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Mohan Mill Compound, Ghod Bunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra 400607 India
  1. arian

    arian Amatore

    Even I ve decided to go for an independent workshop... mostly Kawa guys at Kandivali. How was your experience at First choice & what was the work your carried out.

    Think atleast in Mumbai people should avoid buying new Fiats till they open competent SCs!
  2. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    To avoid such things, confirm the time of delivery & make sure you will be late by an hour or so & do not inform them about it. Mean while as SA to do a wash & cleaning all. So that you will be always in win-win situation. :)
  3. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Doesn't work that way mate. They only start moving when they actually see you there. So if you deliberately go late, you'll be even more late getting outta there.
  4. patil's


    so TRUE :A :A
  5. Hello E'One I have visited this workshop twice and service and efficiency of this workshop is really satisfactory to me.
  6. DKumar


    I am still in the horror of the guys there. Last time around, I went for AC work, around 6 months back. They did a good job there. But forgot to put back the dashboard properly. The front glove still has a support missing because of which I cannot open n close it smoothly. The whole glove just comes off.

    As a bonus for my visit, my wheels mysteriously developed alignment issue. I went back to get it fixed. There was a tall guy, service engineer. Sorry don't remember his name. He accompanied me for a test ride.. The whole time, he was not looking for issue, but spending time trying to convince me that is how the stearing works in Punto. Grrr... On my instance, they did try doing alignment, but it didn't worked out at all. After a second spin, I dropped that supervisor outside, said a nice good bye n left totally dissatisfied. I had to spend Rs 450 at a outside wheel alignment centre, in Vasant Vihar, and those guys fixed it well.

    I still get some strange sound in the cabin, while turning wheels.. Not sure how to get these resolved, without been pushed in another set of issues.

    I am sick of these guys. I am not sure if things have improved in past 2-3 months.

    I seriously feel, there should be a better supervision on these guys, what exactly is their ways of working. Whats their business model.

    Now my left side front seat glass has developed issue. Going this monday, 7- oct to fix it. Let me see what I get back this time around. Shall keep you guys posted.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2013
  7. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    I am booked for tomorrow at 10 am visit to Balaji to fix the autolocking issues in my Punto, will keep updated on the experience. Last time I went there, I was with Abhisheksil to check out his T-jet rear door locking issue. The SA Wilson immediately arranged for a technician to have a look and got that sorted out. But the way the technician was smearing the rear seats, had to tell him to get them cleaned. I guess I will have to supervise for tomorrow's job.
  8. DKumar


    Only thing keep me up in running is the Quality of the Car.. Nobody can match the pleasure of drive ... :)
  9. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    Balaji Autoworld Service Story : I went to Balaji Autoworld yesterday for the 3rd service of my car. Booked the appointment in prior and requested them to give Mr. Wilson as the service adviser. Reached there at 10:15 and waited in the lobby for almost an 45 minutes as per the request from the receptionist. Mr. Wilson seems very busy(it seems he is single handily operating the entire service center ) and at-last i got the appointment to meet him. He is very customer friendly and heard all the issues and told to come at 3:30. The time is already 11:30 and so decided to stay on there as i decided to test-drive 90 hp for my friend. Test drive went well and the SA told me that there is an option for service at doorstop from Balaji Auto(i didn't believe him and so i cross checked with service center and they told me it is RSA :evilsmile). I returned to service center and waited there till 6. I got the car and the best thing was they cleaned the car in and out which mostly didn't happen during tata-fiat days. I cross checked the bill and find the most surprising part : Diesel Engine oil for a Petrol Car...yes , they filled Selenia WR instead of Selinia K and even Wilson told me its an error of wrong part number from the service guys and they actually filled Selinia K. But i insisted to change the oil and he immediately called the service guys and asked them to change the oil. During the oil change one of the service guy (a small boy of 15 or 16 years by his looks ) told me that they filled diesel oil. i noticed that the oil they drained is very dark in color and very thick which give me a gut felling that they really changed the oil or just go for top-up Again there is charge of Rs 890 towards the wheel alignment. In service booklet wheel alignment is a part of free service but here they charged me for it. I informed them and according to CRM the wheel alignment check is free but if they change the alignment then we have to pay the money which is a very weird :eek:.
    if you ask me the review on Balaji out of 10 i will give a mere 3


    1. Wilson seems very courteous and customer friendly
    2. A dedicated service center for fiat


    1. No process and cross checks. You have to act as a Supervisor. Better be informed about all aspects of the car before going to the service center
    2. Ill informed service guys. they didnt even know about the engine variants and differences. I doubt whether they went through all the service recommendations by fiat for 1.4 engine
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2013
  10. sam_likes_punto

    sam_likes_punto Novizio

    Balaji service center Thane review-my hunt for good fiat service still continues

    Hi guys,

    I had visited Balaji service center near Thane (Mumbai) to fix problems in my Fiat Punto Diesel Emotion on 10th Nov 2013.

    The major issue in my vehicle was a suspected faulty A/C pipe which was causing water seepage on the front passenger seat.In fact I had earlier visited TCRS Worli to fix this and they had claimed that they had replaced the faulty ac pipe.However,the problem persisted even after 2 months and so I had to visit "exclusive" Balaji to get it resolved.

    I was told by the service adivsor (Mr Sameer) that this pipe was not aligned correctly earlier which was the reason for seepage and that the problem was resolved by the Balaji service team.

    Another problem was a suspected body noise in my vehicle since a long time and no Fiat service center (Fortune/Wasan/TCRS) has given me a fix on this so far.This time I was told that a sealant would do the job of eliminating the noise.Since I also needed to get car dent fixed along with the sealant (under insurance),I left my car in your service center for around 8 days.

    When I picked up the car at 9:30 am in the morning on 19th Nov'13,I was told that everything had been fixed.After inspecting the fixed issues quickly,I left the service center after paying the bill.Note that I rated them 9 since the vehicle looked in good condition during the pick up.

    Unfortunately,the next day when I was washing the car,I lifted the rear wiper only to realize that the wiper fell down.I had to fix this issue by using a tape (see attached picture). I called up
    the service center and the customer care executive asked me to call up the service center and get the problem fixed whenever I would be traveling towards Thane.

    After almost a week of driving,I realized that the water seepage issue still continues in my vehicle and it looks to have spread near the back seat as well. (see attached snaps) The vehicle body
    noise still persists intermittently and although I feel I have paid for this,I am still not satisfied.Although I did pay for the sealant charges,I fail to understand why a customer should pay if
    the vehicle is still under warranty (needless to say that the problem is still not 100% resolved)

    Note that I stay in Dahisar and it costs me 250 Rs one-way (22 odd kms) if I take an auto back home after dropping the vehicle at the service center.I visited balaji service center on Sunday based on advice of the customer care executive only to realize that they dont work full capacity on Sundays and that the executive handling insurance does not work on Sundays.I had to visit the service center on Monday to sort this out and go back.I picked up the vehicle on 19th Nov and this means that I spent an additional 1000 Rs on my travel expenses only to realize that the problems are still not resolved.

    This is despite the fact that my vehicle was in the service center for 8 days.This raises questions on whether the diagnosis was done correctly and if the diagnosis was done,then why was the
    vehicle not inspected post treatment to see if the issue was resolved.Additionally, the wiper issue is now a new problem for me.

    Now imagine yourself in my place and think hard if a customer would come back to the service center for servicing.Would you recommend Fiat to your friends knowing that this is the way its
    exclusive service centers are treating their customers ?

    I love my Tuscan Wine so much and I even wash her on my own but I feel really sad when I see that I am not able to solve the problems from the people who created her.

    I own a Honda vehicle as well and I think Fiat needs to visit Honda service center to understand what Fiat is missing in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

    I just have to say that I bought a Fiat vehicle because I love the brand despite knowing the fact that their service capabilities were a big question mark during their relationship with Tata.
    Having moved away from Tata,if Fiat still continues the same way of servicing its customers,then it is a big problem.

    I could not reach Balaji service center number after 2-3 tries today as it keeps continuously busy.I would writing a mail to Balaji service center in any case but I am certainly not happy the way they treat their own baby.

    I need advice of the TF'iians on how to take this forward now.Is there a proven escalation path which can yield better results for me ?

    My Punto turns two coming Mar'14 and I am not sure where to get it serviced as all these service centers seem to provide mediocre services.Please advise. IMG_1339.jpg IMG_1340.jpg IMG_1341.jpg .



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