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C7/4, Pawane Midc, Ttc Industrial Area, Turbhe Navi Mumbai 400705
  1. salztech


    I tried calling this service center. The first thing you hear when call gets connected is "Hello, Balaji autoworld". Though it's supposed to be an exclusive Fiat ASS, but as Balaji Autoworld has quite a few dealerships with them, this service center also services Force Motor's Force One. The SA told me they are planning to move Force in another location and it's temporary.

    The location of this SC is very bad, the first thing you get to notice is the approach road full of deep potholes, some of the worst in Mumbai. They also don't have most of the spares and always need to procure from Thane center.
  2. ASNM

    ASNM Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    Sharing my first experience with Balaji Navi-Mumbai.

    My right rear door power window had stopped working

    Called up yesterday to fix an appointment for today and the reply was "Sir you can come any time, we are open from 9:30 onwards". Well, I was surprised, a pleasant one or not could not decide but landed up today at 10:15 am. Checked in at the reception and SA Mr. Vijay was assigned immediately.

    A small plastic part in the winder had broken but the whole winder had to be replaced under warranty and to my pleasant surprise it was available. Next 5 minutes job card was prepared & car was in.:smile:

    My experience was satisfactory with reported issue resolved to my satisfaction (I had set my expectation below par already after going through this thread) but expected minimum professional standard was missing. The administration, technical staff, SAs et all are coming from a Tata culture and will take some time to come to a level.

    Yes I was also informed of Force motor's work shop would be shifting out in some time & this will be an exclusive Fiat service center.

    About the location, I would not agree with you. It is just 500-600 meters inside on Thane-Belapur road and we should not blame Balaji for potholed road. (That's NMMC's job). In fact Audi and Toyota service is also on the same location & on same potholed approach road.

    OT: Was pleased to meet a fellow TFI member there.
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  3. Today got a minor service done for 560Rs and got the GC kit installed for 19K from Fiat service center Pawane, Navi Mumbai. This service center is far far better than Fortune cars. Its not crowded, staff is polite and mechanics seem to be well trained. Had a very good after sales service exp. after almost 4 years of owning a Punto. Now my Punto does not kiss the road :p
    IMG_20130928_180448.jpg IMG_20130928_182137.jpg
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  4. AsifP


    Navi Mumbai
    I visited this service centre last month [around 20th of October] as part of my research before finalising my Punto. Yes, the road leading to the service centre from the main road was pathetic and the first thing that came to my mind was ... if I service my car here, it will lose the serviced "goodness" in about 500 mtrs of touching the main road.

    Hardly any vehicles being serviced there [less than half the number of Vaidya.aniket's photo above]. Had a small talk with the service centre person and a insurance reviewer there. Word was that they were exclusive to FIAT (did not see any Force One boards around). He said that they were fully equipped and ready for all services.

    For now, Im taking their word and planning to do my first service there [theres a good 5 months to do that anyway]. Hoping that the experience will be good.

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  5. AsifP


    Navi Mumbai
    Hey Guys, there is a winter service camp going on at this centre. There is a general check-up and a free wash offered. I was there on Saturday, do check out if its still on this week.

    I had an issue with something loose around my link rod at my front left tyre, which was resolved during a demo at my home. Unfortunately, this issue started at the right front tyre too, so had to visit the centre [which is where I learned about the camp]. They took my car in promptly and fixed my issue very quickly. I was told that the issue should not occur again, but if it does, then the link-rod will be replaced under warranty. I did not wait for a free wash as there were a few cars in line [and I was in a bit of a rush].

    All-in-all, a pleasant experience with the service guys so far.

  6. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hey Guys Balaji is opening up a exclusive Fiat showroom @ Nerul, Same place where Bhavna Ford earlier was.
  7. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Wow,thats another great news for Mumbai Fiat Fans.
  8. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Any review about denting & painting work from Balaji?

    I want to give my BIL's 20 day old Punto for denting & painting. Please suggest.
  9. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Today visited the Balaji FIAT, Nerul for casual meet, And came to know that in short time FIAT will be launching four new cars,
    1. Linea face lift
    2. Abarth SUV on 500 platform
    3. Palio with 1.6
    4. Jeep
    though it's not official but was a treat for ears atleast

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  10. ASNM

    ASNM Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    Sharing my third service experience at Balaji Navi Mumbai

    KMs 29250 KMs. Total Cost Rs 9932/-

    Cost breakup:</SPAN>
    Engine Oil 4L DSL Syn WR 5W40 2600</SPAN>
    Oil Filter 411</SPAN>
    Fuel Filter w/o sensor DSL 1906</SPAN>
    Air Filter 199</SPAN>
    Filtering Eliment 402</SPAN>
    Break Fluid 1L Syn Tutela Top 370</SPAN>
    Power Steering Oil 1L Syn Tutela GI 490</SPAN>
    Transmission Oil 2L Syn Technyx 75W 1150</SPAN>
    Premix Coolant 5L Paraflu Up 995</SPAN>
    Airfilter Top Cover 156</SPAN>
    Front break & disk cleaning 550</SPAN>
    Rear break & drum cleaning 394</SPAN>
    Cleaner & consumables 125</SPAN>

    They tried to fleece by putting additional Rs 550 for diagnostics check which I refused to pay.
    Secondly they charged 4 ltr of Engine oil and did not bother to return the left over 0.7 ltr. Just before leaving I realized & demanded the same. Break cleaning charges also falls in fleecing category, but it was my mistake of not checking job card properly before leaving the car.

    Rear right power window regulator was replaced under warranty at 23617 Kms.
    Now this has given birth to a new problem. Water is seeping into cabin. Water enters through gap between window & the rubber beading on which the glass runs. Basically after the replacement, 1-2 mm gap has emerged between the glass & the beading. I feel glass is not correctly aligned but they say there is only one setting therefore no chance of misalignment. They now want to replace the rubber beading itself to plug the gap, but it is not in stock so wait for another 10-15 days.

    Overall I feel there has been good improvement w.r.t. parts availability and warranty acknowledgements are prompt as was with Tata dealers but overall experience is more or less same. Habit of fleecing customers, wherever they get a chance, continues.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
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