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Plot No: 1356/A, 8-2-293/82/A, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033


    Grande Punto 1.3
    Till June6th slots are Booked. Its real pain now.
  2. macky

    macky Amatore

    Thats Exclusive!! :(:(
  3. DCpunto

    DCpunto Novizio

    Hi Folks,

    Changed brake pads on 9th May in Butta Motors, Rs 3800 (3290 + 450 Labor charges + Taxes). As of now, this service centre cannot handle more than 6-7 cars per day however one of the executive said they are getting parking space near by, that should save some time in getting the cars in and out.

    My rear fog lamp clamp was broken and the lamp was hanging they fixed it but din't last for even 2 days...

    Good things.
    > Din't had to wait for long time, the whole procedure (Job card, replacement, billing) took 2 hrs
    > Location
    > Executives (In reception and SAs) were soft spoken not like Mallik Motors atleast. and got good cup of tea as well :)

    Bad things
    > Cramped place
    > Cannot service more than 6-7 cars per day
    > Quick fix for fog lamp didn't even last 2 days??

    If they don't open 2nd service centre in Hyderabad in next month or so it will be big trouble for all Fiat owners in hyd.

    BTW, My brake pads lasted for 24k and according to SA it had life for another 1-2 k.



    Grande Punto 1.3
    I heard there is new service centre proposal in Uppal / Nagole area.
    As FIAT had started Advertising their products, they should be concentrating on opening new Service centre otherwise it would end up like Palio story.
  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    How I wish that the above proposal sees light in the near future.
  6. macky

    macky Amatore

    Is it true that in the entire Andhra Pradesh Tejaswi_hyderabad is the only authorised service dealer for FIAT now!!
  7. I had given my vehicle for GC kit fitting and 60k servicing today. While, I dropped the vehicle at 9 am and informed the SA that I needed the vehicle quickly as Iam travelling to Bangalore by road the next day. I was passing by the service center around 4pm and was surprised to see my vehicle exactly the same place where I had parked it in the morning. Noone had even touched the vehicle after I moved out of the center in the morning. Upon further investigation, one of the senior guys in the center told me that they were hard pressed for space and could not handle the current load of vehicles in for servicing and hence the delay. He was also unhappy as Tejaswi was getting a bad name for not being able to offer better services due to the mad rush.

    Iam surprised that even after knowing the service area limitations, how did the FIAT top brass allowed only one service center in entire Hyderabad which could not service more than 7-8 cars together ? Also, I know of a service technician who had earlier serviced my Fiats and has a golden hand when it comes to servicing a FIAT. When he approached the FIAT guys with a proposal for opening a service center, he wasn't heard at all.

    I think it is high time FIAT takes care of the old inherited pain of Customer Service before it becomes too late for the MASTER AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY like FIAT. Your products roar on the road...its high time your service levels soar high :)
  8. Fiat Exclusive: Tejaswi (Butta) Motors, Hyderabad

    Let me take a guess.. The service advisor might be Kishore (a good for nothing mechanic turned SA)

    Well I think I know who you are speaking about So*^*** ? If yes I had been getting my older fiat maintained by them but trust me their quality has gone down with a direct proportionality to attitude. I have stopped going to them completely. There are better guys out there than them.
    Last edited: May 21, 2013
  9. Hi,

    I was talking about a mechanic named Raju in Car Nation....a real good guy when it comes to service. I have had multiple issues and all got resolved through him.

    I got my Linea upgraded with GC Kit last week from Tejsawi and found an AWARD WINNING service center in Tejaswi. My bill was around 32k and the Service Center did not accept credit card. While I have a limit of 20k as withdrawal limit for the day from my bank's ATM, I found it difficult to pursuade the service manager for a cheque handover. And top of it this is the first Service Center I ever saw which doesn't have a Water wash facility :-D

    They told me that they have a parking place where my vehcile was parked post the service and I forced them to take me there. I was surprised to see my vehicle parked on a road in front of house behind the service center. I guess we need another service center immediately for FIAT before FIAT service woes get spread within the country and take toll on one of the best automotive maker.

  10. service and repair options...


    Guys have u ever considered having ur car serviced at any other work shop or garage ..As CARZ in gachibowli or CARNATION in moula ali....as am considering to have an option as the service scene at butta motors is a bit complicated..with the limited number of vehiles that they take in for service with the kind of rush they have to handle say for every one car serviced there are 10 more in the line...or even more....will they be giving their best to every vehicle they get....coz that is something I cannot compromise with my car....I value it a lot...my car has a 60k service to be done....and body work and paintwork...as it had a small accident..and insurance claims too..and having a claim here this reason alone might take them twice the number of days to have it repaired than it usually takes...due to the rush and wat not..I have a slot booked which is in two days....I had to wait a lot for this service slot......and at this time I am thinking wat if I had options....most of u must have had a thought about this...................so ,please guys leave ur replies ,,thoughts,,,in this .....it wud be helpful
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