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Plot No: 1356/A, 8-2-293/82/A, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  1. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Butta (Tejaswi) Motors, Hyderabad

    That number is correct. They don't pick up since the place is like a govt office. Keep trying and call before 12. I gave them peace of mind a couple of times for not picking up the phone but they gave stupid reasons.

    Expect an appointment next month unless u create a panic situation.

    Cost should be < 6000

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  2. Hi,

    Had a very bad experience with Tejaswi motors, gave the vehicle for a service and the technicians had literally broken my diesel tank opening and they gave me the vehicle. When i am asking the service person Mr.Raju M.S, he gives all the bull shit answers and he is not ready to replace the same. Please advise me on how this is to be handled and why doesn't Fiat remove these kind of service centres.

    Please also advise on the complain centre number, where in i can make a complain for this.

    The other problem that i am facing with Fiat linea is the sensor issue, sometimes it happens that while i am overtaking a car, the engine suddenly comes to a halt and the car stops in the middle of the road, if this happens in a highway then i would have been thrashed by a passing by vehicle. I feel this is very dangerous and after investing a huge 10 lakhs for a car and facing this kinda problem is highly objectable. Fiat has to provide a solution for this and this has to be at the earliest. Please suggest me on whom to send a message regarding this issue.

  3. Aviator

    Aviator Amatore

    Delhi / Hyderabad
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    You mean I will get a September appointment?? I have a HYD-DELHI-HYD trip planned in next 15-20 days...

    Today also I called 2-3 times but no response from them. Is there any other Fiat Service within 100-150 KM circle?? Also after reading some horrible reviews of Tejaswi Motors, I am hesitating to get a service from them.
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    Grande Punto 1.3
    FYI......my friend couldn't replace fuel filter till now. Yesterday he visited sc and the answer he got.....not in stock.This time i would be visiting service center...may be we should handle them in otherway.
  5. mahen.jnk

    mahen.jnk Novizio

    Butta (Tejaswi) , Hyderabad

    ‚ÄčI gave my Punto for 30K service at Butta, Hyderabad on 5th Aug and they delivered it after servicing on 6th. On 20th morning, all of a sudden steering became very hard. So I stopped the vehicle on side of the road and called Fiat RSA which directed me to Butta Automotive. After waiting for over an hour, the service adviser who did the 30K service attended and asked his helper to look into the problem. The problem was found to be power steering oil leakage and told me that it would get fixed in 1-2 hours. So I left the place thinking I could come back in the afternoon and collect the vehicle. I called the SA in the evening and he told me that a pipe needs to be replaced and he had already ordered it as it was not in stock and it would arrive the next day afternoon. I called him again on 21st evening again to know that the part has not arrived and the vehicle would be delivered on 22nd evening. Again called him on 22nd evening only to know that the part has arrived but he needs some more time to fix it and asked me to collect the vehicle today(23rd) morning at 11AM. When I went there today to collect the vehicle I was surprised to know that the concerned SA is on leave today and his phone was switched off. Front office staff said that they cannot do anything unless they contact the SA. It was not me alone there but there were another 4-5 customers arguing and shouting at them for similar issues. I came back and lodged a complaint with Fiat CC. I was suppose to get SMS with complaint number but I am yet to receive it. Any help is greatly appreciated to further escalate to Fiat or any other suggestions?
  6. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Hmm, guess they'll never learn. Anyway, It is always a good idea to pop the hood and keep an eye on the fluid levels for a couple of days post service. A quick look under the car for leakages before starting it next morning would help avoid on road breakdown's.

    Generally, after coolant change these guys do not run the engine long enough to bring it to optimum temperature and deliver the car to the customer. When temperatures rise later, air gaps in the coolant lines go away and hence the coolant level drops way below the min mark leading to other problems.

    Im generally very cautious after service and incidentally, After my recent service from Butta, i noticed drops on engine oil under the car. Got it checked at the local mechanic and he said he tightened it but it was still leaking. By then, i was sure that the drain bolt was damaged (probably coz the SC guys wrestled with it while tightening). Drove straight to them and got the drain bolt replaced right on the road since there was no room to take the car inside. Ghouse did a great job quick swapping the bolt without loosing much oil and topped up some oil. Coolant level went down too and that i refilled myself (Water can be used to topup in case of emergencies).

    There are lots of newbie mechanics at Butta right now and these guys are trained to screw up things. The mad rush only adds to the problems.

    Doesn't AV motors have a temporary service facility? Anybody?
  7. DCpunto

    DCpunto Novizio

    Hi All,

    Got below email from AV motors couple of weeks back, definitely its a good news for hyderabad folks.

    Dear sir,

    Good Morning Sir,

    We are new dealers of FIAT CARS. Currently our temporary showroom is at G.V.K. one mall at Banjarahills, Hyderabad. We are shortly opening new showroom at Minister Road Secunderabad. by next month. Our current service center is located at Jeedimetla Hyd, which will be shifting to Sanathnagar, beside to Toyota service center very shortly.

    For further inquiries, in this regard, please call to out works manager Mr. Abdul - 7729985501 and for sales Mr. Naveen - 9505516655

    Have a nice day,

    Thanking you,

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  8. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Ran an errand to Butta this morning while heading to work. Got to speak to Ramesh Gandi (FIAT Service operations AP and KA) and Duncan McMath (Head- Technical Services, FIAT-Chrysler, APAC)

    Apparently, they have been at the SC and taking care of operations since 3 days. They said, they are working on streamline the Quality, process and Customer experience. Looks like they really managed to streamline some of it since i was able to find a parking slot. :)

    They both seemed to be working hard, Duncan was literally filling out the job cards himself from the looks of it. He was noting down all the complaints in his notepad and making sure the mechanics fixed the issues and finished the job quickly.

    On the news front, there is nothing new. They mentioned the other dealer is coming up shortly and Butta will be shifted to Madhapur. Duncan also mentioned that he is trying to get all the vehicles that have been pending for a long time done up quickly and also start quick service bays for minor jobs to avoid the 1 month appointment drama.

    I really hope the SC guys remain streamlined after they both leave.

    Duncan was also showing me pics of his 200 BHP Fiat 500 Abarth essesse which he says was bought with his own money :D. He also mentioned about meeting with folks from TFI during the IPL screening in the PUNE cafe.

    Overall, it is reassuring to know that they are indeed concerned about the state of service at AP seeing all the complaints. Ramesh also mentioned they are finalizing new dealers at VZG, VJA and Rajamundry in a couple of weeks. He also confirmed that it is not true that Butta is the only service center in AP and that Jasper and one other dealer in VZG are still servicing FIATs per the agreement. I exchanged contact details with Ramesh and i informed him that i will provide feedback every now and then.
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  9. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore


    Duncan, Ramesh Gandi and the guy in brown shirt is the owner's son if im not wrong, not sure.
  10. panzercool


    I live close to Sanathnagar. Will try and hunt down the new service center location sometime this week. Will let ya all know

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