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  1. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    Oh o..sad story of multiple problems.
    Anyway car is having 1000s of units running simultaneously and sometime service fellows don't take user's complaints seriously.
    Some time even they take seriously they can't replair fully.
    So keep patience for once or twice with tejaswi motors guys otherwise as Shashank suggested, you can try Malik.
  2. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    @Kiran : Are the problems resolved.... I gave my car to Malik cars today for accidental repair.... and will be going to those guys on Friday... if you want you can join me and we can try and get the issues resolved at Malik Cars.
  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    Today the technician came and took my GP to their workshop. He has resolved almost all the issues except for one which is not a big one. I am satisfied with the work done by him :up . I have taken his number and told him that I will contact him whenever I have an issue. Seems like a nice guy. :clap
    I have to get a paint job too, but at the garage opposite to our building. The painter is not available so have postponed the job till saturday. I wanted to get it fixed before the meet, but am not sure ::O . Din't want the pictures of the bruised beauty on the forum. :sad1
  4. kalis


    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    I Finally Went to Tejaswi last week around 10.30 AM, where Mr. Sambaiah arranged for a team of 2 (Sanjeev & Ramesh) of which 1 was from the Fiat Plant & other was from the Fiat R &D department. There have investigated my Car FIAT 1.2 & finally conculded that there was a problem which they will get it rectified and asked me to come around 4 PM. I went there drove my vehicle, i was still able to find the Brake Pedal becoming Hard during Low speed, however the team was with me for almost 4 hours and finally told that I have to press Full CLUTCH and Half clutch driving with not work for this vehicle. Though theoritically that is possibel but pratically its not possible especially while going on a reverse gear or some one sudden passes your way and applying brake @ this time is a real problem. Though i was not HAPPY, had not other option but had to take back my car. I even offered them that i would like to upgrade to 1.3 or 1.4 where i will pay the difference amount ex show room price (though I can't afford), but they that they would take back my car as a second hand car which I said NO, as I wanted to upgrade as there IS a PROBLEM with 1.2. Finally my whole day went Waste but there was no solution that was provided. Hope you guys would never purchase punto. I have placed this messgae in the Punto Face book and trying to put in all the networking sites. Thanks to sambaiah for working on the problem but the PROBLEM IS STILL REMAINING AS A PROBLEM.

    By the Way I'm palnning to sell out this vehicle (5 months old, ran around 3700 KM), if any one interested to buy this plz. let me know.
  5. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    Came as a surprise and shock to me :eek: :eek: :shock: :shock: ...... Are you coming for the meet tomorrow.....
  6. Service Support From Tejaswi motors Hyderabad

    This thread is started exclusively for service support from Tejaswi Motors.
    We had a meet with them & they promised proper service as per our expectations.
    Please post your service queries in this thread.
    The service Advisors from Tejaswi will reply to any queries & issues related to Fiats.

    Request the members not to make it a chat thread.
    More info will follow soon.
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    Mods Note - Merged with existing thread.
    Keep all discussion about one service center in one thread.

    This is good for customers as well as service center. They can get the real issues and get things sorted out.
  8. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    Hi Frnds...

    Let's keep this thread as the centre thread to discuss anything related to Tejaswi Mtors... They have improved a lot in spares and service and willing to help customers to their satisfaction....

    The best part is i am posting this thread from tejaswi machine only which i am using here to check the TFI post :)

    Tejaswi Motors user name is : Tejaswi_Service
  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    Well ..... I am really very sorry guys for the delay in updating the details about our visit to Tejaswi Motors. Kinda busy for the last couple of days. To make it up for that I will try to give every possible detail that happened on the meet, a very lengthy and probably with few silly points too.
    So here goes the story ......

    01st March : Everything was confirmed from all the 3 guys .... Guru, Shashank and Prabhakar that we will be visiting Tejaswi Motors on 02nd March. One of the most important issues we wanted to discuss about was the extra price quoted by the SE of Tejaswi Motors to Guru. He was really very disappointed about the last minute changes in the price.
    I was supposed to call Shashank and Guru when I start from my home next day. I asked Guru to meet me at Kothaguda around 1hr after I start. Shashank was supposed to meet us both at Tejaswi Motors.

    02nd March : I started at 9.15am from my house. Tried making calls to both the guys.

    Shashank's phone was unreachable :A :hit ...... Shashank called me in the afternoon and explained that he was in a training session and no mobile in that room had network ....he had 14 missed calls from me by then.
    Guru was not lifting his phone :A ...... as he overslept :uh . I tried calling him and Shashank alternately. I waited around for an hour and then was thinking to leave.
    :clap Luckily Prabhakar called me and told me that he is on his way to Tejaswi (His actual plan was to join us afternoon) and I told him about my status. We decided to meet at Tejaswi and I started immediately. I reached Tejaswi first followed by Prabhakar about 5mins later. We were about to go inside the workshop and Guru makes a call. Tells me the reason why he couldnot attend the call and told he was about to start to meet us. I told him to come to a nearest point to Tejaswi and I would pick him up from there.

    So as we enter the Tejaswi Service Center we were greeted by Mr. Ravi who is the CRM at Tejaswi, a very courteous gentleman :up . While Prabhakar was discussing with him about our purpose of visit, I went to the cash counter as I had a refund to be collected from Tejaswi for an extra amount paid towards Wheel alignment which should be free at the time of my car's first service. The SA had made a mistake and prepared the bill which included charges for wheel alignment :A . Mr. Ravi checked the bill at the time of delivery and told me that they were not supposed to charge for wheel alignment as per Fiat's instructions. But by that time I had already made the payment through my card as the cash counter was closed. So, now as I was asking for the refund at the cash counter, they inform me that I have to write a letter to them regarding the refund :thumbs down . Prabhakar who joined me by then was a bit frustrated and started arguing with them :punch . Mr.Ravi comes to rescue again and he spoke with those guys, took the bill, made a copy of it signed it and asked them to give me the refund. They then said that they need a signature of the GM. :hit

    Mr. Sambaiah who is the GM for Sales and Service of Tejaswi motors was not available and was at an event conducted by Tejaswi at Yatri Nivas, Secunderabad. Mr. Ravi made a call to the GM and informed him about our visit. In the mean time me and Prabhakar were discussing with Mr. Ravi about TFI, the meet on 20th Feb and various issues faced by our members with regard to Tejaswi. He told us that he has been conveyed the same by Shashank earlier and they are trying their best to sort out the issues and told us the progress Tejaswi has been doing so far to provide satisfactory service. I recieved a call from Guru that he has reached the location discussed and I left Tejaswi to pick him up. :car

    By the time we reached Tejaswi again Mr. Sambaiah had arrived and was in discussion with Prabhakar. We introduced each other and he invited us into his cabin for further discussions. We have explained in detail about TFI, Factory meet, invitation recieved by our mods from Fiat for the launch of Tjet, TFI hyderabad meet we had earlier, future meets being planned :car. Told them about the kind of interactions we have, about few of our hardcore Fiat lovers. We literally opened TFI website asked them to go through the posts. Mr. Sambaiah was pleasantly surprised and delighted too at the same time seeing such a group dedicated to just Fiat owners & Enthusiasts :clapping . We have suggested them that we will be opening a new thread (MODS HELP NEEDED IN THIS REGARD) where customers of Tejaswi can interact with the service guys, inform them about niggles and problems faced if any. Appropriate suggestions/action will be extended by Tejaswi Service guys.
    They have also registered with TFI and are willing to interact with us and extend their service ::T . We have also suggested them to visit other threads too, to know issues that Fiat users normally face and probably give some suggestions as well. Also told them about the kind of support we get from other team members when in trouble/dilema.

    We told them about our next scheduled meet and they are intrested in organising the event :wow . We suggested that if they could send a SA to the meet, so that we can discuss about the problems we have if any and that the SA guy can give a proper solution for it or even fix an appointment to visit Tejaswi and getting the problem fixed. They were keen on organising an event with our guys not only in Hyderabad, but also on a long trip :dance . They have many hotels, Amogh at Yatrinivas is the place where they suggested that we can have a meet as it has ample parking space. We can even ask Tejaswi to invite few of their Fiat customers to the meet, where we can explain them about TFI, probably show them our website. :redcar Cause I see lots and lots of Puntos everyday but as we know there are only few guys from Hyderabad at TFI. So this joint meet along with Tejaswi can add more members to TFI and also we can develop rapport with Tejaswi.
    (TFI Hyd Guys please decide on this at the earliest)

    Guru's issue was brought up and :confused we still donot have a genuine reason of why he has been quoted extra price for booking an Exotica Red GP. The minimal grey was available with them without any extra cost. 02nd March was a holiday for the showroom and so couldnot communicate with the SE who dealt with Guru. They have promised Guru that there wouldn't be any extra money charged for him :clap . The next day Guru recieved a confirmation call from the SE that he can book his ER GP at no extra cost. This is as per Guru's post yesterday regarding the same. I still need to speak to Guru and know more details about the sale. Guru was more kind of disturbed with lack of integrity with Tejaswi. But now everything seems to be settled and he is happy with the result. Soon I am gonna take a party from Guru. :drinks

    Mr.Sambaiah told us that for the past few weeks he has been asked to concentrate more on Fiat Sales and Service rather than cabs which comprised the majority of their sales :steering . They have also recruited few guys from Autofin as you all know that has shifted to Maruti dealership :thumbs down . A lot more experienced guys from Autofin are expected to join them aswell. This was the reply given by Mr. Sambaiah for our question regarding the technicians having detailed technical knowledge about Fiat vehicles.

    Prabhakar suggested Tejaswi that they have a dedicated CRO, SA and Technicians for TFI members exclusively ::T , which means only the selected team will attend any TFI member approaching Tejaswi for any kind of service. But at a given condition that they make a prior appointment with those guys and fix a convenient time. They readily agreed for this.
    More details will be posted regarding the contact persons and their contact numbers for making an appointment.

    I have told them about the issues faced by many of us with their sales and service part. These were already explained to them in detail by Shashank earlier. I have particularly mentioned about my experience before/after sale and the first servicing I have got done with them. The issues reported by me at the time of preparing the job card which were not sorted out after the service, my overall experience. The rating I gave them to Fiat CC. I also told them that I had approached Malik cars for the running repair as evey body especially Shashank was very sure about their service ::T . I was very happy and never faced a single problem till now with Malik and told Tejaswi that this is the kind of service that would make us all happy and that is what we are expecting from them. We agree that Tejaswi is more equipped than other dealers but the lack of proper technical knowledge of both SA and technicians, the major problem according to Prabhakar was that there is a huge co-ordination problem with Tejaswi. The customers feedback is not conveyed properly :A to the technician and at the end of the day the customer is not happy with their service. They have promised that they would definitely try to improve on these points.

    We also discussed about the availabilty of spares and accessories, but were assured by them that they have the best lot of accessories and spares which I believed as Shashank told me the same earlier. We have told them that we would be needing 5 Linea arm rests as few of our guys are intrested in getting installed one after seeing Shashank's post. They called the accessories guy and asked him to look into the matter and get it done asap. The same accessories guy didnot call me till date regarding the central lock I wanted to order and reminded him couple of times when I visited their showroom :A , but now he calls me after an hour and tells me that he could not find the part number and asked me if I knew them as he wanted to place the order right away. Incredible change I must say in his attitude. Shashank later told me that the arm rest is actually a spare but not an accessory. :hit

    Guru had to leave as he had to attend work. I dropped him at the junction and was back. Prabhakar had givene his GP for general servicing (9000 kms) He changed his engine oil, got the filters cleaned and changed one, I donot remember which one. We were discussing about the car, interacting with the mechanic and asking him about any doubt we have. Shashank called me in the afternoon and told me about the network problem with his mobile in the meeting room ::pP . He told us that he will join us and reached after 1/2hr. I drove his 1.2 first ever. Checked out his arm rest, ICE, spoiler, stickers and few other things :cool . When we came back Mr. Sambaiah who was busy with someother work joined us and started interacting with us. He sat in my car and found it to be very dusty and offered me an internal cleaning. Shashank wanted to test drive my 1.3 as he has never driven an MJD. So offered Shashank a ride before giving my car to cleaning. Went for a ride Shashank gave some feedback, overall he is satisfied and only thing he pointed out and asked me to get corrected was the car pulling to the left side. Reached back to Tejaswi, gave my car for cleaning.

    Shashank and me went to the spares department sat with the guy working there got the order placed for 4 linea arm rests, brackets and ornaments. We were playing around like small kids opening the cartons lying over there, seeing what kind of spares these guys have and stuff like that. :dancing

    Shashank left later and I was waiting around for my car to get cleaned. I have not mentioned one great thing that happened the otherday at Tejaswi. During the discussions the topic about my refund came up as we need Mr.Sambaiah's signature. He istructed Mr.Ravi to give me something more exclusive than mere refund (Rs.250). Tejaswi gave me a voucher worth Rs.2000 :wow which I can avail for serivce, accessories and VAS. That was a nice gesture from Mr.Sambaiah :clapping , I was more than delighted for their courtesy.

    And thats not all, when I recieved my car back after cleaning and washing. :wow :wow :wow I was truely amazed at the quality of wash and interior cleaning done by these guys. It was far far better than the washing/cleaning done in the first service. Almost par the quality at delivery. I still have the T/R number and it looked like a brand new car without the ribbons. :car If Tejaswi maintains the same kind of intrest shown upon my car to all the Fiat owners, I think Tejaswi has tremendous scope to win the competetion :car . :clap

    Mr. Sambaiah will be sending a detailed mail regarding the services and support they propose to offer us.

    Overall it was a successful meet with lots of interactions, commitments and suggestions from both ends.

    Lets wish Tejaswi a very good luck :up and let us all try to support Tejaswi for an endearing relation. :dance

    P.S : @Prabhakar, Guru & Shashank : Please add any of your findings that I have missed above. :anyone

    :eek:fftopic Phew ...... if I had written so much in my exams, I would have topped in my college. :uh :hit :A
  10. guru


    Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    @Kiran, thats an epic post man! i was wondering if things hadn't tuned out well with Tejaswi motors after i left. Glad to know things worked out. Huge shout out to you for drilling some sense into Tejaswi folks about the service . we, Hyd guys will owe you a big one for getting Tejaswi to clean things up.

    ps: cant wait for my Punto now :)

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