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G.T.Road Paragpur,Canttonment Jalandhar, Punjab 144001
  1. Below are issues i am facing with service center

    1 ) My punto went through first service , the car was returned as it is and not even washed properly. when pointed out they duly washed it with plane water and charged 300 Rs . wasn ;t they suppose to wash it free and do polishing etc. nothing done. in nut shell i paid 300 rs for using their plane water .

    2 ) There was a accidental repair done on punto . The necessary repair was done in 2 weeks , So far so good . while welding the panels , they damaged the plastic cover in Left tyre well . they acknowledged the same and promised to replace it in next service. They did replaced it in next service but with a Bill amount of 800 rs . when pointed that it was damaged by them , they guy refused to have said anything . off course he could n;t see me eye to eye .

    3 ) In the above accidental repair, the RHS headlight assembly was replaced and was not aligned properly . in next service , they again charged me 300 rs for aligning it properly. wasn ;t it their fault at first place. so basically i am paying them for their fault as well. what;s the point of having warranty in that case.

    4 ) There were bubbles in paint done on driver side RVM and there is a paint mis match as well . Where as they claim to have given paint touch up;s on whole car, i can still see all the scratched as it is . may be they tried to make a quick buck since everything was done in a insurance claim .

    4 ) The above issues were raised with FIAT customer care in February by dad . unfortunately i was out of country at that time so could n ;t follow up. tried asking for status Y;day and to my horror they have resolved it and send a letter to my home with the action taken. the CC executive even claimed that my dad has signed the survey form as well. duly pointed them that we never received any letter and signed any feedback form ,they have again opened up the complaint now . it appears that dealer has forged signature of dad . they have requested me to wait till friday , post which i plan to escalate it to higher up ;s in FIAT .

    I shall Be uploading the Bills Shortly in the thread . have asked dad to send me scanned copies of same ASAP.

    The dealer in above case is CARGO MOTORS Jalandhar . all in all , pathetic service experience with their dreaded A S S . For me it;s more of ethical issue rather than money . while they are charging for even touching the car in service station, ( I don;t mind that as well provided , work is to my satisfaction ) i wonder what;s the point in advertising their warranty and all other stuff when i have to pay for even adjusting a mis aligned head light assembly .
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  2. fiattucine


    I have had similar bad service experiences with Cargo Motors Ahmedabad. I wonder if its the same story with every Cargo Motor dealership......
  3. well , has to escalate to top people and appears like things are moving . no word officially so far but got a call from worried dealer wrt to mail . so feedback has been passed on downstream. hope they act in good faith on my woes. not sure if dealer has taken it in good faith or not as he was sort of trying to bully me with Usual tactics and trying to pass on buck to other people. keeping my fingers crossed as they still has not asked me to bring the car to service center .

    Another new things happened when i tried calling the toll free number . One mr Praful Shinde in CC took my call and disconnected after putting on hold for 6 min. next 7 attempts to call them, took my BP to top level . phone rings, U hear noises in background with people laughing and suddenly phone bangs down . Same things happens 7 times. I am frustrated to say the least .
  4. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    To file suit at Consumer Forum is the only way to teach a lession these type of fraudlent dealers.

    If dealer has done forged sign of your dad then this is very serious crime.

    According to IPC U/s 456 :- 5 years imprisonment is punishment for this type of crime of fordged document.
  5. Strangely Enough after the word i has on saturday with the dealer , nothing has happened. dealer guys has not asked to bring the car or anything to their service center, Even more strange is that i am receiving read receipt for the mail i send and none of the read receipt is from FIAPL . So it;s concluded that they still has not read any mail . i am keeping my fingers crossed as this is last level of escalation and I don;t have time for legal process....

    May be time to look else where...
  6. singh

    singh Amatore

    That's really disheartening , service center spoiling wonderful car and customer . Fiat India may take action or whatever , but what about the mental stress , company can't payback that . My brother in law also had a huge issue with them few months back .
    Be it washing , paint job mismatch , or headlight alignment , how they can charge two times for a same job . That's TERRIBLE .
    You can have a small news published in local news paper AJIT ( i may give you contact) , those cargo motors will run to talk to you .
    Keep updating
  7. Well, to be frank, I hasn ;t lost hope with FIAT India as they have responded in the way , they should be .

    what worries me most is that Nobody from dealer ship is interested in sorting out the issue what ever reported. now the car has lost all acceleration in first gear and there is a GRRRRRRRRRRRR sound coming many time when trying to shift to 3rd gear or 4 th gear .

    even bigger problem is that there are only 2 dealers in Whole Jalandhar for FIAT. Any ideas How is Kosmo ( hope name is correct ). what ever be the result of the on going stuff, my car is not going inside cargo gate for my whole life now, even if means rusting her away on road side . anyways my money is down the drain and nothing more can be lost from what i have lost already .
  8. singh

    singh Amatore

    Kosmo have several companies Hyundai, Tata and Fiat i know . And they have good reputation .
  9. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sad experience there. The dealer charging you for washing during the service is pretty much a fraud. Dealers like these are ruining FIAT day by day.

    The one here in Chandigarh is no exception, although much better than Cargo i would say.

    Hope the issue resolves at Kosmo.
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  10. i have lost hope in whole case now. where as i am still to heard anything on mail from FIAT , what ;s more appealing is that nobody has responded to me other than a standard reply from FIAT. Dealer attitude is a another case study for other time. they have responded as if i have asked for their life where as all i was asking for a quality service and paying for that as well. Surely FIAT has lost a loyal customer who was sold on them .Good thing is that it acted as a pinch for me and woke me up from my dreams ...surely this was my first and last buy which has a Badge written as TATA / FIAT. I am left with no Energy to follow it up further and can just prey to GOD that my car keeps running either by hook or crook.

    time to see how Kosmo behaves ...

    "Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your communication, regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    Matter is coordinated with our distributor/ dealer; we assure you concerns will be resolved at the earliest, you will be hearing shortly form Tata/Dealer end.

    Till then we request you to please bear with us."

    As i see no point in keeping this thread open, Mods may close it.

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