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C-18, Noida Phase-II,Dadri Noida Road, Gautam Budh Nagar Noida, UP 201305
  1. cgujral

    cgujral Amatore

    New Delhi
    Linea 1.3
    FASS - Delhi

    Friends...Let me tell you, I certainly went for Linea considering that now FIAT has tie-up with TATA and there are lot of service stations. I owned Toyota Altis, Accent, Santro as well earlier. With Hyundai no problem as there are so many service station. With Toyota I felt the heat as there were only few service centres, eventually got rid of Altis ( But it was an excellent car - Fuel guzzler but amazing handling, comfort and can go on). I have a Honda Jazz as well now and Honda again has decent no of service centres. So went on for FIAT but suddenly came the surprise the tie-up of FIAT and TATA got over and FIAT people kept sleeping as if it happened just one fine day. They new very well atleast a year and half in advance but did nothing. Someone mentioned about TULI, let me tell you that's no different. Both Kashyap and Tuli are overloaded 2 service centres in entire Delhi and 1 each in Noida and Gurgaon. @ FIAT INDIA That's certainly not done. I use to get my car serviced from Him Motors and that was OK. But since my third service from TULI something or other is just failing, they repaired the window glass and the problem again came up. Its been 2 months and the part is still awaited. In these 2 months 3 times I had security lock failure, tail light fails intermittently, I am getting Airbag failure message as I start the car. Twice my car just didn't started, it was taking the self but not starting. I read similar thing about kashyap..so really don't know what to do, either drive 50 Kms to Gurgaon or Noida....but for what if they are
  2. aashish_19

    aashish_19 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    @cgujral If possible visit OBEROI SERVICE CENTER @ sector 63, NOIDA

    Talk with Mr. Gopalan (Service Manager) and he might assist you in every possible manner
  3. geniusg


    For a minor accidental repair.. for which a maruti service station would take 4 days, kashyap FIAT took 11 days.. that too - when they had promised to do it in 5 days.. and guess what.. the paint job was WORST.. my white punto looks like 10 year old now.. paint layers are already peeling off from some places..frankly.. nobdy in Kashyap fiat is concerned about customer service or customer satisfaction...
  4. mekuldeep

    mekuldeep Timido

    I really wonder how are they managing whole show with such attitude. I have faced bad sales experience and here goes the story for service. I really wonder if we have a decent place in Delhi NCR despite of having many dealers around.
  5. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    Hi ,

    In situations where spares are awaited , mail the requirement to Mangesh Kodlkar . I am pretty impressed with the speed this guy responds . My car met with a small accident recently where I contacted him on mail and trust me without his help the car would have been lying at dealer for 2-3 weeks above at least . After the mail you will be surprised to hear the call from dealer for the part arriving in day or 2 which otherwise would have taken indefinite time .
  6. Gaurav Chakraborty

    Gaurav Chakraborty Amatore

    New Delhi
    If you guyz are facing any prblem just mail to fiat, they really respond very fast,in my case the part which was going to be available in a week time acc SA, a mail to fiat makes that part available within hours,and the SA was calling me again and again just to ensure whether i want anything else or not :p
  7. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    ^^^ There lies the answer!

    I have been to many Fiat workshops and they have one thing they seem to be definitely competing on - no, it's not high customer satisfaction scores, it is who is going to be the worst. All their workshops are run like roadside mechanic shops(actually worse, I have memories of some great roadside mechanics for my cars and bikes). I have no great knowledge of workshop management but out of all the operations management knowledge I have I can say for sure that Fiat's processes are not in place - that is the one and only reason why all their workshops out do each other in incompetency and poor quality. Mr OP Sharma - yes he is one of the rare experts in Fiat workshops, he goes out of his way. But then that is not the answer, to get everything done in crisis management mode, and dependant on 1 or 2 persons.

    So coming back to Gaurav's response above I go by a method that always works. If the issue is any more serious than just an air filter to be cleaned, I straight away write to Fiat - one thing that still works in their system is their complaint resolution system, and it is quite effective because then you can be sure that your issue is on the way to getting resolved. There is a very good reason to do that - it saves your time and energy. I think at the back end the head office keeps following up and also gives their inputs, that and the fear of God(losing their business eventually) forces the work shop to ensure that your issue is resolved with VIP treatment to you.

    So being a member of this forum you will do well if you use this TFI exclusive piece of information, save time, energy and lot of trouble by writing to them before even going to the workshop. I even use the same mail trail when I write to them, just so that they know that I have 'been in touch' with them earlier.
  8. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Hi ,
    Please tell me the email ID of Mangesh. I had gone to Kashyap Fiat for replacement of the Cowl Top which is basically the plastic panels which house the spray jet. They dont have it and say it would take at least a week to get it. Without it , the jet spray would not work as the water would simply fall off without going to the windscreen. I need to go to lucknow by car on 2nd Nov in case my train reservation does not get confirmed. Hence I want to get it repaired urgently.

    While drving on the noida greater noida express way at around 120-130kmph the panel just ripped of and flew on the other side of the road and it was impossible to collect it.

    Thanks for your replies,
  9. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Use the search function which is on the top right hand side with a magnifying glass sign next to it and you'll find it especially if you see the Fiat contacts thread.

    That's another issue with Fiat - they never have parts available. If you had ordered the part it may come in a few days but Nov 2 is just a few days away. Call up the other workshops and ask them if they have it, or some of the larger spare parts dealers some of whom keep Fiat parts.
  10. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Most of the workshops I have been to [Maruti/Hyundai] are run like road side workshops. The only difference is that they charge you more [company rate].

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