stated in the service manual. I found that wheels not rotated (front to rear), service reminder not reset, not sure whether the alignment check is made.
    2. Care for Leather seats. Inspite of reminder while giving for service, seats are always soiled. Of course, they do clean after insisting, but the general cleanliness is lacking.
    3. General cleanliness of exterior while delivering the vehicle. Cars are kept in very tight spaces and invariably there will be all sorts of marks on the car while people moving around. But no one bothers to wipe the car before delivering.

    I went again to the service centre for resetting the service reminder and I was surprised to hear that it can't be changed. I have another 90kms and they mentioned that once I finish those 90kms, need to visit SC and get it changed. After mentioning about teamfiat blog, they did reset the counter in 10 mins.
    When I checked for wheel rotation, they mentioned that it would be rotated only if there is significant difference in front and rear treads, otherwise they won't rotate.

    See if it is possible to attach the checks performed along with the invoice?
  5. adit

    adit Regolare

    thanks Pran and ccprakash.......

    PKMohan i would request you to kindly send a mail regarding your feedback to and ...... thanks for your feedback..... we r making a few small changes in terms of customer handling staff and introducing a new person who's responsibility will be 2 ensure all complaints will be attended to b 4 delivery of teh car and shall check with the customer b 4 he comes to collect it.....will b in place by 1st once they are back from training.
  6. PKMohan

    PKMohan Amatore

    Thanks Adit. I shall drop an email with detailed feedback.

    I didn't had any issue with the car to sort out during the service, usually all the complaints are well taken care when I give for service. But my only worry is that the basic checks which are required for second service (alignment check, tyre rotation, resetting service reminder, checking brake pad wear etc) are not well taken care.

    Also I wished to receive the rear axle update before dropping the vehicle for service, as I booked service appointment well before. I couldn't do the update as it takes couple of days and I need to drop the car again for this update.

    Otherwise I am happy with the general service and response of service executives.
  7. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    @adit - I have dropped an email to the ids you mentioned.
  8. adit

    adit Regolare

    hey guys,

    well am assuming since no one has posted any complaints there can be only 2 reasons........ all your cars are running perfectly......or kht service is good and no complaints....... or 3rd options mayb tht non of u r comming to kht :( hence no comments about our service........

    request you all to keep posting and updating me about your issues and service experiences with kht to enable me to ensure we improve and give you the service you deserve....


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  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    hmmm... Actually I was there yesterday to check some issues in my Punto.
    The issue: A stone had hit the under carriage of my punto and caused some damage to that portion of the silencer which connects to the catalytic converter and resulted in minor exhaust leakage. The mechanic who had a look at the problem told me that I will have to replace both the catalytic converter and center pipe, together costing appx 42k. While this part can be repaired, why is it that your people always insist on replacing the part? For your information, my car is now under extended warranty.
  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Why don't you use your insurance?

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