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Plot No: 1356/A, 8-2-293/82/A, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  1. I am sad that here in hyderabad we dont have any dealer who delivers good after-sales service.

    Until the delivery day everything was perfect. Mr.Kishore was the sales person who have been guiding me throughout the process of buying a car, as my father was busy with his office work.
    Thanks to kishore for his service in showroom.

    I took the delivery of the car and felt happy for having done this deal with tejaswi.

    Now the problems start....

    -The very second day after purchasing the car i noticed that one of the doors was not locking properly,i rushed to the showroom and after a long wait it was fixed.

    -The third day when i tried to remove the plastic cover of the sun-visor it came in my hand!
    I was shocked and remembered those review posts that i have read in the internet about punto's poor plastics.

    Next day i called showroom and explained about what happened with sun-visor and i was told that i will have to pay for the part.Then i found the tollfree number on the warranty book and complained there.Within an hour i get a call from CRM,tejaswi motors saying that ill be getting it for free but i will have to wait for it till it reaches hyderabad as it was in transit.

    It has been a month and i am still waiting......

    -A small screw that holds glove box was missing and i was told that i will have to purchase complete box which costs Rs1000/- !!!!

    However after speaking to Mr.ravi CRM,tejaswi i was charged RS15/-(AFTER WAITING FOR 15 DAYS AND ATLEAST 10 CALLS)

    -Last week i had some problem with steering ,after visiting service center i learnt that the wheel alignment and balancing was not done during first servicing. After a long wait of three hours they started the work-When i told Mr.Ravi that i am from TFI......

    still i have few issues that are still pending.

    The other day i went to mallik cars and told them my problem.Here they dont even respond when they come to know that i purchased my car from tejaswi.!!!!

    i heard that service centers in banglore are better....may be ill have to go there if it still continues the same way......
  2. naren
    You tell them that you are a part of TFI if you visit tejaswi or give me a call if you go to Malik.
  3. @srikaratluri

    i have told them that i am a member of TFI.
    But i did not find any special attention ,indeed not even basic response that a customer deserves.
  4. TheDrifter

    TheDrifter Amatore

    My REDBULL 90HP(Reg#No 8123) First Service Experience @ Tejaswini

    Hey guys i would like to share my first servicing experience with Tejaswini Motors.
    Called up Mr.Ravi (CRM) to inquire about service slot availability and if any pickup can be arranged as I was tight pack with my meetings. He said he will check back with driver availability as usually we need to call a day before for appointment but he obliged my request and arranged a quick call with associated person for a pickup. In 2mins of time i got a call from Front desk executive quickly took details of my car, type of service etc and sent driver to my Office(Raheja IT Park) for a pickup.

    In 10mins the driver was at my office and was surprised the way Tejaswini is giving response and maintaining timing as promised. The gave keys to driver and explained all issues(minor ones) say like Front right door not closing properly at times and the same with Rear left door. There was left pulling and steering vibration on above 100kmph etc. After 1hr i got a call from Joseph(service incharge) who is very polite, confirmed all issues i had mentioned in job card while handing-over and gave me ETD by 6pm. I said well take your time and do your best work. After 1hr i got another call from service personnel to enquire if there is anything which i want to add up which i might have forgotten. This is where i was impressed again to see how good care Tejaswini is taking care of there customers. They are very keen to customer satisfaction at all times.

    I called back to Joseph at 6.30 as i didn't heard anything back from him after that and informed him that I'm coming down myself to pick up the vehicle as i couldn't wait to see my baby. Reached Tejaswini by sharp 6.45 and met Joesph, he wanted me to wait for 10mins in lounge. After 10mins he came and gave me job card details with invoice. I saw i have been charged for Rs 100 as final invoice amount with Item as Labour cahrges. I asked Joseph about the same and he said they charged for some Oil lubrication across the vehicle like Wheels, under body and etc.. i didn't bothered to know much in detail. After waiting for 10mins, I have my RedBull awaiting for me. The first look it gave me a surprise of the water wash, sparkling Alloys and Glittering Tyres (Yoko 205-55) where all sparkling like just out of showroom. Reminded me of my first day of delivery. It was bit dark so couldn't enjoy the glimpse, but Joseph generously kept my Redbull in Tubelight zone so i could the quality of Wash and for any issues.

    The first thing i saw was my Rear bumper scratched :eek: just above Mud flap zone. I shown to Joseph and confirmed it was not there and obliged to get it done the next day morning. As it was a scratch a bit below center of bumper and chip of paint went off. They need to do rubber polish in one zone and need to repaint the whole chip zone which might involved in peeling of paint and repaint the whole part. I'm considering whether to get it done or wait for few days and then do it just in case if some more scratches happen, then can get it done in whole. Need opinions on this from fellow members.

    So paid Rs 100 as invoice amount and took delivery of Vehicle. Took the rood from Hitech to Gachibowli New Flyover zone and verified the steering response and pulling.
    I felt happy as it was feeling much much better than I expected. From there took a U-Turn and hitted onto ORR where all baby hatches competiting against other. I zip past them and i didn't realized i was on 120km/h when overtaking them. Left my steering and checked if any pulling is there. It was firing like a rocket with no Aim :) and with slight peddle down i was on 140 and i didnt see any mark of Steering vibration which i had it earlier. Wheel balancing was done perfectly. So overall i appreciate the Tejaswini service and the way they deal customers. More about my driving experiences will be posted later. Thanks for reading.

    Anand :)
  5. naveen

    naveen Novizio

    I have a Linea MJD and Punto MJD, now a days service at tejaswi has become very horrifying and following are the examples

    1) First Service of My Linea MJD

    Asked the Technician to check whether the Car has Plastic or Steel CSC and replace it with the later one incase of plastic CSC. Technician confirmed that my vehicle has plastic and to replace it they dont have the spare available. When I went along with the technician to check with the spares section, technician showed the CSC unit, showed me the unit in rubber and says they dont have it.

    I had to involve CRM Mr Ravi and he enlightened the technician showing him casing is in rubber and inside there is a steel rod.

    Finally I had the CSC replaced and thanks to Ravi.

    2) Hard Gear and Other rattling issues with my Punto 1.3 MJD:

    Please refer to the following link


    My car has visited Tejaswi's service centre 8-9 times in the last 2 months and everytime with the below repetitive complaints.

    1) Noise from Dashboard - First it was diagnoised as Ac pipes, later Wiring kit not pinned properly...till date issue is not resolved.

    2) Seat Belt rattling

    3) Window rattling

    4) Rear seat rattling

    5) Hard Gear Shift

    Every time I drop the car at around 9:30am no one attends it until 11am or 12 pm, when you ask the front reception lady for a drop off she puts her face as if you are asking a share in her property !!! Again you will have to bother Ravi (CRM).

    I am really frustrated with their annoying service and looking for a better SC. Any pointers would be of great help !!

    If Fiat/tejaswi are unable to fix my issues, I am seriously thinking about posting my service experience on the rear windsheild and hire a driver to roam around the city.
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  6. apraveen25

    apraveen25 Novizio

    Done Second Service (15000) with Tejaswini , Hyderabad

    I have done my second free service with Tejaswini motors, Hyderabad. The work, they did seems good and the people are friendly.

    Only hickup i got is for Engine oil, they charged for 4 ltr instead of 3.3 ltr. I asked them about it and got back my 700ml. Other than standard items, I have changed the rear wiper since it was was broken.

    Here is the invoice:

    2012-08-24 12.15.07.jpg
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  8. Pramit

    Pramit Amatore

    FIAT ASS - Tejaswi motors H'bad - mixed reactions

    Just wanted to share my experience from a recent trip to the ASS in Hyderabad.

    Problem : My wiper wasn't working so had given my car to Malik cars, H'bad (Tolichowki) for a general checkup and to fix the wiper issue. The adviser informed that the wiper motor has conked off and will need to be replaced. Since, they did not have one in spare i decided to get it replaced later since rains are over anyways and this can be delayed.

    But , the the cyclone Nilam struck and Hyderbad got it's fair share of showers and my wipers aren't moving an inch. That day I went to office carrying a kitchen mop :) . Since it was only drizzling - it was pretty manageable. Later during the day it started pouring and my alarm bells started ringing. I called up Concorde motors ( no reply ) and then I called up Tejaswi and inquired about the spare part. They said they have it. I was really happy because the service center i went first ( MALIK Cars ) - they had informed that they've checked with other dealers in H'bad and no one had this part ! :confused:

    Anyways - after wrapping up my work , I reached Tejaswi ( Madhapur ) at 4:30 PM. I told the receptionist or whoever that lady was in a suit what my problem was and to guide me to the concerned person. Within 30 mins of my waiting a mechanic came and took my car in the service bay and just left it there. Till about 45 mins , there was no service adviser assigned. There was no job card opened. No one asked what the problem was. I got a bit irritated , asked that lady again and she got hold of some other lady ( a service adviser this time ). I told her the problem.

    She straightway refused with the standard reply "today not possible saar". I showed her the weather outside - it was pouring ! I asked her , just replace the motor and I will be on my way. After some 15 mins the suited lady got back saying that the part was unavailable. I was furious ! Just a couple hours back I had inquired and confirmed the availability. I called up the Tejaswi motors again sitting in the waiting area and asked them to connect to the spares. The spares guy recognized me and recalled that I had made inquiry earlier as well. He again confirmed the part availability. I told him that I am calling from Tejaswi motors and your conterparts are saying that the part is not there. Now here is the explanation this guys offers - "sir , its already so late no". The time was exactly 5:30. Then I got back to the suited lady and told her about the whole messup - now one thing i've learnt is to increase the volume of your voice in such situations with these people and it works !

    She took me to the Service Manager. Now , from this point onwards it was easy. He co-ordinated with the spares , got a job card opened , got someone to look into the issue. The electrical guy said that he will have to investigate the issue and he can't replace the part just like that - which made sense. This is reasonable behavior unlike people who sit in their front office. Incidentally the service adviser assigned to me knew the guy who handles FIATs in Mallik cars - he spoke with him and confirmed that it was not an issue with the electricals. After this , the motor got changed - it worked and I could leave for home. Phew !!

    It costed a bomb - 6k - had to pay out of my own pocket since warranty period is over.

    Lesson learnt - Do not eat all the bull**** these people give you. INSIST on what you want and be a loud and aggressive if needed and even if you don't mean it ! I normally don't like this loud 'wala' approach but what to do. This was a very simple issue and could've been handled much better. Don't get my wrong , I am totally satisfied with the promptness my issue got fixed but only after the Service Manager intervened.

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  9. macky

    macky Amatore


    Usually they dont open job cards after 12 noon as they will have 24hrs to close it(normal time) else they need to give explanation.

    The good part is that they changed the part even after 5:30.
    Try getting similar treatment from other manufactures, probably you cant, or may be its only Tejaswi I am not sure. But I am impressed!

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  10. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore


    That is usually the case. But good job in getting the Job done. In the end, that's all matters.

    I went to Tejaswi motors the other day for my Punto's third service. Overall I would say that it was good job.

    There were minor issues though
    1) They didn't clean the mirrors. I removed the sun films the other day and the gum was still there.
    I pulled up the person who was attending my car and told him strongly that such things are soo obvious and that I dont have to spoon feed them for each and everything.

    2) I lost my pen drive :eek:
    I hate to say this, but it's my mistake. I'm an idiot. I left the USB stick in the car and left. I took each and every other item that I can think of from the car but missed taking the pen drive. When I came back in the evening, I found that it was gone. How frustrating is that! I know that it's my mistake but it would have been really great if it was still there.

    Since the technicians were gone for the day, he (Mr.Santosh) told me that he will talk to the technicians tomorrow. He called me up the next day and told me that they were unable to find the pen drive. I checked everyplace that I can think of but I couldn't find it and I am very sure that I left it in the car (I usually never remove it)

    On the brighter side, they did a very good job and my Punto is now roaring :dancing

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