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Lakshmi Mills Campus, 686,Avinashi Road,Pappanaickenpalayam Coimbatore , Tamilnadu 641037 India
  1. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    Hi all, My first post.
    Recently got my linea mjd serviced 60K service at CAI Coimbatore. Well attended by my service advisor - Mr. Jagadish.
    Prompt and professional, cleanliness and hygiene seem far better than the TAFE days, similar to other manufacturers service centers.
    Hope they keep up the good work.

    To service at CAI Coimbatore,

    CAI Industries
    Lakshmi Mills Campus,
    686,Avinashi Road,Pappanaikampalayam
    Coimbatore - 641037 Phone No : 9787737837, 04222575548
    Fax No :0422-2593295
    Email : Srv.Mgr@Caifiat.Com, Manager.Sales@Caifiat.Com
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  2. iniy


    I have different views, every time I gave them my car, got it back with bumps and scratches, poor workmanship and very slow. I actually repent buying a FIAT and have to live with it for couple of years.
  3. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    How many times have you given your car to CAI for repairs / service?
    Who attended and why did you not check the car and make them responsible then and there, do not mistake me for being rude, because partly we as customers are equally responsible for prompt service by the workshop.
    Please elaborate the problems you faced.
  4. iniy


    I have given them 2 times, first was the 6 month free service, they gave the car back with my left door dented from the inside ( yes inside). I pointed that out before getting it back and then they reluctantly agreed and repaired it.
    Next time i gave the car due to a bump on the boot i got when my neighbour reversed his suv into my car. It was the worst paint job I saw in my life, you could see the waviness and the paint had dried when it dripped. My kid could have done a better job there.
    They also had a tool mark on the left door outside again. I pointed that to them and they fixed it, but missed to see 2 more small tool marks on the bonnet due to poor light, which I noticed at my home so probably nothing will be done about it.
    I again complained about the bad dent job and they re-painted it but again they screwed up the polishing bit and cut through the paint again.
    I think the guys who did the job had butter fingers and probably no supervision.
    The also damaged the rear glass edges ( the black border) even after charging 2500 for safe removal and refix.
    Honestly this is not my n'th car and but the second. I never had such sloppy workmanship from my previous car manufacturer and service people across the country ( Gujarat, Pune, Coimbatore), i used a maruti alto.
    Fiat in my opinion as a car owner makes good cars but everything which matters to have a good ownership experience is severely lacking.
    Now taking names is not going to help unless you are a CAI fiat representative or some one would take care of the issues I constantly faced.
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  5. senthilraj

    senthilraj Amatore

    Service Camp @ CAI FIAT COIMBATORE

    Dear Frnds

    CAI-Fiat conducting "Free Winter Checkup Camp" on 28th-30th Nov-13.Pls. book advance @8489911881,8489911929,9787711524 and avail. attractive discounts on mechanical repairs, spares,accessories,merchandise.

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  6. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    thank you so much for the help in finding the turbocharger hose, true fiatian spirit...
  7. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    Fiat Exclusive: CAI Coimbatore, Delighting Customers Always!

    I visited CAI in the past 3 months for the two issues and the experience was good and worth sharing:

    1) 20th February 2014 Check Glow Plug Warning:
    During start this warning was coming, took it to CAI and Mr. Jagadeesh diagnosed the problem immediately as a glow plug failure and it was glow plug # 2 when inspected by them. He applied for extended warranty approval. I took the car and the next day he called me saying it is approved and that I can come on my way back from work in the evening and fix and take the car. I reached at 5PM, at 5.15PM the work was promptly done. Mr. Jagadeesh and team took special care in checking all the fluid levels since it was 11000 kms from previous service and 4000 kms to go for next service. They fixed all of it, fixed the head lamp level, all voluntarily and it was a very very satisfying experience. Not a single Rupee spent and no hassle. Good job done by Mr. Jagadeesh and entire team.

    2) Simultaneously, the body shop in charge Mr. Rejoy happened to see me and inquired why i was there, he then went around and inspected the paint job done in December 2014 in the rear left door and bumper and there was another small dent caused by two wheeler on the front door (not the rear door which they painted). he touched it up size was 3mm dot but the effort in touching up was wonderful. It was a very good gesture. Previously in December 2013 I had dented my left rear door and bumper myself in office gate and it was 5.30PM, I was 60 minutes away from Coimbatore and it was raining. Called Mr. Jagadeesh, he guided me to Mr. Rejoy who is in charge of body shop. Mr. Rejoy waited for me, I reached at 7PM, inspected, promised painting and dent removal completion in 3 days and estimate of Rs. 8000 and advised not to take insurance since no claim bonus will be lost. He dropped me and took the car back to garage and three days later the car was spanking new as committed. Good job done by Mr. Rejoy and entire team.

    These are the kind of experiences that truly delight a customer, not alone me when I chat with other customers in the service centre, they too have such good experiences. Even the entire staff members are friendly and service oriented, technical person Mr. Karthi who did my 60,000 kms service too came and enquired with a smile. Mr. Kalimullah junior to Mr. Rejoy too took special care in inspecting the old body work. Even the boys in garage who changed the glow plug and topped all fluid levels where totally committed and I could not see them in a hurry.

    Very good job, way to go CAI Coimbatore, no wonder the sales are improving and Fiat is again ruling the roads.
    Hoping that you will go new heights in 2014 and take Fiat to new heights.

    - A truly delighted Fiat customer of CAI Coimbatore. Keep it up!
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  8. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Hey, thats good news. Glad to know that Fiat has provided satisfactory service, suggest you put a word on their FB page too. I guess the service in the Tier 2 cities seems to be far more efficient and trustworthy as compared to the Metros. Is it just me with this feeling?
  9. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    This is a good news...I have already crossed 5k and looking for the first service in a couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing the service contact as well...
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  10. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    do it as early as possible, extended warranty may lapse if service date or kilometre is crossed

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    yes, even TAFE the old tata-fiat dealer in coimbatore was ok but not as good as CAI which is a fiat exclusive; with CAI the service standards are matching up to the maruti's, hyundai's, chevy's of the world. well stocked with spares and a committed workforce, and its very personal, when you talk to them you feel they are committed in making their fiat partnership a success story.
    yes again, have posted on twitter & facebook, got a call from CAI manager Mr. Harish yesterday acknowledging and assuring good work in future as well..

    hope this will be the situation soon everywhere for Fiat.
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