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Sector-17/18, Deviding Road, Behind Pasco Bodyshop,Village- Sarhaul, Gurgaon, Haryana 122015 India
  1. bdesarkar


    Following a url on the internet DRS Motors: Gurgaon gets its second Fiat exclusive Service Center! , I called up DRS Fiat, Gurgaon for my 1st inspection appointment even though my Punto 1.3 Emotion was purchased from Torque Fiat, Gurgaon in Sep 2013, I was pleasantly surprised by the courtesy and competency at DRS Fiat.

    Called up their number on Friday evening at 5.55pm, they close at 6:00pm. A lady picked up the call and booked an appointment for the next day (Saturday). The lady called me up again on Saturday morning to confirm my arrival time at their service station.
    I reached their service station, after a bit of searching and calling up, as the Service Centre is in a bylane behind the PASCO body shop. You have to enter a by-lane marked by Trackon Courirers board, which falls on the left side, if one is coming from the IFFCO Chowk side. This bylane has the Mahindra service centre as well. I have attached a snap of the entrance to the by-lane.
    DSC_0167.jpg DSC_0168.jpg

    Even though the by-lane looks shabby, the interior of the Service Centre is very clean and properly maintained, be it the Administrative or the Workshop area.
    On arrival I was immediately attended to by the Service Advisor and Service Manager who listened to my requirements. During the pre-handover inspection process, my details were parallely updated in their CRM database and my car was taken into the workshop and then straight to the washing area.

    While the car was being attended to, the General Manager-Service came to the customer waiting-area to inquire about my car's performance and also to apprise me about DRS Fiat’s process driven methods. They also have a service centre with the same name at Faridabad. The Gurgaon centre has a total of 40 staff, of which 15 are Technical, I was informed.

    The loose glove compartment lid of my Punto (my original dealer was not able to fix that during delivery, due to lack of his service facility) and driver side power window assembly were replaced under warranty, which justifies their stock of spares. I also purchased a set of mud-flaps from them which cost me Rs 800/-. DRS Fiat also claim to be able to arrange spares for Palio and Uno as well.

    The workshop has a Paint-shop, Engine room, tool-room, Spares store, an automatic washing area (which is to be fitted with automatic scrubbing), wheel alignment section. My Car was completed in 2 ½ hours which included Washing and cleaning, 1st inspection, under-body Anti-Rust coating and fitting of mud-flaps to the rear wheels. Even small issues like some primer paint marks on the passenger window, since the time of delivery were cleaned, which I had forgot to mention to the Service Advisor.
    DSC_0161.jpg DSC_0163_1.jpg DSC_0169.jpg

    DRS Fiat are not connected to the Fiat billing system yet as they have become technically operational on the 19th-Mar-2014, so they are issuing manual bills as of now, with a promise to mail the original computer generated bills, as soon as their system gets connected.

    In all I came back satisfied with my car :), with a confidence that the after sales services and spares for my Fiat would be taken care of properly, in Gurgaon itself, without having to travel to anywhere else in the NCR. Even though I was not able to fully test their abilities, as my car is just 6 months old, DRS Fiat looked quite capable to handle more serious issues as well.

    Ps: Thank you Susubh Mittal for the initial sharing of the DRS entity.
    All photographs have been taken using my mobile, so the resolution can be an issue in some.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks for sharing the details.
    Do they have only service centers?

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  3. bdesarkar


    They have opened a dealership and service centre at Faridabad on Oct'2013 and are planning to open a dealership here as well.
  4. ng13


    Drs fiat Gurgaon sector 17

    I have a fiat Linea 1.4 which I had bought in 2009. Loved the car from day 1, but the service I received from Tata service centres - Dhingra motors and abs motors was pathetic. There were several instances when the parts were not available with them.

    In fact last year in the summers my cooling coil had to be replaced and they did not have the part.

    This led me to not drive my Linea in the summers.

    I was really happy when Tourque motors fiat opened a service centre very close to my office. But my visit to them was very disappointing. Their staff had poor knowledge and they did not have the cooling coil in stock.

    After all this I decided that maybe it's best to sell the Linea. And when I was looking for a buyer I came to know that fiat was opening another service centre in gurgaon.

    I have Drs motors a call to find out when they were opening. They told me a week and surely it opened in a week. They called me on the day of the opening and offered to have the problems I have been facing rectified.
    They arranged for a pick up of the car. I thought I should visit their service centre and then decide if I wanted to get the work done.

    On my visit I found them to be extremely well equipped and knowledgable about fiat. I got to know that they have a service centre for fiat in ghaziabad and hence most of their staff are experienced.

    I was especially helped by the GM Mr Rawat and service advisor Mr Deepak. Who listened patiently to the problems and suggested the solutions.

    I left my car with them for cooling coil replacement and clutch replacement.

    I was given the car back in the time promised. The advisors kept me updated about the progress of the car and the cost involved.

    And after reviewing the car back I have to say the Ac is as good as it was when new. And the clutch feels very soft.

    I was satisfied with the work done and have decided to retain my Linea and have since then visited the workshop a couple of times for small works for which I was not charged anything.

    Being happy with the service I have received I have since even got my Rare door painted from them which is looking perfect now. And have even gotten a headlight and a tail light replaced as they were broken.

    Overall I have been happy with the service and the courtesy extended by Drs fiat and hope they remain as good with their service in future.

    I would recommend all fiat owners living in gurgaon to give them a try. They are way better than Dhingra, abs and Tourque.

    Ps- I was the first of their customers and am a satisfied one at that. If you require any assistance, Mr Rawat I have found to be very helpful.

    Location- it's behind Pasco motors body shop on the sector 17 road. You have to take the turn from a courier store.

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  5. ng13


    In fact in the pics posted by BDESARKAR i can spot my car in most pics. :)
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  6. Best service center for fiat till now: DRS Motors Gurgaon.

    Hello Friends,
    Want to recommend every fiat owner to visit DRS Motors, Gurgaon.
    It is new service center so don't have top notch facilities, but once you pay a visit there it makes you happy to be a fiat owner.
    I had visited many service centers when ASS was with Tata motors and fiat owned ASS also. But always made me regret to own a fiat due to bad service/hospitality.
    Team at DRS are well trained to handle fiat cars.
    Hospitality is top notch.
    Visit once is recommended to all and see yourself that bad days are gone.

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  7. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Seems bad days are going from everyehere.. Ache Din Aane Wale hain..:D:p !!
  8. TheDriver

    TheDriver Timido

    DRS Fiat- They know exactly how it should work

    May 24, 2014
    I reached DRS Fiat Gurgaon (Service) for 2 problems:
    #1 Car was thirsty of Brake Oil and used to consume all of it in a little more than 1000 kilometer
    #2 Fuel leakage after every tank full for about 50 kilometers

    I reported these problems earlier to Torque Fiat Gurgaon, the fix they did was changed the seal (kit) above fuel tank under rear seat for problem #2 and they also changed Clutch Master Cylinder for Problem #1. I realized in few days that none of the problems were fixed. So I was looking for alternative service centers for Fiat in NCR region, then landed a mail in my mailbox about opening of DRS fiat (Service) in Gurgaon.

    These guys took minutes to identify the root cause of both the issues.

    Problem #1: Brake booster and Brake master (leakage from Master filled the booster)
    Problem# 2: Seal (kit to be replaced and fixed properly)

    Entire dash was stripped for Job #2. I was naked interior of car and was praying that God provide these guys with all the skills to fix it back as it was.

    The Brake booster was not available at spare shop, they sent one of the staff to Faridabad to bring the part.

    By evening they completed the job and did it cleanly. They fixed the Dash very well there are no sounds (I tested on bad roads).:eek:

    I shall post some pics in some time about the workshop and the naked interiors.

    These guys are amazing and they handle the car very well.

    Do meet Mr. Rawat (GM), a thorough responsible person.

    I am pleased very pleased. Its the new Start for Fiat.:p

    All the Best FIAT.
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  9. TheDriver

    TheDriver Timido

    DRS Fiat- They know exactly how it should work - PICS

    Do notice the cover on driver seat and gear knob. that black circular thing is brake booster and alongside in brake master

    2014-05-24 15.10.08.jpg 2014-05-24 15.09.45.jpg 2014-05-24 15.10.21.jpg 2014-05-24 15.11.02.jpg 2014-05-24 15.11.29.jpg 2014-05-24 15.13.11.jpg 2014-05-24 17.50.21.jpg 2014-05-24 18.18.17.jpg

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Highlights of the Workshop:
    #1. Advanced washing area with multiple jets installed on floor clean the underbody
    #2. Cleanliness in and around the bays
    #3. Courteous staff starting from Security Personnel at entrance, Customer Relationship Manager, Works Manager, Service Advisor, Technicians
    #4. Customer lounge is so well situated that you can see each corner or the workshop where technicians work
    #5. The skilled workforce knows how to handle cars even while just touching

    The car was out of warranty since March 31st, but FIAT agreed for 50% discount and later Mr. Rawat took care of rest 50% as goodwill gesture and at the end it was free of cost repair for me.

    someone said it right ..... "Achche din aane wale hein" rather good day have come at least for Fiat owners in Gurgaon :)
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  10. Dilip patel

    Dilip patel Amatore

    Thank s mr rawat for smile on customer face

    I love Fiat

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