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Anandapur (Kasba), P.O Haltu, Behind Ruby General Hospital Kolkata, WB 700107 India
  1. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

    Hi Guys,

    I have seen so many reviews on FIAT exclusive dealers but could not find for Garodia Kolkata. So I decided to create one. The below mentioned review is based on my recent visit to Garodia. Unfortunately the visit to Garodia was not a good one but I feel to share this with the other members from Kolkata.

    I visited Garodia FIAT for scheduled servicing and Clutch plate change. I gave my car on 27[SUP]th[/SUP] June at around 10AM. I spoke with the SM and my 1[SUP]st[/SUP] impression was the guy was not at all experienced about the FIAT cars. Anyway I asked the below work to do.
    1. Scheduled service. (done)
    2. Clutch plate issue.(done)
    3. Speedo meter issue. (not working when car is hot.)(not done)
    4. Some underbody mechanical sound. (partially done)
    5. Boot light change. (not done)

    Now the SM called me on 28[SUP]th[/SUP] June and tells me that my car is ready and all issues have been addressed except the boot light which is not in stock. I asked him about the Speedo issue and told him that the Speedo is not working when engine is hot but he said all work done.
    29th June I called up the person and asked him to look into the left power windows which making a sound while moving down. He said he will look into this. I reached to the Garodia at around 12 PM and my observations are
    1. No cleaning was done; unexpected. The car is full of dust in inside and outside.
    2. Visible scratches all over the car. This is disgusting!!!
    3. The Power window issue not addressed and they will not do it as it will take time!!

    I started shouting and the SM asked a person to clean the car and take care about the scratches and my waiting period starts.

    I saw few more people who were also not happy with the servicing about the cars and 2 people shouting at place that problem of their car not addressed but delivered to them.
    After an hour my car finally arrived in front of receptions and I discovered few more scratches!! I was so disgusted that I burst out. I open the bonnet and found that 2 locks were not there. Again!! The SM said during the servicing the locks were washed out and they don’t have those to their stocks. What a joke!! But he promised that he will give it to me for free when they have them in their stock.

    I asked about the scratches and some of them he was able to remove and some of them still present!! I look into the interior and wow dust is present as it was there previously. Again I asked the SM and a person came to clean to my car’s interior with water!!!! I asked the SM where is the chemical to clean the interior!! He said that’s a paid one!! I told him that in TATA FIAT service center (Lexus Motors) clean the interior with chemical then why not Garodia! Again no answer. Suddenly I heard one person was shouting about the interior cleaning and then a person came with a bottle (chemical) and started cleaning the interior. I started shouting and then that person was also clean my interior (not up to the mark or nor good as Lexus; but Yes they did it)! Now I am fully irritated and went for test drive. SM sent one person with me. The drive was normal and gear shifting is smooth as usual. I came to Garodia paid the bill and took my car. On the way to my house I suddenly discover that the Speedo issue it still present!! I called up the SM again; he said he was cleaned the Speedo sensor and he was not able to replicate the issue so he thought it was solved!! I shouted again how come it possible!! After driving 20 min (hardly) I found the issue!!! No Answer from SM. Again I need to visit the workshop in the next week.
    I don’t understand what is the difference between TATA FIAT Service center and FIAT exclusive service center!! I merely found some difference mentioned below

    TATA FIAT service center (Lexus Motors):
    1. Parts unavailability of FIAT cars.
    2. Give priority to TATA cars always.
    3. Experienced mechanic. ( yes true, they know where the issue is and how to solve).

    FIAT service center (Garodia)
    1. Parts availability increased a lot.
    2. Only FIAT.
    3. SM was not experienced at all. He don’t know the Speedo issue where as the SM at Lexus told me long ago which parts needs to be replaced and cost as well.
    4. Service is real bad!! From washing the car to rectify problem.
    5. Don’t take cares about our loved cars!! i don’t accept that the service center will reduce the beauty of my loving car by adding more scratches!!! I don’t think anyone will accept it.

    The first impression is the last impression. So far I will give rating 3 out of 10 to Garodia.

    I love FIAT cars (i also own FIAT Uno diesel) but FIAT servicing is a real pain. The quality of work at Garodia is merely not seen. Why we need to shout to get the work done; when we pay the bill? Why the quality of work not at all changed at Kolkata center? Why these service people don’t understand the value of our time? Surely I will write to FIAT about this experience.
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  2. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    I am totally agree with you bro. in LEXUS motor i still remember the SM (Kartik) with in depth knowledge of all the FIAT issues. He just got into the car drove for 100 mtrs max and highlighted the following issues:

    1. Clutch Plate Change (ODO was at 41K)
    2. AC Gas Refilling
    3. Noise from front left side, seems something was loose

    believe me, till date i have not experienced a single problem on my black beauty. It seems i was fortunate to service my car with TATA FIAT rather than Garodia. Not sure why FIAT has not hired these experienced folks from TATA FIAT delearship.

    From your experience, it seems that either i have to wait not sure for how long to service my car or else sell it and brought something new which has a good after sales service.
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  3. Why don't you escalate issue to Mangesh of FIAT?
  4. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

    @ Sat, i have already escalated this to FIAT and they have forwarded this to Garodia. Today they called me for another visit to WS on 15th July. I asked FIAT to provide technical advices to these Garodia Guys. I can understand that these people are new to FIAT cars and not have enough knowledge for every issue.
  5. Soumyadipta


    I am planning for a servicing next week and the worst part is these are the only guys providing servicing jobs for FIAT cars. Now after reading all these I am really apprehensive. My car is in perfect shape right now save one or two small issues. I definitely don't want a deterioration at least. Scratched cars.. Even I feel like beating up those guys just by listening to it!!!!!!
    will keep you guys posted about my experience. I have a feeling it is not going to be a pleasant one.
  6. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    Pathetic Customer Service by GARODIA KOLKATA

    After 4 long years, except some few scratches, our Black beauty was hit hardly by a taxi in Saltlake :(, Kolkata from behind as his break didn't work. After filling up police complaint, i called up Garodia.

    Very first thing they told me not to bring my car today as they have plenty of cars in their workshop. Our Punto was in such a bad shape that the right rear tyre was bruising with the bumper. I have to drove it for 30 kms to my home and drove 28 kms once again very next day (on 28th Aug 2013) to Garodia Workshop at Anandapur. I entered there at 1'o clock and found only 1 person sitting there. He was old man and informed that it is their lunch time.

    After 20 mins at 1:20 PM, Mr. Das ask me to go with him. He observed my car and told me to sit for sometime as he will have his lunch. I came back to the reception and asked for a supervisor to show some issues. There was a guy called Dipankar, who seems doesn't have any knowledge on any of the car problem. Anyhow he told me to wait without anyone being present as customer there and never come. It was 2:10 PM and Mr. Das came back. It took another 20 mins to provide me with a form to fill up. It was 3:05 PM and i was done with filling up the form with every detail.

    I asked for Supervisor once again and now Dipankar came forward. First thing he asked for the parts to be changed. I asked him if he would like to drive the car and he refused as he can understand without driving it (what a joke :evilsmile). I complained about all the issues and came back around 3:20 PM. Suddenly he told me if i have the booking and i said no. First he told me that he can't accept the car and i have to come back after 6 Sep with a booking. I started arguing that i drove my car 28 kms to their workshop with the damaged car and it should be done right now and he started filling up the Job Card. Everything got filled up without even verifying the car (In Lexus they checked everything of my car from Inside and Outside even the Tyre Brands, Last year). Total estimates came @ Rs. 10000/- for the following:

    1. Brake Plate with Brake Shoe @ 6000/-
    2. Driver side wiper @ 600/-
    3. Engine Compartment Protection Change @ 2000/-

    There was a young Linea Owner (not aware of Team FIAT) waiting for 40 mins as his AC was not working after fixing the same month back. Dipankar told him to keep his car there and come back after 2 days even without seeing the same. The guy started shouting and screeming to Mr Garodia, The old man always sitting infront of these non working employees :p.

    After a long battle finally i came out from the workshop at 4 PM. Can't imagine that it took 3 long hrs to prepare a Job Card. In these hrs believe me i have seen 2 folks washing vehicles on the ramp, 1 working on the dainting and painting and 1 supervisor moving vehicles from 1 place to another, NO MECHANIC.

    Yesterday i got a call informing i have to change the sensor of ABS @ Rs. 1500/- i agree (as the ABS was blinking on MJD). Today i got another call when Dipankar informed that i have to change the Rubber Padding of 2 Doors (not sure why) and lock system of 1 Door which will cost me Rs. 4000/-. I can bet that in this competetive market FIAT WILL LOOSE all valuable CUSTOMER's only because of this PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Waiting for our black beauty and lets see what will be the final deal. Off course will share the same.
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  7. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

    After 2 months (hardly) my car's clutch plate assembly has been crashed! Now my car is not moving an inch. Called Garodia and asked them to provide break down service. They said they don't have any breakdown services. Request them to send one mechanic so that he can able to correct it temporarily and able to take the car to the workshop. They simply denied it as they have very few mechanic working in their workshop!! I asked them that this breakdown happened because of clutch failure; which i have replaced by them 2 months back. They said they cant help and i need to bring the car by external breakdown service (by my own money).

    Now the external breakdown service people asking 1200 - 1500 rupees for this :(. Seems like i have no other options. Will share the experience later...
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  8. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    Brother, today i called Mr. Das, who was taking care of the damage of our car. But he didn't picked up the phone. Feelling annoyed really on the future of my car because of their Illiterate supervisor's. Till date he never discussed on the main problem which i showed him, probably because Mr. Dipankar understand every problem of a car by not even driving them rather seeing them ;).

    Regarding your problame Rajarshi, if some parts got changed by any workshop under any brand name and if got failed somehow, the repairing / replacing / breakdown service liability goes to the workshop. Probably because of this pathetic service folks opt for other brands even though their brain is buid up on FIAT 1.3 MJD. At least they can get better after sales service.

    I really doubt how my car will perform on the long run that i often do with this. Lets see if they will get back to me else i have to escalate to higher level.
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  9. Mgunjal


    Bro... Please note that FIAT ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is free for 50 months from the date of manufacturing and you shouldn't have shelled money from your pocket. Furthermore if you have any dealer specific issues then you can contact Mangesh Kodalkar since he will take care of the dealer and see to it that your complaint is addressed to the dealer properly... :)
  10. siddarthab


    I also would like to share my experience with LEXUS where the technicians were experts and Kartik Patel was outstanding. I own a Nov 2009 Punto MJD Emotion and was extremely happy with the service and attention that I got from LEXUS during these three and a half years.

    All that has come crashing down with Garodia. Will post me experience separately.

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