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Plot No: 1356/A, 8-2-293/82/A, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  1. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    I have been to Tejaswi Motors Stock yard (supposedly the location for another Fiat SC) this morning. This is diagonally behind the old Tejaswi SC (now TATA SC). I saw there were many new cars (both TATA and FIAT) parked for PDI and was rather looking like a normal stock yard. I tried to enquire about the SC from the security personal and he was not able to give me any information. He asked me to meet Mr.Sham who is the incharge over there and that he could help me with the information, I was seeking for.

    While I was entering the stock yard, I could see a shed (to fit 5-6 cars) and a hydraulic lift that we usually see at the SC. I assumed that they use these for PDI and fixing things before delivery. As I continued walking-in, I see Puntos and Lineas, all banged up and missing parts. Then I realised that this is the body shop for Butta aswell, apart from being a Stock yard. It was heartening to see Fiats in those conditions. Headlights were missing, bumpers removed, dents and much more. Intresting part is that the earlier Demo vehicles were also at the same location. There was an ER Punto which was used as a TD vehicle before 2012. Its fuel cap was missing (Donor vehicle?). I was also surprised to see 2012 OB Linea which was the Demo vehicle earlier and was offered with huge discounts. I was later told that it was sold, but it is still there with all the stickers. There was also an Yellow Fiat 500 (KA registration), with LS OVRM missing and several pathces on the rear right door and wheel arch.

    I got to meet Mr.Sham, who was an SA at Malik earlier and now the head of Tejaswi Body shop. He was my SA in 2011 for a blown fuse issue and he recognised me right away. I was glad that I would be able to extract as much information as I could without much inhibitions. I spoke to him for about 30 mins and shared our concerns regarding the FASS.

    He agreed that the existing SC is quite cramped to handle the ever raising work load. He also mentioned that Fiat has approved the proposal of setting up the SC at the said location (Stock yard) and they have given a time frame of 45 days. Unfortunately, the time given wouldn't be enough to make the SC operational. According to him, it would take min.2 - 3 months for the whole setup. Given that they only raise sheds for the SC and not a proper building with slabs and walls.

    Status of the set up as of today is NOTHING. But, according to Mr.Sham, there were some huge rocks bang in the middle of the stock yard plot, which have been duly cleared. None of the materials required for construction have arrived so far and he anticipates that the work will progress with full swing once they arrive.

    From the above information, what I could conclude is:
    YES, another FASS by Butta @ Madhapur has been approved by FIAT and will be operational.
    NO, there is no indication on the time frame as to when the new Butta FASS will be actually operational. (Not before another 2-3 months for sure).
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  2. PankajJoshi

    PankajJoshi Amatore

    Linea 1.4
    Thank you. Some rays of hope on the horizon! Let's see how long it takes to sunshine.

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    I called last week. Next available appointment was Independence Day.
  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Reviewing my service experience at BUTTA (Tejaswi) Motors FIAT Exclusive:

    Disclaimer: This is going to be long, the next line is a brief of the rest of the story.

    Overall, satisfactory experience.

    I'd been to the SC yesterday to get my scheduled 60K service done. Odo stands at 56899Kms.

    Some changes i noticed from the last time i visited the place 2 months ago.

    There were hardly 3-4 In office employees last time, but now there are like 15 employees occupying every desk in the office. Don't ask me what they were doing, since i could not figure out myself, Everyone appeared to be busy though. Most looked like they never used a computer, so looking up basic information on the Seibel CRM application was taking them 30 mins each time. Guess that explains how they were passing time all day. Their network was pathetically slow too.

    Apart from the Service Manager, they now seem to have appointed a new CRM. Can't correctly remember the name of the Lady but she is not a familiar face from the earlier SC. Name is Hemalatha i think, not sure though.

    Saw atleast 4-5 new mechanics apart from the old ones.

    Looked like there were a total of 4 SA's now.

    At-least 4 drivers just to juggle cars in the congestion and driving them between the independent parking in the lane behind the garage. Apparently, they were parking cars in a closed go-down kind of place in a house. The place can accommodate around 20 cars. My car was taken there in the morning when there was no place at the SC and returned with scratches on the lower part of the bumper near the fog lamp. Looked like they hit a bump or something. Pointed it out to them and they pretended as if it was there from before. I smiled at them and said "both u and i know who did this but i'll ignore it since it's small".

    Early in the morning i saw a few cars raised on the lift to make space for more cars to be parked under them. I guess they'll keep doing this until one of the lift fails and damages a couple of cars completely. So, if you are leaving your car overnight at the SC, keep this in mind so that you have a sleepless night ;).

    Service was wrapped up quickly by late afternoon and then i went on a short test drive with the TL for him to check the suspensions. The car was parked outside when we returned and it started raining heavily. One of the driver's came in running to me and said. "Saar, your rear window is not closing" . I was like :eek:, are you sure it's my car???. Went and checked it out myself and yes it was indeed not going up and the seats were already wet. The window was going down but not coming up. Had the Door mechanic take a look and he confirmed the regulator has failed. I was lucky that it happened when i was at the SC and double lucky since it was the last day of my warranty expiry. Thinking back i think i made good use of the warranty over the last couple of years, got quite a few parts replaced for minor issues with each. (I thought yesterday that there were 2 more days left for warranty expiry, just looked at the invoice and realized it was the last day. Happy Second Birthday to my car). This part is covered in EW but, we all know the approval process. The TL followed up with the Warranty people quickly and got approval for the regulator (in 10 mins). My car was parked outside and it was raining heavily, there was no way they could drive my car in since there were cars parked all over the driveway. We both got onto the car and drove to their parking lot that i mentioned earlier and the door mechanic opened up the door and fixed the new regulator. Job done in 15 mins flat. He was totally frustrated about the space issue at the SC and being made to find places outside to work.

    Since the door mechanic seemed to be a knowledgeable person, i pointed out to him the boot door which does not close easily. Although i manage to close it easily myself by dropping the hatch door from a certain height, this has been a major pain with the security at my office who often bang the door when it fails to close the first time they try. I had reported it multiple times at the SC before but they were never able to fix it. This guy fixed it in a minute and it was closing now with little force. The hatch was rattling at the lock due to the adjustment but he did a insulation tape treatment to fix the rattle. So, im happy about it.

    Although, they are not at all organised with their process and there is total chaos at the SC which is nothing new to me from my experiences over the past couple of years, the overall experience was satisfactory. More so because of the rapport i have with the mechanics, TL's and office staff and the fast that i know very well that they are not very organised in doing their stuff. This could be a really frustrating experience for people who are not used to this experience, it better for such people to leave their car at the SC for a couple of days and take it back when the SC says that the job is done. I personally prefer wasting hours of my time to avoid more hours wasted later to revisit for any unsorted issues and most importantly the peace of mind since you would be sure that everything that needs to be changed for the better health of the engine has been changed.

    And the best part, Friends from TFI were around in shifts to pass my time through the day. Met Pramit in the morning and had a chat with him for a bit while we was getting his clutch checked. Shiva Kumar who is a TFI visitor but is not a member yet gave good company for a couple of hrs while his brake pads were being changed. He was wondering if there was a fees to join TFI :). I asked him to join the fun without a second thought. hurricane came along to pick me and Nkiran and we went out for lunch, we had a good time chatting for a couple of hrs while we gorged on some food at Celebrations. Thanks for the company guys ::T . Bumped into our SrikanthAddala saab & his friend later in the evening while he was running behind the SA to get hold of a pair of wipers and a brake light bulb for his Linea. The look on his face was priceless when the SA said "Saar, it will take 1 hr for us to issue these items" and mind you, this was 30 mins after Srikanth signed the Jobcard to get these items since they do not do counter sale. He went straight to the CRM and i was expecting that he would shout at her for all this BS, but to my surprise, looked like he was talking very politely with her. I just hoped for a minute if i could ever be so cool headed in my life.

    While Srikanth was still haggling them for his wipers, i proceed to pay the bill of Rs.13414 :eek: which included a set of brake pads (worth 3300 + labor ~400) + a Set of wiper blades + Rs 0 for warranty replacement of Window regulator (Cost 1026 something) + Rs 1687 for 60k Major Service + general service with all fluids change. I asked for a proforma invoice before they generated the bill and it had 40 Rs labour charges for each wiper blade replacement, i said "no thank you" for the installation and they removed the charges :). Price of the Engine oil seems to have come down to 1670Rs (3.5 ltrs). IIRC it was around 2000Rs the last time i changed.

    Their Card swipe machine failed to complete my transaction, so i had to walk to the adjacent ATM to withdraw cash. Paid the amount, shook hands with Srikanth and drove home.

    Will get my timing chain and belts replaced in a month or so. Too much expense on the car this month with the Annual Car insurance (Bharti Axa Nil Dip = Rs. 14200) coinciding with the Scheduled service + Brake pads wearing out etc.
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  4. Aviator

    Aviator Amatore

    Delhi / Hyderabad
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hi guys, one quick question....I got oil changed for my Punto 90 at 10,000 KM. Now odo reads 12,000 and I have to do a HYD-Delhi-HYD trip which i planned 2 months ago but got delayed due to some reasons. I will cover around 3700 KM on highways + around 350 KM in Delhi while I am there for one week. After coming back to Hyderabad odo will be around 16,000 KM.

    Now I want to know if Fiat Hyderabad Service will accept my car for 2nd service at 16,000 KM without voiding the warranty?? I can get the service done before the trip but than the oil change will go to waste as I have done just 2000 KM.
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  5. FiatPalio

    FiatPalio Timido


    Change the Oil and begin your journey... Cause your'e oils life has already reduced by about 40%..
    I strongly recommend you to change the oil.
    Have a safe journey :)
  6. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    And how did i forget to mention this?

    The latest rumour is that the second Exclusive dealership for Hyderabad is being setup by AV motors and they are constructing a huge work shop at Sanath Nagar from what i hear.

    The people who told me this are pretty confident and mentioned that the dealer advertised about the upcoming dealership in the news paper. Did anyone hear anything else? And do not expect the Second Tejaswi workshop to come up atleast for the next 5 months if they are actually working on it.
  7. suresheadala

    suresheadala Timido

  8. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Nice, Good that this is not a rumour then.
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  9. srikanth.addala

    srikanth.addala Novizio

    Good to know!! :thumbup:

    Thanx for the info guys :)

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  10. Aviator

    Aviator Amatore

    Delhi / Hyderabad
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Can somebody please share contact no. of Fiat service in Hyderabad. I want to book a date for my car's 2nd service. I was trying 040-65523767 but nobody answered.

    Also what should be the estimate for my Punto 90's 2nd service? There is no major issues to report, just some rattling noise.

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