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G.T.Road Paragpur,Canttonment Jalandhar, Punjab 144001
  1. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    I know its easy to say, but why don't you try getting it serviced/repaired from a good A.S.S from nearby town or perhaps even New Delhi, as an one time affair.

    I am sure New Delhi members would be able to provide some pointers w.r.t (relatively) good A.S.S.

    I presume its a new car and saddens me to see an owner give up on such a good product because of #&*&^%#$ A.S.S.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sushil, I am closing this thread on your request for now.
    If you want it to get it re-opened, please report the post or send PM to any mod.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    MODS NOTE - Thread re-opened as per OP's request.
  4. As if Previous experience was not enough, dad again went to same morons for 2nd service despite my advice against it . Now I am fighting with them for getting a simple plastic lock replacement Under warranty which they have refused to honor for being wear & tear & Being a Plastic part . Some times i wonder if there is any part in car which do not comes under wear and tear including Engine, so what;s the point in having warranty .

    Coming to Bill, they are charging me 3.5 ltrs of selenia where as Manual says Engine oil required if 3.2 ltrs. Has asked them to return the rest of oil.

    Additionally they are replacing Diesel Filter ( part no 0059116318 ) for some 2000 + rs. the service bill posted on other forums suggests the price to be around 1600+ . apparently they are changing it with sensor where as everywhere it;s changed without sensor . can some body pls enlighten if it;s correct or not.
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  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I don't see these are any big issues here.

    - Plastic Part - What is the part and how its broken. If you can show its manufacturing defect, they should change free of cost. BTW, how much it costs?
    - Engine Oil - What is entered into your bill? Is it loose? Most probably yes, they should have billed for 3.2 lts only.
    - Diesel Filter - Fuel Filter (with sensor) does cost ~2K.

    I think you should relax and try to build relationship with your service centers.
    Again, you have always choice to go to somewhere else.
  6. Dear Ravi Sir,

    Thanks for the revert.

    The plastic part was lock mechanism on the rear foot board . They have agreed to replace the part under warranty now after a long Chat on phone with SA. money was never a problem but i sincerely believe that if some thing is under warranty , it must be replaced under warranty .IMO i must have spend more than the cost on phone calls but for me its simply a question of ethics and fair play .

    Fo engine oil, they have agreed for 3.2 after i asked dad to make them refer to Owners manual . I guess they have reverted those charges according to 3.2 ltrs now. So if i am not aware of same, they were ready to take me on a ride for extra 300 ml which was not put in first place.

    Diesel filter :- thanks for clarifying on that. i was just cross checking given that they have taken me for ride twice earlier.

    As for building relationship goes, i tried that in all honesty but they back stabbed me twice earlier , so this time i was extra careful . it always takes two to tango unfortunately . one cannot dance alone .

    What amazes me most is that ever for genuine reasons also, i has to literally fight with them to get the things done. is this correct. it;s at this point my major grouse is and will continue to be for near future. just hoping that i don ;t to visit them often .
  7. cross posting from other thread as this is dealer specific ..

    Service Center : -Cargo motors Jalandhar .

    Problems : -
    Both Front tyres gone bald. Steering wobble above speed of 80. suspect camber issue as car has seen alignment thrice in 16K Km's & tyres were going bald on edges only.

    Resolution :
    Second service done immediately as manual .As per SA Alignment done and issue is resolved . I insist that this is not a Alignment problem and they must look deeper & even provided them clues. They refused to look into same. Insist that every punto has this problem. I has to return 200 Km's back to my home with no problem resolved. next day got a call for feedback,I promptly blasted the person asking for feedback. Still nothing happened,After 3 days I called up their customer care to complaint. listened to music twice for 18 minutes each and nobody cared . Got lucky third time,Again wait for 2 days and nothing happened .At this i lost my cool and send a strongly worded email to customer care with CC to All mails id ,i could gather from forums. Finally they called me up & requested to visit FASS again 200 km's away. They kept the car with them for 2 days.( Did overnight stay with my relative).They stripped every possible nut and bolt from both front side of car including suspension setup, replaced it parts from a newly available car Only to hit another problem of car pulling to left side .At the end of second day, when they have exhausted all their hits and trials, they took my car to a local alignment and camber expert who fixed the car in 2 hours straight. I paid 250 Rs to this outside workshop. they didn;t even made a entry in their system of car having gone through so much stripping . they again refused to make a entry in same and boasted about their good will of not asking me for any labor charges .

    Diagnosis & blame :
    Per se CC manager,issue happened due to shunt which happened some One year back while Car was standing in parking. They were clever enough to print the bill of that time as proof. I duly pointed that shunt happened on front passenger side and they have diagnosed it to be on Driver side. How come this is possible. Moreover,why it was not fixed at the last time as they have done that repair & each and every service when we told them of problems earlier, No answers from them other than staring at roof.Till Date nobody has called for feedback yet from FIAT pune . Only time will tell if i will buy a FIAT again or not. I am already thinking of trading punto for Ertiga .

    My Verdict : -
    Highly dissatisfied with new FASS Setup . this time also, only time will tell if they have really fixed the issue or not. i see little improvement in their fortunes with such FASS.

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