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C-18, Noida Phase-II,Dadri Noida Road, Gautam Budh Nagar Noida, UP 201305
  1. amar_gahir

    amar_gahir Amatore

    Fiat Exclusive: Kashyap Noida

    Hello Friends,

    Here comes the Feedback about Kashyap Motors:

    As few friends on this forum are aware that i met with an accident and i was looking for some good place for denting painting job.

    I was very much excited about Fiat Exclusive opening in Okhla by Kashyap. I almost delayed 1.5 months to get repair done from good service center.

    On 20th April i came to know Kashyap Fiat Okhla is opened. So.. with full of excitement and in expectation of getting best service i drove to Okhla and reached there by 11:00 am.

    After reaching there i came to know that they do not have any facility on that date for insurance claims. Mr. Vargeese from Noida asked me to send the car to Noida. I agreed since i did not have any choice and i was able to go one step more to get best paint/repair job.

    Finally car reached Kashyap Noida and real saga begins:

    I believe whole group at teamfiat.in was assuming that Fiat exclusive service centers will be best to get the service and other work done. But the truth is opposite of it.

    Here is the story :

    1. Gave my car to them on 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] April for Service and Accidental repair.
    2. I was regularly in touch with Mr. Vargeese (Bodyshop) and Mr. Hemant ( Service). They kept on extending the delivery date. but in the hope of getting best paint job i did not raise my voice.
    3. On, 4[SUP]th[/SUP] May, I was told to get the car back after 14 days after i started showing my concern on extending Delivery date
    4. I was expecting that since i am going after 2 weeks my car will be ready. but, To my surprise, I had to wait 5 hours to get my car back since bodywork was done in horrible way.
    5. Worst denting and Paint job pics are attached. Never expected this after paying 20K for bodywork.:evil:
    6. I had no option except blasting Bodyshop department. and they started rectifying the issue. and did "jugaad" for the fender/bumper joint issue.
    7. While being at Service center i had to call both of Mr. Hemant and Mr. Vargeese after every 10-15 mins to start the repair work and keep it continue. I was on my foot only for 5 hours as it was Saturday and people were already in holiday mood.
    8. Worst Service and Bodyshop Managers i have ever seen..!!!! Totally Irresponsible !!
    9. Finally at 7:30 PM i got my car back in condition to atleast drive back home. Although Rubbing is still pending. Dont know they have been doing with my car for 2 weeks.
    10. On the way back I got service duration expired notification. I was shocked to see that. How can Fiat Service center forget to check the car using laptop examiner?
    11. Spoke to Mr. Jeevan at Kashyap Immediately @ 8:00 PM on 4[SUP]th[/SUP] May, He was not sure whether service of my vehicle was done or not. ( Although he raised invoice of 10K)
    12. Mr. Jeevan promised to send the Examiner to my home tomorrow morning.
    13. On 5[SUP]th[/SUP] Morning I got call that examiner cannot be sent because it is not working.
    14. Got call from Mr. Lalit, he also said examiner is not working for one month and cannot be sent. Another Shock!!!
    15. After reaching home, i opened car bonnet to see if the service was done or not. Another Shock...!!! Coolent was almost empty.:eek:!!!

    Now here comes the basic question: How Kashyap Fiat is servicing the vehicles and checking the faults if Examiner is not working for last 14 days ( may be more than that). is there any difference in Tata shared vs Fiat Exclusive service... ???

    Answer is BIG NO... its same set of careless people working on Fiat Cars...

    I wrote to fiat and got call from MR. OP Sharma. Unfortunately, Mr. OP sharma was not there in workshop on that day due to death of his brother.

    Mr. OP Sharma sent the person with Examiner in 2 hours to fix the service expiry warning. Thanks to him.

    i do not feel like leaving my car with them again although there are few problems which are not rectified for which i have already paid:

    Pending Problems:

    1. Proper solution for Bumper/Fender jugaad
    2. Some loose component noise inside the front new bumper (metal noise )
    3. Rubbing needs to be done on four newly painted panels
    4. Fog Lights not working as they did not have wire to get them working. :eek:



  2. A.B


    New Delhi
    Hi Amar. Even we had horrible experience with Kashyap Fiat. I have been meaning to post a detailed review in the "Dealership reviews" section. I will try and post today.

    Anyway, I would say they are very dishonest and it would be best to avoid them if possible. For both sales, as well as service (after reading about your experience).
  3. GaganTakker

    GaganTakker Amatore

    New Delhi
    Did you already pay the bill ?

    I suggest , get your body shop things done from outside for 200-300 INR
  4. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Do we have any option in Delhi ? At least Mr. O.P. Sharma is there - he is their Service Manager.

    I am stuck with Kashyap, Okhla as the NOIDA service centre is too far away.
  5. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Guys, I am in touch with Mr. Sharma. Unfortunately, few key people of Mr. Sharma's team are having serious family issues.

    Mr. Sharma: His elder brother was suffering from serious health issues and passed away.

    Bhagwan Singh: He is a champ electrician. Fiat knows how he started a Linea in Oberai motors, Noida. Fiat engineers raised their hands. He is young and suffering from a serious illness. I don't want to say what it is.

    Subhash: Service advisor: Father passed away.

    Ompal: Met with accident, still not recovered fully.

    Rafiq: He is champ mechanic. No introduction is required. His motor is around 100 years old and is very sick. He was taking care of workshop and her mother. </SPAN>
    This team is very well known by Fiat owners in Delhi. This is very hard time for them.</SPAN>
    I suggest talking to Mr. Sharma in details once he is back. I am sure you will be a happy customer in the end.</SPAN>
  6. sidindica


    This just talks about awful quality service. Whoever was responsible, he has to bear by the same and need to make correct the damage done. Fiat or whatever brand it is, if this happened to my car, I would have raised alarms at that spot itself and refuse to take delivery and escalate to FGAIPL. If Fiat is watching this, stern action must be taken against the erring people before the so called "make the move" just begins to stall.
  7. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    I was there on 4th May to get the Jet attended when I got the news that both Mr Sharma and Rafiq were missing in action. Amar - not sure if we bumped into each other that day. Dropped the car in the morning and asked them to check the steering vibration issue, fix the rear bumper (misaligned by a hit recently) among small odd jobs like mud flap fixing etc. I never let my cars out of sight whether it is a Fiat or another company's workshop. Had another TFI'an Parantap who had come with me with his Jet as well, so decided to leave the car since there was an important business meeting to attend in Greater Noida.

    Came back around 3 pm to see that pretty much nothing had been done. The rear bumper was aligned but the chrome beading was still hanging on one side. No one could tell me if any action was taken for correcting the steering vibrations although the car was out for a TD when I came back. Someone told me that they had swapped the tyres left to right and vice versa but it could not be confirmed even after asking the supervisor and a couple of mechanics who were there.

    On another note, a number of mishaps had occurred. The smart chap who installed mud flaps (absolute edition), put a screw on the sides of the rear pair to hold them together. Beats me why he did that when the company provides "U" clips for installation and even provides a pictorial guide for the same with the packaging. I argued with him about this and he simply did not want to budge and kept saying this is how they install all mud flaps or risk having them fall off. Turns out he did not know how to use the clips. I left it as it is for now as I did not have the patience to argue more.

    Someone had worked on the rear sun curtain in my previous visit as it was not returning to its original position. They fixed that but ensured that they messed up the boot royally by removing all the clips which keep the inner boot lining in place. To my horror, the boot was looking like there had been a storm there as the inner lining was coming apart completely (my bad - I did not check the same when taking the car the last time). I asked them to get clips and fix the same, but pat came the reply - Sir we do not have any clips in stock. I was almost about to lose it again but refrained since I did not want to create a scene in Mr Sharma's absence who I have the utmost regard for.

    In a nutshell, Kashyap needs to pull up their socks lest Fiat wants another fabled but a completely disastrous new innings. Hoping things get better as the key staff return to work. To be fair to Kashyap, they have called a couple of times to seek feedback, and when I narrated the story, the lady apologized and confirmed that she will get this looked into by the Manager. Unfortunately, she hasn't gotten back with an answer on whether the "clips" are in stock now or not for the last two weeks.
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  8. adi231189


    New Delhi
    Well even i agree Kashyap is not very cozy place, i had to wait almost 3 hrs to get a new lock set for my right door to be replaced within 10 days. They really need to up the ante to build up something. "Make the Move" for me has to be from dealers and Fiat itself.

    p.s Try talking to Mr.Dibankar(if i got the name right), he is the DGM there, if you need his mail id i will PM it across. Also you can mail to Fiat and CC it to Mangesh, did wonders for me when i had issues while buying my Punto from Kashyap itself
  9. amar_gahir

    amar_gahir Amatore

    @ nitinkumardba

    We respect Mr. O.P. Sharma. and yes i was aware about his situation at home. That's why i did not call him that day.

    When i dropped grievance email to fiat he called me up although he was on leave. he sent the guy with examiner within 2 hrs from noida to west delhi to sort out service reminder issue. I sent my car there because of him majorly. Also got call from him to sort out other issues.

    But one logical question: How will you make sure that only those folks who you have mentioned above will work on your car? do we have any control over it?
    Last edited: May 19, 2013
  10. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    @Amar, I am not sure why all this happened with you, bad luck mate. This workshop is really good one for denting painting job. I've seen Volvos getting dented and painted with excellence. Looks like none worked on your car seriously. I've listened negative feedback about Vargeese and Hemant. Seems they went in their own way in absence of Mr. Sharma.

    You can easily talk to Mr. Kashyap in person and let him know what has happened with your car. His passion about cars is well known and he likes to deliver quality.</SPAN>

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