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C-18, Noida Phase-II,Dadri Noida Road, Gautam Budh Nagar Noida, UP 201305
  1. vikastwister

    vikastwister Novizio

    Hi Own a Feb 2010 Fiat Punto MJD active model. With in 1 year of ownership, rusting issue started in my punto as it used to sit out in open all the time, be in office or home. Now this car is 4.5 years old and outside any kind of warranty. During recent monsoon checkup, I took my car to Kashyap Fiat Noida. I said to lalit(service manager) in a casual way, I do not have any kind of problem with this car, but yes there is rusting problem in all four doors, bonnet and at the back. Common places where rusting gets start first. He immediately took the pictures of my car and sent his report along with pictures to fiat India. I said, even of its paid stuff get it done as I will continue with this car till its life cycle or RTO permits. After 3 days he get back to me and said approval has come from the Fiat, we will resolve this rusting problem in your car, even if it is outside warranty. Next weekend I took my car to Kashyap Fiat, Noida and left it there for 2 weeks. I told there every body, take your time, I am not in hurry but do it good. After two weeks, Following stuff was done by the service center.
    1. Installed new rubber beeding in All doors. (Free of Cost).
    2. All Joints in the car were repainted. Prior to that all rusting treatment was done and its a brand new Car. Even the layer of Paint is very thick now. (All this free of Cost).

    I did not even paid a single rupee there.

    But yes some hiccups, for which you need to be patient enough. Like glove box lock was broken. Which they replaced with new (free of cost), looks inside bonnet to hold the black sheet for sound dampening were missing, replaced with new (free of cost). Yes minor scratches were there on doors, which they removed at the time of delivery. And a very nice wash and polishing. (All free of cost).

    I really appreciate Kashyap Fiat, and Fiat India for this good gesture and service. I am a satisfied customer. Believe me, I would not have received this service from any other manufacturer in india.

    Vikas Bhardwaj
  2. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have numerous examples to quote for Kashyap Fiat. They are really good. Yes one has to be patient....they are willing to help...
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  3. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Both the NOIDA & Okhla workshops are good, but they become better whenever when Mr. O.P. Sharma is there.

    They take a little time to sort out the things [may be shortage of some parts] , but they get the job done.
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  4. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    I have a 2010 manufactured Punto90hp . 4th service at Kashyap Fiat . In nut shell : not a good service experience (Rafiq was on leave).

    I had got my 4th pad service done from Kashyap Fiat somewhere around 21st Oct 2014 . My experience that I thought good turned out to be quiet bad later on . Had gone from Delhi to Lucknow during Diwali and there was the Alternator breakdown on 24th of October ; just almost a week after getting the 4th service . God knows whether the detection of an imminent breakdown of Alternator was not possible during the service that happened just a few days back . Anyways I give the benefit of doubt to the service centre.

    On 27th of October took my I took my car to the Classic Fiat,Lucknow for Alternator change(Now there is another story of Classic Fiat as well but lets not get into that currently) . To my horror I found that the coolant was almost empty ; and there was a loose nut that I had told Kashyap Fiat to tighten and they said its done but it was still loose . And surprisingly I was charged 18000 which included the charges for the coolant as well !! Now the coolant was almost non existent and it was clear that a couple of kms more of driving the car would have definitely caused a breakdown . Such a glaring carelessness from Kashyap Fiat was not expected !! For what the hell did they charge me 18K ?? Am wondering if they even changed the engine oil or the other fluids !! I was appalled at seeing this glaring omission !! For what are the service advisers payed for ??

    Now here I would like to tell you that Rafiq was on leave during that time .Else I am sure that things would have been much better as rest of my services were done only in the presence of Rafiq . It appears that you can trust Kashyap Fiat service ONLY and ONLY if Rafiq or Mr OP Sharma is standing on the head of the technicians ; else they are damn damn careless guys !! Its only because of these guys(Rafiq and Mr OP Sharma) in presence of which probably my car is still running properly !! Else Kashyap Fiat is just like any other Tom dick and harry service centre!!
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  5. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Mr. O.P. Sharma is the foundation of Kashyap Fiat.

    Though I get my car serviced from their Okhla branch, I always speak to him if there is any problem before going for the service.
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