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Anandapur (Kasba), P.O Haltu, Behind Ruby General Hospital Kolkata, WB 700107 India
  1. atrup

    atrup Amatore


    Thats very much true Bro, but here the issue is with the component which GARODIA FIAT in Kolkata has changed and it stops working within 2 weeks. In this case company dealer either should sent someone to check and rectify the issue else should bear the cost of toeing. Rajarshi is lucky that his PUNTO was in the garage.

    I can not think myself in a long tour, 1000 kms away from City and being into this situation. I would love to sell the vehicle after hearing GARODIA's response.

    Sharing soon my 2nd days experience ...
  2. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    2nd Day's Experience ...

    After not getting any update from GARODIA workshop for last 10 days, i called up. I was surprised to know that they have started working on my PUNTO without even notifying me the assesment cost for the damage which Ins will bear. I told them immediately to stop the same unless i go there to confirm.

    I also came to know that the parts which i have mentioned to change are not done. When i asked Mr Dipankar (the rubbish fellow) he replied it is still not available. I immediately called up the director and he confirmed it is available (after consulting with Dipankar).

    I went up to GARODIA workshop at 10:15 am and couldn't find Mr. Das. I was in real pain and went to the place, where they were working on my car. I was astonished to find that they have removed the Dent (a bit happy i was :)). Mr. Das told me that Ins Comp have not provided any assesment yet. It was ridiculous and after shouting he came with a blank page and paper where he has mentioned all the cost as follows:

    Tail Gate (Painting) - FIAT Rate 4250 - Ins Will Pay 2975 - Myself 1275
    RR Qtr Panel (......) - FIAT Rate 3130 - Ins Will Pay 2190 - Myself 940
    Net Pay ................ FIAT Rate 7380 - Ins Claim 5165 - My Part 2215
    In addtion I have to pay another 12.5% which is 646

    Total i have to pay 2215 + 646 = 2861

    Bumper Price: FIAT Rate 2111
    Rear Wiper Motor: FIAT Rate 4500 (making no sense)
    PUNTO Logo : 1173 :evilsmile

    Compulsory Deduction: 1000

    Total Cost for myself is around Rs. 7753/-
    Mechanical work Rs. 10000/-

    Ohhhhh Man. I am fed up. Paying 7400 approx for painting a single door that too with color BLACK (no matter how much Ins is paying). I give up. Immediately confirmed not to paint anything as i will do it from outside and it will cost me Rs. 2000/- only to remove all the dents and painting as well.

    I agian got a call from them next day and Mr. Das told me that he forget to mention some cost for the following:

    1. Adhesive Rs. 1400/- (horrible)
    2. Mold Rs. 700/-

    Once my office collegues (most of them with brand Maruti running by the same FIAT 1.3 MJD) found the same, they simply started laughing and some of them who were planning to visit FIAT for new edition changed their mind and opted to visit Chevy and Toyota.

    Future of the great brand FIAT in Kolkata is really in pathetic state, unless they open 3 - 4 franchieses immediately. They commited to return my car this FRIDAY after keeping it for 3 weeks approx just to work on a DENT on the rear door.
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Though I agree that Garodia is not doing good with providing status, feedback and delays etc, the cost part is with insurance company and depends on the type and terms on what you have taken it.
    The persons who are laughing will have to pay similar amount anywhere in similar case. Fiat's part cost is competitive, just get it verified with Fiat OEM thread or with calling Fiat directly, if you have doubt.
  4. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    Fully agree with you bro, Kartik Patel was a fabulous supervisor. I have a very good relationship with him and still can remmeber my last servicing with them. He hardly drove the car for 100 mtrs and pointed out all the problems which i have noted down and not informed him. He also informed me some others which i have not informed GARODIA till now. Lets see their expertise level.

    This type of FIAT service will not at all work and i can bet on that. There are 99% customers who are unhappy and selling their FIAT cars. Today's world is dependent on product quality as well as after sales service. Must say FIAT seems do not bother on the 2nd part at all. Lets see how long we FIAT fans can keep our beloved family members with us :rolleyes:
  5. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    Today is my PUNTO's delivery date ...

    I called up GARODIA workshop reception to ask when i will get the car. Though initially i tried to call Mr. Das if all the repair work is done and my car is handed over to Mr. Dipankar for the mechanical changes i have requested for.

    As usual they started asking each other and i immediately requested for Mr. Das. Came to know that he is not there. I called up Mr. Dipankar asking when i will get my Car. His strange reply was " there are many cars infront of your's car sir and from morning i couldn't able to take your car to the ramp ". I called up their director Mr. GARODIA, who spent all of his time being in workshop everyday playing a role like a Primary School Teacher, shouting at everyone and he didn't pick up the phone.

    At last i called up FIAT Toll Free Customer Support and complained. The lady "Anu" immediately conferenced with GARODIA and they informed i will get the car today itself. But when ?? No answer. The lady at GARODIA confirmed that i will get a call by 4 pm (Lets see if i get any). Being in the conference mode with "Anu" and GARODIA i aksed if there is any issue i found at 5 pm, who will be taking care of the same as their workshop will be closed by 5:30 pm. She confirmed that if some issue is there they will fix it no matter if it is 8'o clock or 9'o clock (wish this happen everywhere in each workshop around the world).

    Pardon my language, but i am f***** up mentally. Sometimes thought of selling my love as i can't deal with these pathetic service. I have came accross so far with many one whom i have seen shouting and screeming inside GARODIA Workshop and believe me everyone is frustrated at ultimate level and saying to sold of their car.

    To have a look at this situation i further do some research and found lots of folks are selling of their Italian Beauty (many are available at Quikr, Olx etc) in Kolkata. In fact one of my freind brought one Pre Owned LINEA Emotion Pk (after enquiring me a lot) and further enquired about workshop facility. If i will get back to him with this worst experince, hopefully he will sell his vehicle right now. I have came accross many others who prefer to service their vehicle from a good roadside mechanic. This is absoluty worst situation and could not be expected from a brand like FIAT. If this continues hardly FIAT could sell its vehicle in this competetive market where TOYOTA, Maruti, TATA, CHEVY etc (most of them with same 1.3 FIAT MJD) are ready to offer the best service.

    I will definitely mention all of these to the top level of FIAT.
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  6. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    I fully agree with you RAVI. In fact you guys are far ahead of us when it comes to experiencing FIAT cars. But Sir, its Kolkata full of congested roads. Most of the cars in the road have scratches and dents. Maruti is offering to remove all dents on a 16 yrs old Esteem (from one of my off colleague) and painting the same with a cost of Rs. 12000/- only. I am not at all comparing quality between FIAT with others as i know FIAT is much ahead of any brand. But highlighting the inhuman scenario.

    Sorry to say, but i was with one of my Ex Collegue, who owns a UNO (still driving) and PUNTO 1.3 MJD EP in GARODIA. His vehicle has a problem where speedometer stops working once you drive for 1 km approx and engine temp become normal. GARODIA called up him twice to say that his vehicle is ready. We 2 went there 2 days back. While we opted for a Test Drive, we found the same problem and they simply said " we couldn't find any issue sir ". Once again we showed them the problem and have to keep the car with them. As a result we lost 4 hrs of our office schedule and have to stay in office till 10:30 pm Reason: We went to GARODIA.

    I said enough i believe. But will definitely share my experience after getting my car.
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  7. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    It was 4 PM and i was suppose to receive a call. However, as i didn't till 4:15 PM so i left. On the way i called up Garodia and they said as they were test driving the vehicle so couldn't call me. It was really funny as i clearly mentioned them to call me before 4 PM as it will take 1+ hr to reach there. But it didn't happen.

    I was just infront of Ruby Hospital (1 km from Garodia approx) at 5:20 PM and Mr. Das called me saying vehicle is ready. I reached ws within next 10 mins and found my beloved PUNTO is in pathetic dirty condition. It was 5:30 PM and they are now about to wash Int & Ext of my vehicle. There was no one to raise complaint or concern. I kept myself calm and found my PUNTO to be delivered at 6:10 PM. Evryone left from the showroom and 2 guys were there to take the payment. The gate was closed as well and hence i could only go out once after making all the payments, not for test drive as none is there.

    I made the payment of Rs. 16500/- and went to see my car infront of the exit gate. As it was complete dark i even couldn't take a look at the body and test drive my vehichle. Anyways i took away my PUNTO to office.

    Next morninig i went to see the work they have done. I found there were several scratches on the body. There were dust on every seat. They kept one hose pipe, old wiper blade inside the car. Believe me, i don't have any interest to see those stupid faces in the workshop.

    The problem i found driving:

    1. While applying brake, there is a jerk before the car gets stopped
    2. AC is not working upto the mark
    3. Interior is pathetic state with loads of dust (which i clear on the very next Sunday)
    4. Noise from the front shocker is still there
    5. Left rear door locking system was fixed (earlier confirmed by Dipankar that it needs a replacement only)
    4. I found the EMOTION logo on my dashboard which Garodia confirmed as broken and needs to replace with a cost of Rs. 1173/-. I found nothing as happened
    to my EMOTION logo at all
    5. Scraches are there on the back door. Seems happened while they were repairing the door. But they didn't bother to even show me what work was done and if i am satisfied
    6. There was no feedback facility which i have observer in LEXUS and K.B earlier days when there was TATA-FIAT

    The work that they have done was only removing dent (i am not satisfied), replacement of brake, wiper, ABS sensor, engine guard. So, they have not actualy fixed anything. Which i was expecting them to resolve is the sound from the front suspension and it is still there.

    I talked so much already and believe me hopefully i will try to find some other workshop in future, absolutely no to GARODIA.
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  8. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

    I will also like to share my pathetic experience with Garodia FIAT as well. FIAT officials should take immediate attention regarding GARODIA else they will loose their market in West Bengal for sure. Will share the details soon.
  9. Nightfury

    Nightfury Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    :sad1I have to share my experience:shock:

    bought a 23k ran 2011 punto mjd Epck (preowned) on last june.

    I found the engine sounds and behave like a new car so i just went for it , still the first thing was on my mind was do a thorough checkup (no warranty book was provided) so a paid service . also i asked them to change all the fluids .apart from that glow plugs had some issues , changed them too.all these were done with in the 2nd week of june.

    Paid around 8k for all these.. to the "Fiat Exclusive : Garodia FIAT Kolkata"

    other day I was just going through the DIY section and came to know about the air filter cleaning procedure, just thought of giving it a try.. u wont believe What I saw ..

    any ways ordered a new filter from 99rpm .. and changed it myself.

    now my question is...
    "check the air-filter" -- isn't it mandatory in each service ??
    and when you see the old filter in my pic.. do you even feel that the filter was cleaned less than than 100 days ago..??

    P.S. I don't even think they opened the filter cover.:A
  10. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    The so called supervisor GARODIA is maintaining is rubbish. That pathetic fellow is Mr. Dipankar who seems driven nothing except AUTO :evilsmile. He asked me what to change sir. I repplied if i am suppose to tell you what to change then its better i should operate the workshop. Any customer who is driving a FIAT, i believe has more knowledge than him. These fellows do have any hurry to deliver a car. They even do not bother if your car is lying with them for 1 month.

    Believe they have just worked on the parts which i told them to change. They have not even checked for other fixes (i know but didn't told them to see if they could identify). They delivered the car and when i asked if there are any other issues Dipankar replied, CAR will always have some issue sir. F***

    Recently before Dushera i just went to a roadside workshop and remove all the dents they left on my car and painted the whole back door, left qtr panel, rght qtr panel, left running bolt and other scratches with only 2800 K. Think how could they can charge me with 6k approx (with a total amount of 14k) just for removing dent from the back door.
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