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Plot No: 1356/A, 8-2-293/82/A, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  1. Prasad

    Prasad Timido

    Hi Guys,

    Last friday i have purchased second hand Punto 90HP car and looking for good and long term relation with Fiat.

    Service I'm looking for is
    ..Broken glove box
    ..torn gear shift knob(replacement)
    ..misplaced tail foglanp
    .. and deep interior and exterior cleaning

    Future plans..
    ..replacing the tyres
    ..Upgrading the GC kit

    I am from KPHB(home) and Hitech city(office), plz suggest one thats close to any of this place.

    Thanks in advance
  2. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    Done the 2nd service yesterday, just one word "terrible"

    The matter has gone from bad to worse in terms of attitude of the people and dealing with customers. when they were even over burdened 6 months before when I visited, they were at least genuine and gave serious effort to customer satisfaction, now they are cocky and misbehaved to say the least. I will tell about the detail later but just got a taste of poor service when people talk about bad FASS.


    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yesterday my friend visited Butta SC for replacing Brake Discs and Brakepads. To his shock, they have charged 1202 Rs as Labor charges. Even i tried to speak with SA Raju, he was telling me that labor for replacing brakepads is 450 Rs and for Brake Discs it is - 600 Rs :evilsmile.
    I asked him to check any discount, he then came back to my friend and said he has given 100 Rs as discount.
    Subsequently my friend has rejected and paid 1202 with taxes Rs as labor charges. I think it is daylight robbery ..does anyone had similar experiance before?
    If yes please change Brakediscs out of service center. For normal service they are charging 1000 Rs as labor and for Brake pads & Discs they are charging 1200 Rs.
    Beware guys.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2014
  4. shekar

    shekar Timido

    The service at Butta group (formerly tejaswi motors) has gone down drastically. I used to give my vehicle at Tejaswi motors at hitec city when it was still TASS. The service was very good. I even remember the service advisors name (Joseph). This was in 2011.....2 years down the road...Fiat and Tata split up..and now enter Butta Group. Okay..their 'make shift' facility at Rd# 45, Jubilee hills is not the best for any workshop but i agree with Shashank Reddy...their attitude has really gone to worse. In august 2013 when i gave my vehicle for service, they did not do a complete job (wheel alignment, car wash, etc) and requested me to get the vehicle in couple of months as they are not able to handle the load. I agreed, hoping the their teething pans would be over soon. But now when i recently went their, they still are in the same facility with no updates. They still give the same excuses of too many cars and not being able to service them. They dont have the spares you want. Also, looks like they are inflating the prices of both spares and labor.
    - You never get the spares you want. I was looking for the fender inner lining, but they did not have it and ask me to come some other day. This was already by 3rd visit.
    - There was a problem with my combination switch (it gets stuck in one of the modes and when i press the trip button to change.. the wipers get turned on and i have to restart my vehicle to stop the wipers) when i explained the problem, they said they will replace it as it is still under warranty but, then they call me up and say we need to keep it under observation and cant replace it as we dont see a problem now! they really dont care to go that extra step to investigate the issue and provide solution
    last november when i checked for the front fog light assembly for the punto active, they said it was Rs.1800/- and now its Rs. 2000/- for each fog light (Rs.4000/- in total) + labor
    - Radio antenna is 650
    They are charging me Rs. 3200 for the break pads not sure how much for changing them. The interesting thing is one of the technicians their suggested not to get it changed at the service center and offered to change the brake pads at my house. He said he will get it to my house and change it at Rs.2700 including labor.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not sure what Fiat is upto but they are really screwing up big time with their cars as well as service. Fiat is so outdated in this digital age, they dont even udpate their service center. I got to know from the mechanice at butta that there is one more service center (Ankita Motors) near hafeezpet (stone throws from my place) but till date the fiat website does not show it. Its already there on google with pics. I was hoping for the better things after the split but looks like Fiat is making sure Tata look better. Really Sad.


    Grande Punto 1.2
    butta service center is good response.
  6. rider16

    rider16 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I have been getting my services and repairs done at Butta fiat since malik cars broke away from FIAT!.

    I dint have the patience to read all the 21 pages, just posting a few of my good and bad experiences with these guys.

    First let me get the bad things out of the way:

    They used to be really bad, when they started back in 2013. They used to have, ir-responsible Ser. Advisors, no ETD on vehicles that come to them.

    Only the general service vehicels would be delivered back in a day or two. The ones requiring any repairs minor or major would mean you leave your car there for a week. Its their greatest flaw still. Their service garage is put up in two places, one is the service centre at butta road no.45 and their body shop is at Madhapur adjacent to Tejaswi tata workshop. Given their attitude, god save the customer.

    Now the good part:

    Come sept 2015, their service has improved alot from the previous dont care attitude to atleast delivering a little late on the promise.

    Their service shop has been keeping the time of delivery promise by and large. They have gotten better at diagnosing car problems and such, no more delays on that. Regular service car gets delivered the same day. reps more responsive now.

    But if you have body shop or repair works then expect the same kind of annoyance.

    Also a note worthy point is, these buggers have shifted from the traditional paints that use paint and thinner to water paints.

    This has resulted in no flexibility on paint matching to the car's current shade. I will NOT get another panel painted from these guys ever unless they switch back.

    All the bricks and bats aside, I feel these guys have the expertise now over Ankita fiat and A.V. Motors Fiat in the city. This I write after speaking to a few fellow owners who went there and switched back to Butta.

    Also, Butta houses the largest parts inventory for Fiat here in Hyderabad over the other two dealers as per my last info.
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  7. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Glad to see an honest review. I am a regular at Butta for the past 5 years for both my Punto and Linea.

    I've only visited Ankitha once and they were more or less similar to other FASS. As they have now shut shop, I din't have a chance to visit them again.

    Butta's forte is trouble shooting and they have excellent technicians. I have had great experience in resolving couple of issues, one of which Ankitha had no clue about and it was found to be a fuse gone kaput.

    I had only once got body work done from Butta, that too recently and I should say you are true about the time line. Work was satisfactory if not great. Hope to bump into you some day at Butta.
  8. Sandeep Alexander

    Sandeep Alexander Timido

    Linea 1.3
    What a pathetic place, absolutely no regards to customer situation. Went in for a top up of coolant, was jn a hurry and just wanted a liter of coolant. I was told sorry sir its lunch time and we are closed. What rubbish. And now im waiting for the past 40 mins wondering when their lunch time will be over. Amd the customer waiti g area is like an abandoned building...mechanic sheds are a better place. The service advisor says if u cant wait u might as well pour some drinking water in the coolant container. Really bad service. Putting up a picture of their waiting area. Hope FIAT takes note of this. Wonder if Butta will be dealing with Abarth as well? Then God help fiat...

  9. rider16

    rider16 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP

    Heehehe sorry for you (definitely not on their behalf) had to face their dont care attitude.

    The actual customer lounger is downstairs, its better/newly constructed cabin and has a view of work being carried on workshop floor.

    Must me bad timing you went in, because I visited 10 days ago and they were remodelling/renovating the whole place, I guess the front office was next, hence you see all those ripped of electrical boards and other holes in the wall.

    If you dont get a good response from the front office, ask for either Ms. Poornima the Customer care/relations executive or Mr. K.Raju Ass. Manager. You will be better received.

    And do you remember this service advisor's name? do tell us his name, and damn he is quite the joker, for asking you to pour in drinking water in the coolant container. I will make sure to never hand him my car.

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