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Plot No: 1356/A, 8-2-293/82/A, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  1. I had a small issue with my Linea since monsoons started, the window glasses were making rattling noise.Not too much but it was there and was irritating.Finally last week i thought of getting it fixed and decided to try out Tejaswi Motors. These guys opened about 3-4 months back but were only TATA dealers, just about a month back they have started servicing FIATS too. I reached there are 10:30 and was promptly attended by SA. i told him the problems and also went for a test drive. Once back he went inside came back and informed me the door technician has gone out to attend some other issue and offered me to send him to my office on monday to resolve the issue.I went back parked my car and tried to fold my key into the key fob and to my horror it wouldn't budge ::OO ... Started the car and went back to the service centre caught hold of SA and asked him to fix it .. he tried it and finally said the spring is not working and that he'll place an order for it and call when it arrives.

    I called him on Wednesday and he said FIAT doesn't allow them to change only springs under warranty and the entire key fob will be replaced for which he needed the code card.I told him i'll come and see him next saturday. So today i went there he took my car in for the glass noise problem and also took my code card to place an order for key fobs.Their door technician is very good he fixed the glasses really well and told me he added some extra paddings to the doors, he also fixed my key fob :dancing .. don't have to order a new one now.

    Overall i was pleased with their work and the best part is they allow customers to inspect vehicles while work is carried out.The quality of work is better than concorde.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    Always good to hear that servicing experience are getting better.
    We just need to find good service center in our respective city and inform others. Let us also give good points to Fiat feedback for good stations and 0 (zero) marks to bad stations.
  3. djeetender


    Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    I have given my car FIAT PALIO S10 for servicing at TEJASWI MOTORS in Hyderabad and I am having a horrifying experience with them. They are not all equipped to do servicing of FIAT Vehicles. First they said after giving the car that they have to order for spare parts. The spare parts came after 3-4 days and after replacing them, they came back to me and said that we have to order for some more parts because the timing belt is broken and it will affect valves of the engine and head. They said that the bill will now be Rs. 30, 000 instead of RS 10,000 which they said would be earlier. And everyweek they are saying that the parts will come End of the week and they have been doing it for last two weeks. now they said that the parts have arrived and they need 3-4 days to repair. And believe me everytime I call them they dont lift the call, neither the service advisor nor the Service manager. Even today I have given them almost 10 calls and nobody lifts it. I have called the FIAT customer support and told them about the issue with Tejaswi motors a week back and they have said that they will come back to me. No one calls and after all this experience I have vowed that I will never buy a FIAT Car and will never recommend. Its one month today since I have given the car but no assurances till now when I will get the car. Shame on Tejaswi motors and FIAT who dont look at their customers plight. Believe me I am going on an auto for the last 1 month over a distance of 20 KMs.
  4. Re: FIAT Service - A BIG ISSUE

    djeetender sorry to hear about your problems, I have gone to tejaswi a couple of times and found them better than concorde. Anyways why don't you send a mail to couple of people in FIAT they always respond to problems pretty fast. Here is the link to thread that has all email id's
  5. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

  6. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE

    Yea dont call, write to the Big Dady's of Fiat and u would get help for sure...
  7. Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    Had gone to Tejaswi again, a long drive is coming up and i wanted to get general check-up done on Linea. Plus there were few issues here and there.There was some noise coming from back seat and one of my mud flap lost bottom screw and was hanging with just side screws.

    I was happy with the service levels, they fixed all of my issues the only thing am not happy with is car delivery.Everytime it takes about an hour extra than what was promised. I saw them giving out survey forms with questions similar to that of FIAT. Good to see they are trying to improve.
  8. Re: Tejaswi Motors, Hyderabad

    Is Tejaswi motors still good for Fiat cars.
    I am a bit skeptical as they are new as it is .. and on top of that its a Fiat car. Dunno their expertise levels.

    BTW one of the big TATA dealers in Hyderabda, Autofin is shifting to Maruti now.

    I have to see who to shift to now ... concorde (little far but maybe better) or Tejaswi (convenient but new).
  9. kalis


    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad Service - A BIG ISSUE


    I have purchased a fiat punto emotion 1.2 about 4 months back from tejaswi and from the day i purchased the car there are many problems and i approached tejaswi, spoke to GM - sambaiah, Service manager - Ravi, Tata motors sevice manager Raghavendra, Srinivas reddy etc etc and finally these people couldn't get the problem rectified. Tejaswi neither has talent staff nor have the curtosy/ responsibility to look into customer problems. Though tejaswi has got location benefit of being near to IT hub, still they are unable to grab the advantage. My sincere advise would be never ever purchase a PUNTO vehicle, if you want never take it from tejaswi. trust me you will land in troubles if you take it from tejaswi. My car is in their workshop since more than 2 months and the loaner car they have given is tata indigo which neither has a horn, brake, mirrors etc etc.

    Don't become victims like me.
  10. kalis


    Re: Problems in my GP

    I purchased Punto 1.2 Emotion car from Tejaswi motors Hyderabad in the month of ,Sep’ 2010. Since the day 1 I have taken this car there are many problem viz. Wheel alignment, Brake problem, Wipers problems, Doors Problem, Horn Problem, Car glasses problem etc etc and tejaswi people have worked on all these, replaced WIPERS, CAR BOOSTER, DOOR LEVERS, HORN ETC and few they said it cannot be rectified viz. Car Brake problem, doors hard problem. I spoke to many Senior executives from TATA, FIAT, also registered complaint calling your customer care, in your fiat site but there is no positive response and they just say that this is a safe care and it is as per the car design and specifications. But they are really unable to under customer pain. I want this problem to get rectified.

    Below is the actual problem:

    Brake failure issue

    This issue occurs only in low RPM like when you are bring your car from parking where you need to apply 1st and reverse gear couple of times.

    or when you are driving in slowly moving traffic where you can't release clutch fully (even in 1st gear) and you need to keep your feet on brake padel to avoid bang into next car. If you face this situation for around 25-30 seconds you will find brake padel very hard anbd brake is failed. You need to press clutch fully in order to get vacuum recreated in brake booster. If you are running on AC , then vaccum takes 5-6 seconds otherwise it takes 2-3 seconds.

    Also, I have sent many mails to them :

    Dear Sambaiah,

    The brake problem that I have reported is very much observed by most of the PUNTO VICTIMS. This is the high time and we need you to actually look into this issue as this is the MOST DANGEROUS failure with the Punto 1.2 vehicle. You can access the below links to understand the pain of the customers:


    http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-ca ... issue.html

    http://www.fiatforum.com/punto/257312-b ... issue.html

    It is really surprising to see that though this issue was brought to the notice of the fait GM (as per one of the customer in the above link), still no action is taken to rectify the problem or compensate the customers. I hope alteast you will help PUNTU VICTIMS and make them as the PUNTO DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS.

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