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Lakshmi Mills Campus, 686,Avinashi Road,Pappanaickenpalayam Coimbatore , Tamilnadu 641037 India
  1. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    @Swaminathan Gopalan - Did your Linea complete 2 years? I am asking this because full oil service is needed when you complete 60,000 kms or 2 years whichever comes earlier.

    On the whole, the quote is ok but little on the higher side. You could avoid Brake Cleaning, Wheel Alignment and water wash too. That can be done outside of FASS. And are they replacing the front RHS struts?
  2. Swaminathan Gopalan

    Swaminathan Gopalan Timido

    Thanks for your feedback ramjn:)

    Yes. I got it on July 2012 & It is completing 3 years this July. Carrying out 45000km service and all oils will be replaced as a part of this.

    Yes they are replacing struts. SA has sent an email with screenshots for extended warranty approval and this is yet to get approval from them. Lets see what's happening here.

    Regarding Brake cleaning & wheel alignment, i agreed to it since i thought going hand-in-hand with service and also i am not sure of any good/trusted service area in Coimbatore.
  3. Swaminathan Gopalan

    Swaminathan Gopalan Timido

    Done with the service & took it on Saturday - 04/05/2015. Below is the bill split up including labor

    1. Water Wash - 501.60
    2. Fuel Lid Lock Fixing - 438.90
    3. Wheel Alignment - 501.60
    4. Wheel Balancing + Wheel Weight- 395.01 + 220
    5. Brake Cleaning(Fron Disc & Rear Drum) - 833.91
    6. 45000km service - 7246.25(Includes Engine oil & All Filters)
    7. Front suspension-shock absorber dampers(strut system) - 2919.09(Extended Warranty)
    8. Consumables - 199.50(Did not remember what is this item)
    The total bill came is INR 10337(excluding extended warranty item). The drive feels smooth after service:happy:
  4. Swaminathan Gopalan

    Swaminathan Gopalan Timido

    Bharath, please include me too to the group & my number is 9790961433
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  5. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Below is my friend's email to Fiat explaining in detail about his recent experience with CAI Fiat.

    Hi Team,

    I am a proud owner of a Fiat Linea bearing registration number TN 38 AY 3040.

    Recently, I faced 'ABS Unavailable' issue in my car and without any option took my car to CAI Fiat, Coimbatore for diagnosis. This exercise has left a very bad taste in me as a Fiat customer; I would narrate the incidents in chronological order below for you to understand better.

    9th April 2016 - Visited CAI Fiat for diagnosis and I was asked to leave the car and go. The car was diagnosed and the issue was with the Front LHS ABS sensor ONLY as indicated in the examiner. However, CAI Fiat dismantled both rear hubs and wheel bearings from my car and tried fitting them back, and damaged the bearings in the process. CAI Fiat claimed that they have installed new bearings and delivered the car to me. I was called when I was driving to CAI Fiat on 9th of April and told that both bearings at rear need to be changed, and I immediately suspected something fishy and asked them to hold as I was on my way. But when I reached there, the rear wheels were already fit and the faulty ABS sensor was being changed in the front LHS side. Initially I was asked to bear the cost for the rear bearings which were damaged by CAI Fiat, but after some heated discussions, I was billed only for the ABS Sensor which was faulty and the car was delivered to me on 11th of April, 2016. I was told that the rear bearings were billed to the technician who worked on my car. My Tax Invoice did not contain any mention about the wheel bearings, when I insisted that I want them in my invoice with 0 cost, I was told it was their internal process and I need not worry about it. The Service Advisor who handled this job card was Saba Rathinam.

    12th April 2016 - I observed a humming noise from the wheels whenever I was using the car, I assumed that the new bearings need some bedding in and hence would wait and observe.

    9th July 2016 - I took the car to Marvel Fiat, Erode for the humming noise issue which occurred after CAI Fiat meddled with the rear bearings of my car. The car was taken on a test drive and then the bearings were examined and were found to be faulty. However, I could not get them replaced under the 'Part Warranty' scheme which I am eligible for, for a period of 6 months from date of replacement, since I did not have them listed by CAI Fiat in my Invoice. I had carried out some additional works at Marvel Fiat, like replacement of few front suspension components and left the place to take this issue further with CAI Fiat since they are responsible.

    29th July 2016 - I took the car to CAI Fiat for the same issue again, with the rear wheel bearings which were unofficially replaced by them. The Service Advisor allocated to me was Saba Rathinam. The rear wheel bearings were again examined by a Senior Technician and he also confirmed that the bearings are faulty.
    The SA Saba requested me to come back on a later date, for replacement of the same FOC (since it was their fault), as they did not have stock of the said part and have ordered for the same.

    3rd August 2016 - I had to follow up multiple times with the SA and the Service Manager (Vivin Kumar) for the availability of the spare, and finally was asked to bring the car. However, I was in for a rude shock, when I was told that I should bear the cost of the spare and labor for the replacement of the rear wheel bearings. After reaching CAI Fiat, the Service Manager, Vivin Kumar came to interact with us. (Me and my friends)

    First, we were told that all their ramps are busy and they cannot attend to our car today, and then we insisted and our car was taken in, and to our dismay, we could see a Daewoo Matiz in one of the ramps within CAI Fiat workshop. This is hypocrisy at the highest level and we also observed that Fiat's body-shop was filled with various Mercedes Benz models, Skodas, Fords and Marutis, and hardly any Fiats, while most of the Fiat cars that had come in for Fiat's body shop were parked in the open sun outside.

    - Vivin stated that his Senior Technician made a wrong diagnosis and it is a practice that he always examines the parts himself and approves the change, so we asked him to take the car in and do his "expert" analysis. Vivin also stated that he can fit the balls back into the wheel bearing himself and re-use the damaged bearings, had he known they were replacing the rear wheel bearings on my car for their fault on 9th April 2016.

    - We requested that we be present beside the car, when the diagnosis happens, as we were not comfortable leaving the car in their custody, after their foul play which started all these issues in the first place. We were told that "Customers are not let in, if you wish only one of you can come in". Irony that we saw cars from other brands were parked INSIDE the Fiat workshop, hoisted on a lift, while we customers were not let in to deep dive into an issue created by them.

    - The car's rear hub cap was dismantled and Vivin walked in with a torch in hand, and like a staged act, pointed to absolutely nothing on the wheel bearings and said "Water logging saar". We were taken aback and asked him if he was serious, and he says yes, the car has been water logged for sure, that is why the wheel bearings have failed.

    - We ask him politely as to what he is pointing to in the first place, and how he deduced that water has entered into a sealed area, and he says he is pointing to some brown and grey grease and he is 100% sure that the car is water logged and hence the failure.

    - We try pointing to him that there is already some scarcity of water in Coimbatore and the car is parked always in covered parking where there is no chance of water logging, leave alone water entry even, and also that there were not much rainfall in this region

    - As we were trying to digest the blasphemy he just dished out to us, we asked then how come the front wheel bearings are fine and rear wheel bearings have specifically failed due to alleged "water-logging", to which he gave an arrogant "I don't know" shrugging his shoulders. When we tried probing further into his illogical theory, he even rudely told us that he can explain whatever to only "technical" people.

    - Since this was not going anywhere, and since Vivin had already set foot in with a preset game plan, we were frustrated and asked him to give whatever he claims in writing on the company letterhead with his signature. We got an arrogant reply that "sure, I would write whatever and give it to you" and just walked away from us as we were talking

    - After the lunch break, they tried to pass us off with just one word "water-logging" mentioned in the recommendations section of the job card, while we were told with much audacity that we would be given a statement in chronological order on the company letter head with Vivin Kumar's signature on the same. We had to again argue and ask them to stick to what was committed and we were given a rude response from Vivin that "I cannot write anything, I do not have time".

    He even went on to pass on few more derogatory statements like "You guys have come here to cheat", "you guys want to get everything to be replaced FOC, which I cannot approve", "I know where each of you take your cars for regular service and it is not to CAI Fiat", "you can go anywhere and do anything, I am not bothered". And when some other CAI Fiat employee was trying to intervene, Vivin had the guts to say "Don't waste your time talking to these people" and walked away from us.

    This was outright rude, insulting, and the worst possible way to talk to a customer. As if this was not enough, Vivin passed on few more statements after this.

    - As we were waiting for the statement we requested, we were given a simple A4 sheet with some printed matter, and a scribble at the bottom with no mention of CAI Fiat anywhere, and with my vehicle number mentioned wrongly. Moreover, the statement was twisted after inputs from Vivin and stated a totally different story that 1 - The rear wheels were dismantled with Customer's approval (which is a big fat blatant lie) and 2 - Their standard procedure is to meddle with all wheels when the issue as predicted by the examiner is with just one wheel only

    - Vivin also stated that "Company letterhead would be used only for other purposes, not like silly purposes like these" and walked off.

    We raised above concerns with Vivin and he went on to insult us more by saying, "I cannot talk to you, I can talk only to genuine customers". Imagine this coming from the Customer Relations Service Manager representing FIAT to the customers of Fiat cars from Tamil Nadu's 2nd largest city! After all that was already done.

    After this, we just collected the twisted statement that was signed by Vivin and later the company seal was added after we asked them for the same on the letterhead as committed, and left the place.

    We just wanted them to own up for their mistake, which they didn't and they went one step further to humiliate the customer and bring in cooked up stories just to try and make it appear like it isn't their fault.

    As a company, we expect you, FIAT to handle both the dealership (CAI Fiat) for using Fiat premises for other brand vehicles and poor workmanship which is the very essence for the birth of this issue, and Mr Vivin Kumar, who is supposed to be a senior official representing Fiat, and dishes out this kind of unprofessional and unethical behaviour and attitude to us customers who went there for a genuine issue which was created by them in the first place. These kind of dealerships and people are doing more harm than good to the brand Fiat and also existing customers.

    P.S: We have a sample audio of our interaction with Vivin in a mix of English and regional language, we will provide the same wherever required for proof.

    Pradeep Raj


    I will keep you posted on any updates, and would request any fellow members over here to help in this matter.

    image (1).jpg

    image (2).jpg

    image (3).jpg

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  6. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Ridiculous to say the least. I have a very similar story from Daiwik Fiat Kollam where my friend is undergoing harrowing experience. This is a new trick followed by some of the dealers with the ABS Unavailable issue. A stinker is going out to Fiat with all the data. Brake pads were replaced without consent (the car had run just 7200 kms and the brake pads are very much intact). Will share a detailed post with the pictures.
  7. rajks

    rajks Amatore

    @DRIV3R, your friend have raised a ticket with Fiat customer service?
  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Yes, we did raise a ticket and Mangesh just spoke to us and said he will get back. Fingers crossed.
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  9. Prathap Chandran S

    Prathap Chandran S Timido

    No where Every where
    Fiat Enthusiast
    Is there no other authorized fiat service center in Coimbatore?

    What about private garages that specialize in Fiat Linea or Punto? Request Coimbatore Fiat aficionados to please share this information.

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